Acrobatics and Tumbling takes home opener over Baylor Bears

Ducks tumblers chant "Whose house is it?! Our House!" following their being win over the Baylor Bears. (Nate Barrett/Emerald)

Ducks tumblers chant "Whose house is it?! Our House!" following their being win over the Baylor Bears. (Nate Barrett/Emerald)

Posted by Eddie Paskal on Saturday, Mar. 2 at 6:12 pm.

The two time defending national champion Oregon Ducks acrobatic and tumbling team defeated the Baylor Bears 266.775-249.265 in their home opening match on Saturday afternoon.

The meet began with the compulsory event where Oregon was just a little crisper than the Bears, and after the four phases the event consisted of, found themselves with a 37.45-36.06 lead.

The meet then moved onto the acro event, which consisted of three heats between the two squads. Oregon did not look as crisp in the second event of the meet, but still managed to win all three heats and take the event 27.95-25.25.

After their convincing victories to start the afternoon, the Ducks entered the pyramid event, the final event before halftime, leading the Bears of Baylor 65.4-61.3. Oregon continued their consistent effort against the Bears and won all three heats of the Pyramid to take the event 28.75-27.4 and headed into halftime with a 94.15-88.70 lead.

Getting back to action after halftime, the two teams competed in the toss event, which also consisted of three heats.

Turning point. For the first time, Baylor looked incredibly out of sorts and nearly dropped two tops during their three heats. The Ducks were able to capitalize and took the event 26.95-23.30, which helped to boost their lead to 121.10- 112.00 heading into the fifth event.

The meet than moved to the tumbling event that consisted of six separate heats. The Ducks won four of the six heats and were able to once again expand their lead to 175.18-164.53 headed into the final event, the team routine.

Each team performed a two and a half minute synchronized routine with the Oregon besting Baylor 91.60-84.60. With this victory, the Ducks took the meet 266.75- 249.265.

After the meet, senior base Lauren Loos talked about how the key to the teams success was preparation.

“Today was really exciting,” said Loos “We came in prepared, expecting Baylor to be a lot better than their last meet. We were really prepared to execute our own stuff, and we came out and excelled in all the places we thought we would and really outdid ourselves.”

On the horizon.  Head coach Felecia Mulkey and her squad will sit back and enjoy their victory over the Bears for a little bit as they do not hit the pads again until March 16 against Fairmont State University. The meet begins at 2 p.m. and takes place at Matthew Knight Arena.