Interactive: How crime on Pac-12 campuses has changed over time

Posted by Emerald on Thursday, Feb. 7 at 11:44 am.

  • Basic Math

    Incredibly misleading. The y-axis range changes with each school, making it difficult to compare crime rates per school. In addition, the size of school has not been factored in. Perhaps use crimes/1000 students?

    • misleading

      Precisely. Enrollment has gone up by 4,000 students since 2007.

  • Like comparing Apples to Embke

    worst. infographic. ever. I still don’t know how our crime “stacks up” because the scale changes every time I click on a different school.

  • Proud Duck

    I agree with everyone that the scale is not the best way of doing it if you are comparing between schools. But, I think the redeeming quality of this actually nice looking info graphic is that one can compare crimes at each school independently, which is still very interesting. For example, most of the reported crimes at Stanford, USC, and UCLA seem to be ‘burglary’ related and most of the crimes reported here are liquor and drug related. Is processing for crime reports different at these schools? What are the reasons behind these differences?