Oregon football’s potential spring game helmet leaked online


Posted by Matt Walks on Tuesday, Feb. 12 at 1:01 pm.

With the national buzz constantly surrounding Oregon football’s apparel, it’s hard to keep new uniform iterations secret.

But if sources on Twitter — including running back De’Anthony Thomas — are to be believed, at least one of Oregon’s two scrimmage teams in its annual spring game will wear white, digital camouflage helmets.

It’s hard to track down where the news originally broke on the social media site, but it has since been retweeted by Eugene’s KMTR, Campus Insider’s Jill Savage and SportsNation.

Under Chip Kelly, Oregon’s annual spring scrimmage became a tribute to American troops overseas. During his tenure as head coach, Kelly completed a USO tour of Iraq, Afghanistan and six other countries with four other NCAA coaches. Since 2010, Oregon’s spring game jerseys have had camouflaged numbers and commemorative patches. After the game, players give the jerseys to military personnel in attendance.

Oregon’s 2013 spring game is April 27.

Update (1:45 p.m.) - Given the uniforms’ high profile, a large market exists for custom Oregon gear. Fans might remember earlier this season when word was leaked the Ducks would wear pink jerseys and helmets in honor of breast cancer awareness. The same seller of that helmet, which went for a cool $510, sold a camo version of the helmet, but the eBay listing and photos have been deleted.

Another eBay seller, bryanrmay based in Springfield, Ore., has a custom “Sno-Digi” camo helmet version up for sale right now that looks … well, pretty familiar. Superficially, the only difference between this and the one currently rumored for the spring game is the color of the feathers.

So pending word from the athletic department, which loves breaking this kind of news itself, this helmet looks like just another rumor.