What you might have missed from the ASUO Executive

Posted by Ian Campbell on Friday, Dec. 21 at 12:00 pm.

Besides President Laura Hinman and the rest of the ASUO Executive making moves to create a university concert called Mallard Madness, dealing with the social host ordinance, keeping the EMU open late during Dead Week and putting on the always popular Street Faire, the team has created projects all across the UO — some successful and some controversial.

After earning 53 percent of the votes in late April, the new student government slate, We Are Oregon, has preformed with urgency and has attempted to better the student experience on campus.

Some of the smaller projects, or developing projects, that the team is undertaking could have tremendous benefits to students. Currently, ASUO Executive team is currently planning to create a student resource center and a student activity center that will most likely make an appearance in the new EMU.

In addition, Hinman and her crew have passed resolutions in the University Senate to prioritize classroom and study space on campus, worked with local transportation organizations in order to offer students convenient options and held one of the most successful homecoming parades by opening up the participant list to any UO student or community member.

The Executive also worked with the Emerald to put on an Election Watch Party, completed plans to create a Leadership Academy for winter term and has completely redone the ASUO website.

However, these projects have not come without trouble and controversy.

In the months before fall term, rumors proved to be true that the UO administration and the ASUO Executive had hired RBI Strategies and Research, a firm specializing in strategic and management consulting. The firm stated it would generate 3,000 “Yes” votes, which would be enough to approve the EMU referendum.

Even though the project happened before the official start of school, students voiced their concerns about the firm, which lead to the contract being terminated.

More controversy surrounded the executive team and the EMU referendum once a grievance was filed against President Hinman. The non-fulfillment grievance was filed because Hinman did not hire an elections boards coordinator or an elections board by the Nov. 1 deadline. This created extra controversy during the EMU election campaign, which was run by the executive instead of the yet-to-be-formed elections board that was supposed to be in charge.

Mallard Madness also created a surge of controversy after the executive team allegedly circumvented the over-realized process in order to receive $142,000 to book Macklemore for a student concert in the Matthew Knight Arena. Student organizations gathered to express their concerns to the ASUO Senate, the governmental branch that approved the funding, and eventually led to an ASUO Constitution Court ruling that required the funds to be returned.

So far, it has been a busy year for the executive team, but they still have projects on queue. The team is working on lobbying legislature to pass the bill that would allow the UO to have an institutional board to help stabilize tuition, developing close communication with the Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force in order to complete the group’s individual goals and plan to bring speakers to the UO for legislative, non-traditional and environmental issues.

ASUO Public Relations Director Brian Bradley offered a list of the top three accomplishments that the executive is most proud of.

“We as an executive are trying to move through Laura and Nick’s term to no regrets, and this term we haven’t had any,” Bradley said. “(Our top accomplishments) would have to be having the largest ASUO internship class to the date, …running an unbiased, informational EMU Referendum campaign and sustaining the largest executive staff the ASUO has seen in years.”

  • Student

    I like how Bradley goes out of his way to state that the EMU campaign was unbiased, I wonder why anyone would think otherwise?

    Also, having a large staff is not an accomplishment in and of itself, you have to know how to use it.

    • Student

      Also, bias aside, this EMU referendum had the lowest voter turnout, so that’s not really something to brag about.

    • Brudin

      Please state your name and be accountable for your allegations

  • Brian Bradley

    What I meant was the executive is proud to say that it has sustained this large of a staff and the larger staff has allowed us to accomplish so many great, diverse things reaching from advocacy to legislative work. And I wouldn’t say that I went out of my way to state that the campaign was unbiased. Many members worked incredibly hard to retain the integrity of the campaign, it was was our goal to make sure it remained strictly informational. And we were successful in that endeavor.

    • Student

      Um, are you sure? I heard you only registered 15 people to vote. Also, how many of your unbiased information-givers were also members of the EMU Task Force?

      • Brudin

        Between the two of you, so far he’s the only one willing to sign his name to his posts, which tells me he has much more confidence in what he says than you do in what you say.

        That aside, irrelevant. If the information was unbiased then it was unbiased, regardless of who it came from. Look at the output, not the inputs. I don’t know who told you about the registering 15 people, but that is completely untrue

        • Student

          I’m aware it’s only a rumor, but I’d like to hear Mr. Bradley either confirm or deny it. How many people did the We Are Oregon administration register to vote?

          Also, since you’re here Brudin, would you like to settle a debate we had a while back? Remember how you claimed that Laura wasn’t a member of the Task Force?

          • Brudin

            This is my last reply to a post of yours without your name.

            They partnered with OSA and registered over 9000 people to vote.

            I admit I was wrong when I said she was not a member of the task force.

          • Student

            Neither of you are actually willing to say how many voters We Are Oregon registered.

          • Student

            WRONG. They didn’t partner with OSA, instead they kicked them out of the ASUO office and they were forced to operate out of the Women’s Center. OSA registered over 9000 students to vote, We Are Oregon did jack.

      • Brian Bradley

        Yes, actually I’m completely sure that the executive has completed many things this past term, and I’m incredibly proud of my fellow staff members. The executive has worked incredibly hard this past term on many different things such as passing a resolution in the university senate to prioritize classroom and study space, creating the concept for the student activity center, worked to push back the vote of the Social Host Ordinance to allow for the student voice to be heard, developed conversation with stakeholders and administration about accessible transportation, developed a non-traditional student survey (which we plan on creating a training from), began the campus climate survey on the topic of accessibility, began working on developing a new student ticket distribution system with an immense amount of student input, completed the logistics of the Leadership Academy (the first run will begin next term), created (and succeeded!) in the EMU late night program and helped the Homecoming parade grow into something more than it has ever been before. These are just naming a few (also not including the items mentioned in the above article). And in the future we’re planning on working just as many things if not more. I’m also not sure where the number about the voter registration came from because I know that to be patently false. And to imply that the executive hasn’t accomplished much is also completely false. Also – before we allowed any of our class raps to begin or have the literature produced, the executive had everything read and approved by members of OSA to ensure that they remained unbiased and purely informational, and everyone who was involved in campaigning were made sure to keep to the script and remain only as an informational source to those asking questions. So I can ensure you, and the rest of the student body, that the campaign was kept unbiased and completely informational.

        • Student

          Okay then, well just tell me how many voters you registered.