UO football player Colt Lyerla tweets controversial conspiracy theory about Sandy Hook shooting

Colt Lyerla scores a touchdown in the Ducks' 59-17 win over California Nov. 10. (Tess Freeman/Emerald)

Colt Lyerla scores a touchdown in the Ducks' 59-17 win over California Nov. 10. (Tess Freeman/Emerald)

Posted by McKenna Brown on Thursday, Mar. 21 at 10:46 am.

Update: The athletic department released the following statement concerning Lyerla’s tweets:

“Twitter posts attributed to student-athlete Colt Lyerla concerning the tragedy at Sandy Hook are insensitive and offensive, especially those devastated by the shootings, and we have communicated as much to Colt. Though the University of Oregon Department of Athletics as well as the football program have social media expectations in place for our student-athletes, at times, personal opinions go well beyond what we expect from our students. The University of Oregon and Department of Athletics understand that our young men and women have a great deal of freedom of expression on social media but with that freedom comes responsibility. Our prayers and thoughts continue to be with the families of Sandy Hook.”


Oregon tight end Colt Lyerla created a stir on Twitter Thursday morning after he tweeted a YouTube link that suggests the Sandy Hook shooting was done by the U.S. government. The video also advocates for the second amendment and the right to own assault weapons.



When pressed by another Twitter user, Lyerla laid out his opinion plainly:



Lyerla retweeted a few Twitter users who appeared to agree with his point of view. Lyerla and Twitter user @anhyzerroc argued for over an hour about the validity of his claims.

  • Even Prouder Duck

    I didn’t know I was reading TMZ?

    • Hi Lee

      psychological operations:
      Any form of communication in support of objectives designed to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes, or behavior of any group in order to benefit the sponsor, either directly or indirectly
      – Dept of Defense US Army Field Manual 33-I

      I am also a Proud Duck, University of Oregon alumni and I am not afraid to speak or to recognize truth.
      I completely agree with Colt Lyerla and his right to freedom of speech in this case.
      It was infinitely more wrong for the school to censor a student’s public voice and political opinions
      rather than for him to speak his mind and get appropriate feedback on his thoughts from his peers.
      Unjustly more evidence that our society is slipping away from democracy into totalitarianism
      completely controlled through technology and monitored through “social media” so they know just what everyone is thinking.

      It is now commonly known that Department of Homeland Security (Der Ghestappo auf die Fuhrerland)
      DHS training excercise at Sandy Hook was yet another false flag psychological operation against the American people in an effort to terrorize the american people into giving up our gun rights and eventually giving up all of our rights and letting the country go into chaos and bankrupt so that the central beauracrats of the World Government can run everything more smoothly for the World Bank;
      because after all a chemically dumbed down society with no money, no rights, and no guns would be a lot easier for international bankers to control and do whatever they want with than the glory of American Democracy, Individual Freedom, and Human Rights!
      And Just look at what the globalists want for humanity under the guiese of environmentalism and global warming; they say that there is an overpopulation problem; making resources scarce; so the solution today is as it always has been with the aristocracy, to make wars that reduce the population and divide and conquer the people with every arbitrary seperation they can divise; from nation, to race, to class, to economic inequalities, etc… As long as we stay asleep, we stay distracted with their corporate media, and we keep buying their completley fabricated lies, than they stay in a position of power over us. They Live while We Sleep.
      In conclusion, I contend that the conspiracy theory of history is the true history.

      Just watch the film “They Live” “Brave New World” or “1984″ if you want to know what it is all about.
      Or even better for you to watch would be one of the videos from youtube that will help to
      deprogram your ego. Watch: Alex Jones at Infowars.com
      read articles by Ron Paul and friends at campaignfor liberty.org
      watch: Psywar on youtube
      read something about MK Ultra,
      learn about Operation Paperclip
      and definately Operation Mockingbird

