Greek: Sigma Chi raises $60,000 for Make a Wish Foundation with Derby Days philanthropy

(Nate Makuch/Emerald)

(Nate Makuch/Emerald)

Posted by Cole Knutson on Monday, Mar. 4 at 10:00 am.

University of Oregon’s Sigma Chi fraternity announced Friday, March 1, that it raised $60,000 for the Make a Wish Foundation last week with their annual Derby Days philanthropy fundraiser.

Derby Days is Sigma Chi’s national philanthropy cause that was created in 1933. Sigma Chi chapters across the nation hold the annual fundraiser for various charities.

Though the philanthropy is national, each Sigma Chi chapter is responsible for finding their own ways to raise funds. At UO, sororities donated money in order to participate in Derby Days, which included events held by Sigma Chi throughout the week on campus. Events included a coin drive, dance competition, skit auction, as well as Twitter and Instagram competitions.

Sigma Chi also raised money by sending links asking for donations to sororities and relatives, selling brothers to clean different sororities’ houses and bidding brothers off as designated drivers. Sororities receive points for Derby Days by buying things and participating in events. The winner for the second year in a row was Delta Gamma.

“We’re lucky that these sororities set aside money for our philanthropy,” said Ryan Kroon, president of Sigma Chi.

Fraternities and sororities donate money for each other’s philanthropy events with a philanthropy budget that comes out of each member’s dues.

Derby Days events ended on Thursday, Feb. 28. Funds raised were the product of each sorority’s philanthropy fund, as well as outside donors.

The original goal of Derby Days this year was to best last year’s total of $35,000 donated to the Make a Wish Foundation. At $6,000 a wish, the fraternity will grant roughly ten wishes, plus whatever money they receive within the next week before donations close.

“We’re really just the median,” Kroon said of Sigma Chi’s Derby Days philanthropy fundraiser. “It’s really just the Greek community that helps us put this on.”