TV: Duck TV provides a slice of real-world acting

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Posted by Sam Bouchat on Thursday, Jan. 10 at 10:48 am.

Winter auditions for Duck TV, held on Jan. 10 and 11, call to the most camera-friendly of students. Senior journalism major Adam Holmes can attest; he spent more than a year acting for the station on various shows. Currently, Holmes serves as a reporter for Duck TV news.

“Originally, it was to try acting again after coming down with a huge case of stage fright during high school,” Holmes said of his push to audition for Duck TV in early 2010. “But after taking Gateway (to Media) during my sophomore year and finding a new interest in electronic media, I decided to join the news team to give TV news a try.”

According to Holmes, being on Duck TV gives the actors the realistic and exciting experience of professional television acting. While working on a story about health on campus last spring, Holmes recalled a scene that required him to bite into an apple.

“We had to do several takes of me saying my line and then biting into the apple,” Holmes said. “Each time I had to hold it so that you couldn’t see the previous bites I made. Luckily, we finished by the third take, otherwise I would have had to go buy another apple.”

As a member of the Duck TV news team, he has covered the annual Race for the Cure, as well as had the opportunity to interview the sculptor of the new heron statue on 13th Avenue, all for producing content for television.

“I like to think of Duck TV as the UO’s own Saturday Night Live,” Holmes said. “It’s a half-hour variety show that airs news, sports and 5-10 minute shows. It’s an opportunity for anyone interested in the broadcast medium to gain experience and produce things on their own. It’s especially a useful outlet for anybody who has an idea for a show but doesn’t have a good outlet for working on it.”