10 things to do in Eugene during the summer

Posted by Rebecca Sedlak on Wednesday, Jun. 6 at 6:39 pm.

Every student should spend at least one summer in Eugene. Why? Well, the weather is beautiful, the rain is nonexistent, weekends are wide-open and campus is half-populated and laid-back. If you’ve already (no doubt) made plans for the summer, keep this in mind for next year. And for those of you who have chosen to stay in Eugene, be it to take some summer classes or just live out your apartment’s lease, you’ve chosen wisely. And this list is for you.

1. Attend the 2012 Olympic Trials.

If you’re in Track Town during the trials and you don’t go see them at least once I seriously don’t know what’s wrong with you. The summer Olympics happen every four years, and having track and field trials at Hayward Field on campus is amazing. So buy tickets and cheer on your favorite athlete.

2. Go to Oregon Country Fair.

Music, the Eugene spirit and less clothing all around — what’s not to love? Located in Veneta, Ore., about 13 miles west of Eugene, the Oregon Country Fair started in 1969 and is an annual three-day festival featuring a wide variety of music, theater, comedy and juggling performances. You’ll run into parades, puppets, face painting, stilt walkers, jazz, bluegrass, slam poetry, an array of different cuisines and tons of artisan crafts. The fair is open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and runs July 13 to 15. Tickets are available online and at the EMU ticket office.

3. See a concert at the Cuthbert Amphitheater.

Located at the edge of Alton Baker Park near Autzen Stadium, the Cuthbert Amphitheater is an outdoor music venue, and the best time to see a show there is in the summer. Pink Martini will perform with Storm Large on July 1, Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw are coming to town August 31, and there are tons of other acts in between. The venue also provides bench and grass seating, food booths and beer gardens. It’s a great environment for enjoying superb music.

4. Go wine tasting.

Seriously, it is a lot of fun. There are tons of wineries in the Eugene area, and it can be a great day trip to take with friends. For example, take King Estate, one of the largest wineries in the area: a short car ride away, an absolutely amazing view, outdoor seating, a seasonal food menu, free winery tours and — of course — there’s the wine itself. Other great wineries near Eugene include Sweet Cheeks, LaVelle Vineyards and Chateau Lorane.

5. Float the river.

The McKenzie River is cold and refreshing in the hot months of summer. Tons of people float it in boats, rafts and even inner tubes. Hit up your friends for a lazy, fun day on the water. And don’t forget some sunscreen.

6. Get cultured and go to the Oregon Bach Festival.

You must have seen the banners. The Oregon Bach Festival is held every year in Eugene, with performances at the Hult Center, the School of Music and Dance’s Beall Hall on campus, and other venues in town. The festival celebrates the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, hosts large array of guest artists, has educational activities and holds many chorale and orchestral performances. This year, the festival’s 42nd season, runs from June 29 to July 15, and tickets are available online.

7. Attend a Summer in the City event.

Put on every year by the city of Eugene, Summer in the City events are free and happen almost every day. They include live music, different events downtown at Kesey Square, and free movies in the park like “The Adventures of Tin Tin,” “The Little Rascals” and “Hugo.” The venues are varied and spread out, so be sure to plan ahead. Check out www.eugene-or.gov/SummerintheCity for more information.

8. Take to the trails and go hiking.

This one might seem like a no-brainer. You go hiking in Eugene all the time, right? And while the view from Spencer Butte is super majestic in the summer, take these months off from the daily grind of typical school to explore some other trails around Eugene. Check out Mount Pisgah, a trail seven miles away that offers a great hike and view of the Southern Willamette Valley and a 209-acre arboretum. Another great place to hike or mountain bike is the McKenzie River Trail. About 45-minutes east on Highway 126, the trail features waterfalls and lava fields, and it ends at Clear Lake, a great spot for fishing and altitude scuba diving.

9. Visit Florence.

Rev up your car, grab your closest friends and take a day trip to the beach. The drive to Florence takes about an hour and fifteen minutes, so you’ll get there in no time. Enjoy the sand and surf, check out those quaint little tourist shops, and don’t forget to eat some seafood and salt water taffy.

10. Throw a barbecue.

Since the weather in Oregon in the summer months is amazing, barbecues are a must. Sit back, throw some hotdogs and veggies on the grill, and sit chatting with some friends. Big or small, a barbecue always feels fun and special. And it’s a great way to enjoy fresh food and the lazy summer vibe of Eugene.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/gzB3dOccr8inHh4q0kvpkAPI_erCl0zwx7w-#8a605 adversity

    here are the real thing you can do when you’re in Eugene Oregon:
    (1.) Watch all the hippies hit you up for spare change, and try to avoid all the homeless sitting on everywhere downtown, all over the sidewalks in front of all the businesses, and huddling in wretched masses. This is one of the most entertaining things about downtown Eugene.

    (2.) Regard the changing weather of summer in Eugene, which means, you will get two days of sunshine, three days of rain and cold weather, one day of cloudy weather with no son, five more days of rain and cold weather, and some hail and sleet for added measure. That’s the weather in Eugene Oregon; something like Britain, sleaze, snow, cloudy, cold, wet, humid and miserable, and constantly raining.in other words, we don’t actually have a summer here; we have a winter that have a couple of days of sunshine. That’s it. You want a real summer, go to California.

    (3.)you go to the Oregon country fair to get stoned, buy dope and drugs, watch all the naked hippies, and basically get drunk and get high. Oh, and also realize that a “country fair” is a misnomer for “hippie love dope gin alcohol nudity funfest”. Oh, and I forgot plenty of pedophiles. We really have our pick of them. Enjoy your country fair, it’s more like Chicago or New York City urban ghettos.

    (4.) Go hiking and enjoy the wilderness that’s been completely clear-cut, all the wild animals have been killed, and made extinct, and chances are, you’ll be stepping over all those above-mentioned homeless people, which we have thousands and thousands of, all over the parks and forests. Be careful, don’t step on any of them while you’re hiking, they could be lethal. Also, be careful that you don’t break any of the many rules and laws Of the Lane, County and Eugene city government, because there are millions of them complicated, oppressive, and dictatorial. Enjoy your wilderness, it’s almost gone.

    (5.) Enjoy your barbecuing in the rain;when you get tired of fighting all the cold and rainy weather interspersed between the few days of sunshine, get a bottle of vodka, go to one of the movie theaters (if you can find one here) and spend a couple days avoiding Eugene completely. That’s the best way to enjoy Eugene, stay out of it.
    , Go to Florida or Colorado. At least they have more class. – – X tourist of Oregon

    • http://www.facebook.com/becki.deangelis Becki DeAngelis

      Wow, you are a really negative person. I’ve only lived here two years and have traveled everywhere in the country and this is one of the best cities I have been to. Maybe you should leave and never come back. Eugene doesn’t need people like you.

  • Kristin Cross

    We have got the 11th thing to do in Eugene this summer. For those interested in design, architecture, landscape and the like, the Architectural Association from London UK is running their second workshop in the forest through their Visiting School called Marking the Forest. It is 10 days of designing and building a structure in the forest 15-24th August. The course is taught by Stewart Dodd of the Architectural Association and Kristin Cross a Eugene native. The workshop is in collaboration with the U of O and got rave reviews last year. To find out more visit the Facebook page ‘Marking the Forest’ or the Architectural Association’s page http://www.aaschool.ac.uk/STUDY/VISITING/eugene or if you have questions you can always email kristin@satellitearchitects.com. I’ll answer any questions I can. Hope to see you there!