Dual enrollment program with LCC shaves thousands off tuition costs for UO students

Posted by Cole Knutson on Thursday, Jul. 25 at 1:00 pm.

The dual enrollment program between Lane Community College and the University of Oregon may be the best kept secret at the UO. Both in-state and out-of-state students have benefited from the thousands of dollars in savings that the program has the potential to provide.

The program allows students to take classes at LCC and the UO in the same term. Once the term is finished, the credits that were earned at LCC automatically transfer to the UO and appear on the student’s transcript making them as good as UO credits. The financial difference is that the LCC credits are significantly cheaper.

“I couldn’t afford the university because I’m paying my own tuition,” sophomore Shannon Malamphy said. “I couldn’t see myself even affording my first year of school with the amount of FAFSA I got.”

Malamphy lived in the dorms as a freshman. She started dual enrollment with LCC during winter term to continue attending the UO and living in Eugene.

“It was a lot less expensive for me to go to Lane and still be able to have a similar college experience. I can still live in Eugene and live in town and be right next to campus. It’s just much cheaper,” said Malamphy.

Out-of-state transfer student Bayley Azevedo also lived in the dorms last year and started dual enrollment in the spring to save money.

“It cut my tuition cost more than in half,” said Azevedo of the dual enrollment program. “Being an out-of-state student, the tuition is really high. Having to take some lower-level classes, it made more sense to do it at Lane.”

Based on rates for the 2013-14 academic year, an in-state student who decides to take roughly half of their classes at the UO — eight of 15 credits — and the other half at LCC  for the entirety of a freshman or sophomore academic year would save $1,412 in tuition. If that student were out-of-state, the savings would be $7,769.10.

Both Malamphy and Azevedo used the free public transportation system that is offered to UO students with their student ID to get to LCC. Buses leave every half-hour on weekdays to go to LCC from 13th Avenue and Kincaid Street just outside campus.

Both students also agreed that the biggest difference between classes at LCC and those at the UO is the size.

“The classes are a lot smaller, that’s the only difference, and you have to ride the bus,” said Azevedo.

Students can sign up for the dual enrollment program by applying to LCC online and filling out a short dual-enrollment application and submitting it to the admissions offices at both schools.

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    its simple really, if you can’t afford out of state tuition, than go to an in-state university.