We Are Oregon wins ASUO presidential elections

Brian Allen reacts as results are ASUO elections results are posted naming the We are Oregon campaign winners of the executive ticket. (Michael Ciaglo/Oregon Daily Emerald)

Brian Allen reacts as results are ASUO elections results are posted naming the We are Oregon campaign winners of the executive ticket. (Michael Ciaglo/Oregon Daily Emerald)

Posted by Emily Schiola on Friday, Apr. 20 at 6:49 pm.

We Are Oregon candidates Laura Hinman and Nick McCain won the ASUO presidential election Friday. They will take office in late May.

The elections were posted late Friday afternoon and the news quickly spread. We Are Oregon supporter Greg Mills called Hinman to tell her the news.

Greg Mills and another We are Oregon volunteer celebrate after Laura Hinman and Nick McCain are named ASUO president and vice president for the 2012-2013 school year. (Michael Ciaglo/Oregon Daily Emerald)

Casey Drobnick and another Ben and Lamar supporter console each other as the We are Oregon campaign is named the winners of the ASUO executive ticket Friday afternoon. (Michael Ciaglo/Oregon Daily Emerald)

“Hey Laura, we won! Yes, I’m serious!” he said.

Hinman was excited by the news.

“I’m so humbled and honored to be the next ASUO president,” she said. “It was been an incredible three-week journey and I’m excited to work on the promises we made.”

While the majority of the election is over, there will be one more week of elections for Senate Seat 12. According to Elections Coordinator Cedar Cosner, a Duckweb glitch invalidated the vote.

Every name has a number next to it and the program counts votes that each number receives. For some reason, Senate Seat 12 and Senate Seat 9 had the same number. Therefore, the vote will have to be redone.

Vice presidential candidate Lamar Wise from the Ben and Lamar campaign was proud of the work his team did.

“I am very appreciative of all the supporters we have,” he said. “Ben and I had a great team of young progressives, and we can only go up from here.”

Presidential candidate Ben Bowman echoed Wise’s thoughts.

“Lamar and I engaged a whole new generation of progressive leaders in this election and we’re both incredibly proud of the work our team put in over the last few weeks,” Bowman said. “The volunteers of our campaign poured their hearts into this thing and deserved better than the unfortunate circumstances of this election.”

He said he intends to work with Hinman in the upcoming year.

Aside from the problems with Duckweb, We Are Oregon candidates swept the rest of the senate seats.

  • Katherine Du Pont

    His name is GREG Mills. Not Frank. Please fix this

  • Brettnorth

    “Frank” Mills is actually named Greg Mills. Just an FYI

  • Brudin

    After everything, justice has been served! In my six years at UO, never have I believed in someone for President as much as I’ve believed in Laura Hinman. She will be amazing!

    • dkeade

      Believe it or not, Rudin, African-Americans are people too.

      • Brudin

        @f4b0ace898c63ccac787ec0231d8881e:disqus  of course. What made you think I thought otherwise?

        • dkeade

          Absolutely nothing! Just letting you know, buddy :-)

          • Brudin

             that was very random

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J6IXJB2UH42EF3BGUI5EGIJ6QY BobS

    So I’m assuming that this means no more OSPIRG.  As an alum, I’m thrilled about this.  Time to go back to the days where the ASUO actually helped the students – like Sam Dotters Katz.  Eckstein has been a complete joke and appears to be a very self-serving kid.  Hopefully the EMU and Rec Center get taken care of quickly.

    • Brudin

       I am grateful that after all this drama, the right people to clean up ASUO and represent students with integrity have gotten in!

      As for OSPIRG, I like the work they do, I just don’t think a mandatory fee should pay professional advocates. In a conversation with Ben Eckstein, I mentioned I’d give a hell of a lot more than the $7 they take from me if they went with voluntary donations. He asked me why I don’t, so I just said “they take enough from other people so I don’t have to!”

    • zsm

       Self Serving? Have you met Ben Eckstein? He is anything but self serving.

    • Ashleyk

      Please refer to the actual work Eckstein has done during his year in office:




      CURRENT work against the Social Hosting Ordinance, and past work during his UO career which includes many quantifiable things that benefited students on our campus before making baseless and unnecessary statements.

      • Brudin

         Eckstein had nothing to do with the implementation of smoke-free campus. Writing a letter to the editor is not a quantifiable thing that benefits students. I applauded his bringing the EMU/SRC renovations to a vote, I did not applaud his attempt to remove the EMU referendum or his attempt to throw mud on the waters with all the other ballot questions designed to influence students into voting against the renovations.

        One tangible thing he has done is expand the Inside-Out Prison Education program beyond the honors college, and I applaud him for that. I also agree with his creation of the Student Planning & Construction Committee, and the EMU and SRC Steering Committees. However, he also proposed ending free theater tickets, Alternative Winter Breaks, shortchanging Conflict Resolution Services, and the Mills International Center to pay for a 97% increase for OSPIRG, back in the Fall. The reason we’ve ended up getting all those things is because we got an unanticipated 100k windfall afterwards. When we thought we had to choose, he made the wrong choice

        • Ashleyk

          I cited things that Eckstein was involved in and continues to be involved in. There ARE quantifiable things that he has done that are not included in your comment. The point of my comment was not to prove that Ben Eckstein single-handedly accomplished many things ( I would say that as Amelie’s chief of staff he had a hand in some of the things she accomplished) but to give some examples to show that Ben Eckstein is not self serving but in fact has others interests/well-being in mind. I mostly believe that the comment I responded to was misplaced and misguided and don’t intend to respond to any of your retorts in the future. 

    • Greg

      OSPIRG has been the underpants gnomes of Student Activism…. 

      1. Collect Signatures…
      2. ???
      3. World problems solved!