      9/11 was an inside job, Sandy Hook was a DHS training excercise turned false flag psy op
      and it is even likely that the batman shooter Holmes and the Hunger Games Killer were all resulting
      from MK Ultra mind control experiments on the US population at large through chemical manipulations of the mind as well as psychological manipulations through the main stream media.
      I can’t make this stuff up people, truth is stranger than fiction;
      but it seems obvious that the Federal Government is making laws such as the
      indefinate detention of US citizens without any right to a trial,
      because in the end the American people with their rights and liberties; their sense of freedom, democracy, human rights, and freedom of speech have no place in the totalitarian one world state of forced depopulation that the technocrats have envisioned for us all. Wake Up people!
      Just because it didn’t happen today doesn’t mean it won’t happen tomorrow,
      They are putting the necessary laws into place now to make the next totalitarian super-state
      devoid of human rights and determined to exterminate the majority of the human population
      so the bankers can have more power over the resources of the earth!

  • Tmath02

    It’s an opinion. This is fucking retarded. Look up some facts and tell me colts wrong smh. Open up your eyes.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Scott-Duke/100000487357794 Scott Duke

      colts wrong.

  • Seth

    It’s his life to do with as he chooses. The athletic department doesn’t own his mind. Do some real journalism if you want respect.

    • guest

      They do own the brunt of his decisions if this hits Deadspin. “The parents of the kids that supposedly died in the sandy hook situation are liars,” is the kind of statement that can horribly tarnish a reputation of a program. They never claimed to say he can’t say these things, just “Department of Athletics understand that our young men and women have a great deal of freedom of expression on social media but with that freedom comes responsibility.”

      I think that’s an incredibly reasonable position for a multimillion dollar organization to take on something as unreasonable as a tweet saying essentially “The parents of kids who died months ago are liars.”

  • Disgusting

    I didn’t know the Daily Emerald was in the business of outright smear campaigns now.

    • http://www.facebook.com/keithappleby Keith Appleby

      I did.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Scott-Duke/100000487357794 Scott Duke

    what an idiot

  • Brentuan

    Lyerla is correct. What’s wrong with speaking truth? Good for him. Freedom of speech. And if you think Lyerla is wrong, try proving it by doing your research, not by simply listening to mainstream media.

    • http://www.facebook.com/keithappleby Keith Appleby
      • pitdoug1998

        Research who funds snopes……

        It’s like having Dixie Crystal site a story they fund telling me sugar doesn’t cause rotten teeth or insulin spikes…….

        • David Froh

          Oh Good God. Soros? Some “flaming liberal?” Is that what you’re suggesting? Because that has also been disproven, repeatedly. Give me a break!

          Look. It’s the frickin’ internet. Whatever wacko, paranoid, hate-filled thing you want to believe, far left or far right, you can find plenty of people willing to lay things out for you in a way that makes you feel like you’re being perfectly reasonable and ultimately “right.”

          How ’bout you tell us what’s factually wrong with the snopes article? Or at least give us a link to some other reasonable person who counters it point by point? Don’t just throw your hands up and say you don’t believe it. That’s the SAME THING Brentaun was criticizing in his post at the top of this thread.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nigel-Wagner/1157589020 Nigel Wagner

      brentuan colt is wrtong you and him is a window licker and both are retards and stupid you guys don’t know how those family feel because you aren’t them get evidence backing up your words or shut your mouth there is such thing as slander you guys i hope .

      • pitdoug1998

        I find it sadly hilarious that someone who makes this public:

        “brentuan colt is wrong you and him is a window licker and both are retards and stupid you guys don’t know how those family feel because you aren’t them”

        calls ANYONE stupid……..

      • RiteWing

        Thanks for the one period.

  • LG

    Now freedom of speech is under assault??

    • Sinister

      You are a freaking complete moron. Freedom of speech can only be infringed upon by our government against it’s people. The US government has NOTHING to do with the universities reaction nor it’s opinion. Freedom of speech is not in danger here, your intelligence is.

      • pitdoug1998

        So the 1st stops at the door of a state owned/run college that accepts millions of taxpayers dollars they confiscate from 51% of the working country?

        I can site cases I have fairly quick access to that were ruled on by the SCOTUS and many state’s supreme courts saying otherwise. Unless he or his parents (which would end at age 18) waived his rights to specific speech he is protected.

