Increased DUII enforcement scheduled Friday night

Posted by Samantha Matsumoto on Thursday, Feb. 7 at 10:03 am.

DUII enforcement in the Eugene and Lane County area will step up a notch this Friday night, according to a press release by the Oregon State Police. A team of police officers from departments in Eugene, Springfield, Junction City, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office and the OSP will be patrolling the area Friday night and early Saturday morning to increase awareness of intoxicated drivers.

According to OSP lieutenant Gregg Hastings,the increased DUII enforcement effort is a part of ongoing efforts around the state to limit the number of alcohol related incidents. Hastings said that OSP troopers are encouraged to plan increased DUII enforcement events when they find it necessary.

However, Hastings said that DUII enforcement is always important.

“I don’t think we have to have an increase (in DUIIs) to prompt something like this to occur,” Hastings said. “DUIIs are a problem every day of the year.”

Drivers are encouraged to plan ahead to avoid driving under the influence.

  • Sold On Being Everyone’s Ride

    Students who are unable to plan ahead should keep the Designated Driver Shuttle’s phone number in their cellphones (541-346-RIDE) and try to memorize it as well :)

    There are also several taxi services in Eugene that would be happy to pick you up if you don’t want to wait for DDS. A cab ride home is a small price to pay when you consider the consequences of a DUII or an accident.

    You never know when your plans will change, your designated driver leaves without you, or when three drinks has you tipsier than you thought. Keep those numbers in your phone just in case!