Photos: Torrential downpour slams UO campus, causes flooding

Posted by Nate Barrett and Alex McDougall on Monday, Nov. 19 at 8:31 pm.

A group of students wades in knee-deep water on East 18th Avenue between Agate and Emerald Streets during a torrential downpour on Monday November 19, 2012. East 18th Avenue was blocked off to cars and attracted curious onlookers to the flooded street. (Alex McDougall/Emerald)

Many people, including this woman, ventured into the water flooding East 18th Avenue to splash around during a torrential downpour on Monday November 19, 2012. (Alex McDougall/Emerald)

Curious onlookers check out East 18th Avenue after it had been blocked off from cars during a torrential downpour on Monday November 19, 2012. (Alex McDougall/Emerald)

A crowd management serviceman helps direct traffic down Agate Street after a massive stream of water poured down the right-hand lane and sidewalk. (Nate Barrett/Emerald)

Cars and bikes attempt to commute off of campus on the flooded University Street in front of Howe Field on Monday November 19, 2012. (Alex McDougall/Emerald)

A police officer outside Matt Knight Arena helps direct traffic around a car that broke down during the storm. (Nate Barrett/Emerald)

The corner of University Street and East 13th Avenue, a major crossroad for students and facility trekking across campus, found it submerged in near knee-deep water. (Nate Barrett/Emerald)

A car makes it's way around a Eugene police SUV protecting a downed car and helping ward drivers around a large accumulation of water. (Nate Barrett/Emerald)

Cars on East 16th Avenue and Patterson Street dealt with a flooded intersection on Monday November 19, 2012. (Alex McDougall/Emerald)

Police vehicles from the Eugene Police Department line Villard Street and help attempt to clear storm drains after a massive torrential downpour struck the Eugene/Springfield area. (Nate Barrett/Emerald)

A soaked and muddy fire hydrant outside the Walton student dorm sits in a plain of water during a torrential downpour that slammed the Eugene/Springfield area. (Nate Barrett/Emerald)

Workers attempt to clear out water that flooded the Matthew Knight Arena's lower garage an hour before the Oregon men's basketball team tips off. (Nate Barrett/Emerald)

Several areas all across campus saw water levels between two inches to half a foot. (Nate Barrett/Emerald)

Bicyclists and cars naviagated high water from torrential rain Monday evening on UO's campus. (Alisha Jucevic/Freelance)

Water on 15th Avenue at UO's campus rose to high levels Monday evening. (Alisha Jucevic/Freelance)

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  • Scott Landis

    Come on people, be responsible. Please do not drive through standing water. There will be emergencies with this rain, but when you put yourself in danger by driving through standing water, you make it so that police have to respond to avoidable emericencies.

  • Ally House

    I believe those are Campus Police vehicles…and that is a lot of water!

  • richard daniels

    You might want to brush up on your anatomy. Your first photo is of runners in “knee” deep water. Not quite accurate.

    • Whoops-y-daisy

      Use those eyes to look ALLLLLL the way over at the dude on the right, marveling at the knee deep water around his KNEES. Not quite an accurate comment, chap.

  • Jim MacKrell

    Well, you are all Ducks…

  • JustAVisitor

    Spectacular photos, Alex McDougal, Nate Barrett , and Alisha Jucevic!