    • Anthony Joseph Gomes

      freedom of speech that is dishonest and causes monetary damage to someone is not defended by the constitution. slander is not defended by the constitution. perjury is certainly not defended by the constitution if the liar is bold enough to repeat the lie under oath

  • hoboduck

    I wonder if anyone hear actually watched the “whole” video. I did and it does raise some interesting questions.

    • Anthony Joseph Gomes

      what questions?

  • ReggiePDX

    He’s entitled to his “opinion”- no matter how delusional, insane or ridiculously ignorant. However, as a member of an official OU approved entity, he does have a responsibility of NOT embarrassing the school by acting like a certifiable whack-job or “tin-hat wearing” conspiracy theorist. He did BOTH and was appropriately censured.

  • LG

    Get a clue sinister, ur the ignoramus!!! Get ur head out of ur hole!

  • NoMercy


  • Chris Wahlstrom

    How is this any different than people who question the 9/11 commission report, or the warren commission report, or the reason we invaded Iraq? It’s called the first amendment, and it doesn’t only apply to only one political viewpoint…

    • Anthony Joseph Gomes

      when you accuse someone of illegal behavior falsely and that accusation causes them financial damage it is called slander. if you repeat that lie under oath then perjury could be added to the list of crimes which is a felony carrying up to 2 years. all colt has to do is name this mysterious booster who he says promised him all the imaginary gifts and youre off to the races.

  • al

    It’s not that he has an opinion it’s that while he’s a student at ou he represents the school when he does something like this. The school doesn’t have to like or dislike his comments but it’s still reflects on the school whether good or bad. Crazy talk about one of the most horrific acts ever committed in our country’s history brings unwanted negative attention to the athletic department. And might piss off uncle phil! ANY school or pro team would do the same thing ou did by releasing a statement about it. Classless move by him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nigel-Wagner/1157589020 Nigel Wagner

    people believe this window lickers of colt lyerla tweets about sandy hook shooting that the u.s. goverment was in behind it this kid beats his own mother people that comments here and believes his lies needs their head examie and they are stupid and retard has he is don’t believe this punks lies or thoughs about this issue he has no business or right to tweet this stuff when the family of the sand hook shooting happen on dec of last year and the us goverment gets done with him he will be sitting in prison for slander for a every long time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/oop.moonster Oop Moonster

    Guys an idiot

  • pitdoug1998

    OOOOHHHHHH I see. College athletes don’t have 1st Amendment RIGHTS do they? I mean Heaven forbid that college athletics and college campuses be full of wussifed libs who seek to silence dissent by bullying those who dare question this tyrannical government we’ve allowed to insert it’s evil self into every crevice of our lives.

    Fact is those who cannot see something amiss with regards to Sandy Hook is a delusional twit. I’m not going to say that the whole thing was a farce and that children didn’t get slaughtered by a mad man but wow, Govco Inc’s story changed like the weather in East Tennessee. I have NO REASON in the world NOT to believe that this evil regime would either allow children to die to advance their 2nd Amendment destroying plot or actively be part of it. Look at this Liberty stealing, job killing (un)Affordable Healthcare Act. While pushing the bill down our throats in 2009 the demon-rats incessantly told us that without this monstrosity of a law that 45,000 people would die EVERY year. Oh and by the way we won’t implement until after the 2012 prezzy election. Oh what is that you say? They’re delaying until after the 2014 fall midterms? To difficult to implement? So using ‘their’ math and their ‘logic’ we’ve killed almost 300,000 people? WTH?

    Speak on young man and if ‘they’ try to silence you lawyer up and tell the a$$holes to bring a copy of the US Constitution with ‘them’ to court…….

    • Reasonable Human Being


  • BorisBulldog

    Let me guess, Liarla also believes 911 was an inside job, ’69 moon landing was fake and the Holocaust never happened, right?

  • JimVanderPutten

    The tweet graphic has the Green Bay Packers logo and a March 2013 time stamp. My BS detector reading is off the charts.

  • Anthony Joseph Gomes

    remember the part when lyerla said he was moving onafter he left the ducks and everyone was parting on good terms? now this? rather confusing isnt it?