11 reasons why Apple’s iOS 7 is both the best and worst thing ever

Posted by Jake Crump on Friday, Sep. 20 at 9:00 am.

Apple officially released their new iOS on Wednesday and it would seem Twitter as a whole has raged an all out war on it.

Here are the 11 reasons why everyone hating on the new update are wrong (and a few reasons why they’re right):

1. You no longer have to blind yourself in the morning while trying to turn your brightness down. With the new control panel, you can quickly change your brightness, open your camera and access many other commonly used features.


2. Apple’s original iOS design was cool … seven years ago. It was in dire need of an update.


3. Your Notepad, Game Center and other apps no longer have cheesy skeuomorphic designs.


4. The red badge with the 26 update notifications hanging on your App Store icon? Yeah, that’s a thing of the past with this sexy new feature.


5. iOS 7 adds eight different filters to its camera. The best part: You can change the filter after you’ve taken the photo if you’re unhappy with it.


6. The photo app organizes your photos by date and location, right down to the city.


As you can see, I haven’t traveled outside of Oregon this year.

7. Remember when your friend sent you a message that was completely out of context, only to realize she was responding to a text you sent weeks ago? Drag those confusing text boxes to the left and see exactly when that text was sent.


8. Music controls are always available on the lock screen when music is playing — no more double tapping home to access them


8.1. Not worthy of a whole numbered reason, but the clock app now accurately depicts the time.


I could sit here and watch that little second hand move for hours on end. Is that weird?

Okay, onto the bad stuff:

9. My phone will now die when it says it still has 15 percent battery life. (This might just be me.)


I probably have 27 minutes of talk time left.

10. Spotlight search is way too eager to appear when you mean to swipe to your next home screen


11. The fade when locking and unlocking the phone looks nice, but is slow


And here are some people who might not be ready for iOS 7:







  • AbedNadir


    • Lily Alyciase

      I know right? It’s the best part!

  • Andrea

    Why’d the author leave out the fluidproofing part?

    • Abel

      Because it’s fake

      • crazy

        Shhh!! dont tell them that! The more dead iphones the better lol

  • Jason

    Apple finally figured out how to deliver waterproofing software updates. This is revolutionary, I am upgrading as we speak!!!


    Ios 7 ain’t waterproof