Greek: Delta Gamma Anchor Splash philanthropy fundraiser tries to best $32,000

Delta Gamma's 2012 Anchorsplash philanthropy held in Mac Court. (Michael Arellano/Emerald)

Delta Gamma's 2012 Anchorsplash philanthropy held in Mac Court. (Michael Arellano/Emerald)

Posted by Cole Knutson on Thursday, Apr. 18 at 1:00 pm.

Delta Gamma hopes to raise $36,000 this year with its annual Anchor Splash philanthropy in the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis — commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease — and early blindness. If met, the goal would best Delta Gamma’s achievement of last year’s $32,000, which ranked them fifth among all 120 Delta Gamma chapters across the nation. Anchor Splash kicks off this Sunday, April 21 at Delta Gamma.

“It’s really cool being on this side directing it,” said Anchor Splash Co-Director Gianna Colosimo. “Seeing all that goes into it and all that’s coming out of it, and all the money that we’re raising for such amazing causes that we believe in, it’s really cool to see how we’re helping raise money for them.”

Anchor Splash at the University of Oregon is a week-long event filled with competitions between fraternities and sororities that help raise money for Service for Sight and Team Cure ALS foundations. Although Anchor Splash is Delta Gamma’s national philanthropy, the UO version differs significantly from the rest.

The UO chapter of Delta Gamma donates to Team Cure ALS, which, unlike Service for Sight, is not Delta Gamma’s national philanthropy cause. Service for Sight is a Delta Gamma organization aimed at “stopping blindness before it starts.” Team Cure ALS was founded by former Oregon State football player Mike Lopez to fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease. Although Lopez passed away in January from ALS, Delta Gamma continues to donate to the foundation.

In addition, Anchor Splash is normally a one or two-day synchronized swimming competition among fraternities and sororities. At the UO, however, Anchor Splash is a week-long competition filled with different events that culminates in a dance competition and talent show between all fraternities and sororities.

“There’s so much going on, it’s not just a one-night thing,” says Colosimo. “Because it’s so big and popular here, it has a lot of attention on it and money raised for it.”

The talent show determines who is crowned “Anchor Man” and “Anchor Woman.” The event is called the Big Show and is held at Mac Court. Tickets go on sale at the EMU Ticket Office starting Monday, April 22 for $8.

Like the rest of the events throughout Anchor Splash, the Big Show is worth points. The fraternity and sorority with the most points at the end of the week are crowned the champions of Anchor Splash. Pi Beta Phi has been the winning sorority for the last nine years and Sigma Chi has been the winning fraternity for the last three. There are also awards given to the top three fraternities and sororities in the dance competition, as well as a “Most Spirited” award.

Anchor Splash co-director Katy Strupp believes that the competitive side of fraternity and sorority life helps contribute to Anchor Splash’s popularity at the UO. “A lot of the new houses on campus are getting really involved and really want to win this year, which we’re really excited about,” said Strupp.