Elbow to Brock Motum’s head gets Tony Woods ejected from men’s basketball game against Washington State

Posted by Isaac Rosenthal on Saturday, Feb. 16 at 7:18 pm.

It wasn’t quite a LeGarrette Blount moment, but it was close: Oregon center Tony Woods was ejected from the Duck’s overtime win at Washington State for elbowing Brock Motum in the back of the head, temporarily sending Motum to the locker room.

A look at the video monitor made it clear the elbow was a malicious one, and Woods was given the flagrant foul and shown the door. Oregon was forced to play the remainder of the game without the big man.

The Cougars would go on a run after the elbow, and halfway through the first half, it looked like they would run the Ducks out of the gym, but Oregon cut into the lead by halftime and went into the locker rooms trailing by just 11.

When Oregon played Washington State in Eugene, they were down by 10 at halftime and once again they started the third quarter on a big run to cut into the lead. On Saturday it was a case of déjà vu for Washington State as Oregon would eventually take the lead forcing a three from WSU just to force OT.


  • I am a duck pike

    Pretty much a jerk move on Woods part. Why would he do thart? Was Motum egging him on during the game?

    • Isaac Rosenthal

      Motum did pull on Woods’s elbow a possession or two earlier, but he didn’t do anything at all on the level of what Woods did.

    • guest

      It looked like there was some chippy business going both ways, and I’ve known Motum to be a bit of a goon at times, but that’s not to excuse Woods’ behavior. It was uncalled for, and I think he knows that.

  • patt2745

    Maybe you didn’t catch the arm hook and rip Motum did to Woods just seconds before. Tony should have absorbed it, but you just hate to see players getting away with the subtle dirty play. I’m still rooting for Woods.