Email bashing EMU referendum claims to be sent out by ASUO

Posted by Ian Campbell on Friday, Nov. 16 at 3:50 pm.

An email that appeared to be from the ASUO was sent to students Thursday evening requesting they vote against the EMU referendum, but according to an ASUO spokesperson, no such email was ever sent.

“The ASUO in no way had anything to do with that email, or anything similar,” ASUO public relations Director Brian Bradley said. “The ASUO remains unbiased about the referendum and has stayed that way throughout the informational campaign.”

The email — sent from — encourages students to vote “no,” citing “limited student input” and the use of a “shady political consultant” as reasons why.

“The University’s Vice President of Student Affairs Robin Holmes and ASUO President Laura Hinman have worked very hard to manipulate the student voice in this and past EMU referenda,” the email reads.

Bradley clarified that any email sent on behalf of the ASUO from an address other than an “” address would be fraudulent.

Here’s the full text of the email (click picture for larger view):

  • Micheal

    Wait… Let me guess…. Sophie Lutin or one of those people from that group had something to do with this….

    • Student

      I heard a rumor that Senator Brudin was responsible…

    • myjordans!

      I love when shit like this happens and they lose. Have fun trying to win an unbias election

      • Micheal

        It passed :) Thanks though for your concern!!!

  • Debbie Adams

    well, is it too expensive for you?vote no. politics in college already? maybe that’s part of education. all politics is about POWER. THAT is you cannot pay it? don’t pay for it. as of now,.Eugene and Lane County citizens are saying “NO” to all taxes,cause they have no control over what their govt. does with the taxes;so they stopped voting for them,. just short of stopping paying for all taxes.

    it passed anyhow”?ha. let them who voted for it, pay it.