Why you should buy the new PS4 instead of the Xbox One

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Posted by Lucas Stewart on Monday, Jul. 8 at 6:00 pm.

The eighth generation console war has begun.

As usual, Sony and Microsoft are battling to have the most-anticipated console (I’m dismissing the Wii U because Nintendo’s decline is a whole other story). Many critics agreed that at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Exposition in Los Angeles that the PS4 left a much more favorable impression than the Xbox One. Attendees were skeptical of Microsoft’s harsh digital rights management protocols and the lack of innovation shown by the Xbox One where Microsoft had previously promised “a new generation of gaming.”

I was onboard the Xbox One skeptics’ train ever since my first impression of the console with these 1984-inspired memes. Microsoft has taken the console back under the knife since fans reacted so harshly toward its “innovative” policies that many agreed heavily disadvantaged the consumer. For example, previously the system required an online check-in every 24 hours to synchronize your games library and download new content. If the check-in failed for any reason — say the user’s Wi-Fi stopped working — the system would go into lockdown. People were fond of saying that the console would transform into a $499 shiny black brick.

On June 19, Microsoft boss Don Mattrick released in a statement that a lot of the contentious policies of the Xbox One will be withdrawn, and the system will function pretty much as the Xbox 360 does. It’s really surprising that fans could put so much pressure on Microsoft to cause its to remove all of these features. Unfortunately for Microsoft, its Big Brother-esque features came at an unfortunate time amid all the NSA controversy.

I am a big fan of the “Halo” series, so I know for that and other reasons I’ll be playing the Xbox One, but I will definitely not be buying one.

The PS4, however, I am ecstatic for, though still apprehensive about the price. The Sony team had a much more successful E3 — for all of Microsoft’s bad press that ensued, Sony received nothing but good.

Firstly, the PS4 is $100 cheaper. One big reason is that the PS4′s attachable camera, a rough equivalent to Xbox’s Kinect, is sold separately for $60. I’d prefer to have the choice and save the money. Plus, I don’t think I could have that permanent eye watching me after seeing those memes I mentioned.

Sony also won over fans at E3 by saying it would do nothing to limit the trading and selling of used games. This was a big one. In fact, just after the reveal came a riotous video on YouTube subtly mocking Xbox’s restrictive system of trading games. Even Microsoft’s updated program of managing used games remains confusing. Essentially, the company says you can trade in/sell/exchange your old games, but publishers can still set up their own restrictions.

Both the PS4 and the Xbox One are slated for a holiday 2013 release.

For those of you interested in the specs of each console, here is a PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Wii U comparison chart.

  • Cody

    Microsofts used game policy is exactly the same as Sony’s. Publishers will be able to set their own restrcitions on PlayStation as well. Sony said first-party (companies owned by Sony) titles won’t have restrictions. That doesn’t mean third party games won’t. You should really do some research before publishing your poor journalism attempts. And as for the Kinect watching you, you do realize it can be shut off? You probably didn’t care to research that either. And as for Sony deciding to strip their Eye out of the PlayStation bundles to undercut Microsofts price, they’ve turned alot of their new, innovative features into gimmicks, because developers won’t be able to rely on everybody being able to use them (the dualshock’s new lightbar and motion tracking for example, not to mention the social features like video chat). And price points for both consoles are decent, people pay more than $499 for cell phones these days. This article pretty much just show’s the lack of consumer research not only by consumers, but by the media.

    • salvatore heaphy

      It is very true that no one does research. But that will help the xbox one, not hurt it, most of the people i know who are buying it are the dumb ones who do no research and know nothing about technology. Any one who knows their stuff and does their homework on everything would never consider purchasing the xbox one over a ps4. Especially those who live in other countries besides the US, where the xbox is even more outrageously outpriced. Yes it has kinect, but the ps4 has a better cpu, gpu, and the ram isnt even close. Just go look up the difference in price between gddr5 ram and ddr3 ram. Sony must of got a hell of a deal on it somehow.

      • me

        u dont know what u are talking bout i read an article http://gamingbolt.com/xbox-one-ddr3-ram-vs-playstation-4-gddr5-ram-both-are-sufficient-for-realistic-lighting and its not that much difference , and the makers of watch dogs said the game will be more dynamic on xbox one so u need to get ya facts straight bro and hop off sony balls

        • salvatore heaphy

          OK checked your article…. and???? They are also both sufficient to play an mp3 file, that doesn’t change the fact that that gddr5 ram is vastly superior to ddr3 ram, not to mention the PS4 has 7 gb of gddr5 (which runs at 176 gb/ps) available for gaming, compared to 5 gb of ddr3 ram (which runs at about 68 gb/ps) available for use for gaming in the xbox one. The xbox gpu is capable of 16 ROPs, 12.8 Gigapixels/sec, 768 shader cores, 1.23TFLOPS vs the ps4 gpu which is capable of 32 ROPs, 25.6 Gigapixels/sec, 1152 shader cores, 1.84 TFLOPS. Plus the ps4 has 18 compute units to the xbox’s 12. Put all that together and that’s the equivalent of a NASCAR car racing against a ford focus, it’s not even close. It takes developers a while to fully optimize their games for new hardware and you will see huge differences the more time passes. Just look at the differences in the scale of gta4 vs that of gta5. When it comes down to it the xbox one is not in the same league as the ps4 when it comes to hardware . And if you for 1 second believe in microsofts “cloud computing” which is nothing more than a use of buzzwords, than you are too stupid to even debate with in the first place. Because use of that technology the way they dream of it is a long ways away. Most people cant even watch 1080p movie without buffering, never-mind have a server compute real time functions in their game to the extent they pretend it will. Any such calculations done in this generation will only help in the slightest, and will never be able to even come close to making up for the hardware advantages of the ps4. And oh yeah, because someone is educated and can read black and white facts and make an obvious decision doesn’t mean they are a fan boy, i own every console since the NES so get over yourself.

          • Ps3 rocks

            Keep your ps3 or xbox 360..wait for a year or two,then decide which console ps4 or xbox one to buy,that time it would be cheaper and games for ps4 or xbox one would be much better..

          • xboxsuxxxxxxxa a big one

            You’re not the boss of me

    • syazni

      that comment above me is so wrong for so many reason …

      1. Sony already said that they will not allow 3rd party to apply online pass since ps plus require to play online … and publisher will not try to pull their own restriction after they saw gamers reaction toward drm BS .. so yeah, if you want gamer to boycott your game .. they can try

      2 kinect cant shut off .. its always listening to the voice command .. its already said by microsoft rep multiple times

      3.dualshock’s new lightbar still function without camera .. minus be able to judge the positions of multiple players

      4.dont compare cellphone with console .. its like compare car with house .. people always want expensive car but when come to the house .. yeah, they are picky ..always choose the cheaper one ..

      • Jonathan

        The dual shock light at cannot operate with Eye, as it can’t be shut off either so it’s just a waste of battery if you don’t own the eye, and the kinect cannot be shut off entirely, but features on it can be turned off such ass recording and voice control. Also 3rd party retailers will still be able to imply restrictions on used games, this has been stated by both companies, actually the comment above you is right in so many ways.

        • Jonathan.

          Without eye*

  • DS