Letter: Alum is embarrassed by Oregon fans’ behavior at Civil War

Posted by Emerald on Tuesday, Mar. 5 at 7:49 pm.

I’m sure this won’t be published but I have to get this off my chest. I am a UO alumni, as are about nine immediate members of my family, and I am embarrassed by the behavior of the fans during and after the OSU game.

Making fun of Roberto Nelson’s academic performance (SAT chant during free throw), saying “hungry hungry hippo” to Joe Burton — to name just two examples — are in very poor taste and have no place in sports. Not sure what kind of spoon the UO fans were born with in their mouth, but do the fans know the hardship these kids (and they are kids) overcame to get where they are?

Burton grew up on a reservation, and Nelson’s dad was incarcerated. We are friends with the Robinsons and were invited to the game. There were comments regarding Michelle Obama to Craig. Someone threw an orange at the OSU bench. Kelly Robinson actually felt unsafe walking to her car because of fans behavior. I totally understand the Civil War mentality, but this crossed the line and was bush league. I thought Oregon was above this. I guess I was wrong.

— Carey Winkler, MD 

  • Buck the Feavers

    You know what they call that in the SEC? Weak. It’s a RIVALRY. Suck it up

  • Deprecating Duck

    have you seen other student sections?? especially compared to UW’s student section (which suggested taunting arsalan kazemi with persian phrases), we’re pretty civil as far as it goes. “hardships”?? these SA’s are spoiled as f when they get here (free tuition. automatic popularity. apparel. quote unquote “academic support” – this goes for UO too and its jaqua jock box), while the rest of the student population drowns in massive debt and mediocrity we deserve to at least have a little fun. academic performance and abnormal orange mohawks are perfectly valid things to make fun of.

    I’m sorry everything about us now – college behavior, menial taunting, and flashy new uniforms – are too cool for old school…

  • Calm Down….

    Stop being so offended… exactly what Depreciating Duck said. These kids are spoiled in every way possible. And it’s not like the other team’s fans don’t do this.. There’s nothing civil bout the civil war son! Sensitive people…. I hate them.

  • anan

    “We are friends with the Robinson’s and were invited to the game. ” Key quote. This implies that the author doesn’t go to basketball games often. That this was a new experience.

    I’m not condoning the behavior described, but it’s pretty… Standard. Tame for a civil war game. I think that the author will get more backlash in comments than anything. You shoulda seen it a few years ago before the “good fan initiatives” and the linked crackdowns on behavior and alchohol.

    With the headline, I clicked this link expecting to hear horror stories and these are tame.

    I also think that the author has it backwards as to who is and isn’t privileged. Student athletes (and their program) are the most disproportunately supported group on the UO campus. Maybe it isn’t like that at OSU but here? While everyone else struggles to get by on work study and grants, I ABSOLUTELY expect free-ride athletes to make their GPA minimums. to not make your GPA minimum is to squander the free ride that he’s been given. Somewhere out there is an individual who didn’t go to college because of lack of funds who would be performing better than Nelson in the classroom. I find it deplorable that Mr. Nelson gets the free ride while those other students don’t get to go to school.

    So, Md…. If you can’t take the heat don’t come to the kitchen.


    Lolololololololololololololololololololololololol. *deep breath* lololololololololololololololololololololololol

  • http://twitter.com/mark_lavis Mark Lavis

    Does taking one class during high school count you as a UO alum…I doubt it. Go Back to Canada if you can’t handle simple insults, especially against the team that’s “supposedly” your rival. This smells fishy.

  • Chef Cody

    First of all, student behavior has absolutely nothing to do with Kelly Robinson feeling unsafe walking to her car. I think I speak for all students when I say that we really don’t care at all what they do or where they go outside the arena. Even I, one of the most loudmouthed fans in Matt Knight, I have way better things to do than care about OSU fans after the game. I don’t want to generalize, but I feel as though the unruliest of fans are often NOT students because they no longer have to abide by any school rules.
    Second, I’m tired of people commenting on the Pit Crew, beginning with the phrase, “I’m a UO alumnus.” That doesn’t automatically make someone a credible source of knowledge on how a student section should act. Whether you think we’re too rowdy or whether you’re criticizing us saying we’re not crazy enough anymore, few people, students or alumni, have any idea of what it takes to actually run a student section.
    Third, college basketball fans are ALL ABOUT being intimidating! This isn’t the NBA and this isn’t a YMCA rec league. The fans can, and often do, play a role in the success of a team. We purposely aim to intimidate and get in the heads of the players and coaches while making sure we don’t cross “the line” (see Duke chanting about a player’s deceased relative, Washington’s student section PROMOTING racial taunts directed towards Kazemi, or even Oregon’s own infamous Kevin Love affair). I appreciate all concern for the respect of opposing players and fans, but we’re really not doing anything out of ordinary here.

  • The Waaaaaaaaaahmbulance

    Compare and Contrast:

    Your complaints




    I guess you just wish that this was Oregon:


    Of all of your complains, you didn’t even once bring up the F**** The Beavers chant which was started. That moment should be the embarrassing behavior. I guess you’re OK with chanting the king of curse words. But HEAVENS FORBID WE BRING UP ACADEMIC STANDING OR WEIGHT ISSUES!

  • Annoyed

    What spoon I was born with? Where they came from? That has nothing to do with needing 4 attempts to get the NCAA minimum for an SAT score. I did quite well on my SAT’s and had no “spoon” growing up. What does this have anything to do with basketball anyways? It’s a rivalry, it’s fun. It’s not like the OSU players went home crying because their rival schools fans weren’t nice. Kelly Robinson felt unsafe walking to her car? She must not ever be around the President or first lady then if the environment of a basketball game makes her feel in danger. Take a pill and try to have some fun in your life. Maybe it’s not the actions of the fans but you who doesn’t belong in sports. Stick to handing out every kid a trophy in kidsports.

  • DuckyGirl

    It’s Robinsons, not Robinson’s. Ugh.

    • Emerald Copy Editor

      Updated. Thanks for the catch.

      — Emerald Copy Editor

  • Bludo541

    How about you and the beavers go fuck yourself Casey, it’s a rivalry, stop crying and pull your pants up, it’s not middle school, if you understand the insults then your clearly and adult, so act like one… Welcome to college

  • IseeStupidPeople

    Oregon fans are pretty shitty