Fraternity and Sorority Life on lockdown after five individuals hospitalized for alcohol consumption

Posted by Ian Campbell on Friday, Oct. 11 at 11:52 am.

The University of Oregon is investigating unofficial Fraternity and Sorority Life functions after several parties Wednesday night resulted in five women being sent to the hospital due to overconsumption of alcohol.

Chi Omega President Sarah Pierce said in an email to her members that, “All of greek life is on social probation for two weeks.”

“A fraternity held a large unofficial party within their house and provided alcohol, which included incidences of over serving minors,” an email within the email read. “While all chapters were irresponsible, we were especially out of control, and that is known by almost all of Greek Life.”

A social media post — the email failed to mention the platform — was also responsible for the probation. The women’s sorority affiliation was not specified.

While unofficial functions are strictly forbidden in the two-week period, Pierce reassured members of the sorority that she was working to minimize harm.

“I promise that I am doing all I can to make sure our chapter comes away from this with minimal repercussions,” Pierce assured members of the chapter in her email.

When contacted, both Pierce and Chi Omega Vice President Amy Jones declined to comment. UO Panhellenic President Madelaine Robinson confirmed that the hospitalized women are in stable condition.

“Our community is learning a lot from the experiences of the past 48 hours,” Robinson said. “We have asked all of our chapter members and presidents to behave responsibly and to take this as a lesson to go forward with extra vigilance and extra responsibility in making sure we’re not putting any of our members at risk, especially the new members.”

InterFraternity Council President Joe Junor sent out an email to all fraternities in response to the five individuals taken to the emergency room for excessive alcohol consumption.

“(That) email was sent out about was a party that happened in one of the fraternity houses where alcohol was provided and it resulted in several sorority women — actually we don’t know if they were sorority women or just university students. We just know that they were university students who ended up going to the hospital due to overconsumption of alcohol.”

In addition, Junor reminded in his email that, “All chapter facilities are alcohol and substance free at all times.”

Director of Substance Abuse Prevention Jennifer Summers said that the incident is still under investigation.

The investigation will be on the specific event and not FSL, according to Dean of Students Paul Shang. In addition, he said that the UO has not placed any fraternity or sorority houses on probation.

Update: The original version of the article, published Oct. 11, 2013, stated that one  unofficial function led to the FSL probation when it was, in fact, several unofficial functions that same night. The original article also didn’t mention the social media post that was also responsible for the probation.

  • Olmec_Ed

    I’ll bet that frat house was Alpha Chug Omega.

  • Anonymous

    Phi Psi needs to be kicked off. There is no doubt. Everyone is trashing them on Greek Rank… I hope we don’t plan any functions with this joke of a frat.

  • Erin

    I hope we never have a function with this frat.

  • Truth

    Chi Omega sucks

  • Anonymous

    For the safety of women, PLEASE KICK PHI PSI OFF CAMPUS. I have felt safe at every fraternity party besides phi psi’s.

  • Anonymous

    Shame that the dumb assholes at Phi Psi are ruining Greek Life for the rest of the qualified gentlemen in other Greek houses.

    • anonymous

      Good point, “qualified gentlemen” is exactly the description that comes to mind when I think of all those other Greek houses.

  • Thad Chokeslam


  • Anonymous

    It is sad that one chapter is getting blamed when this is a community wide issue. These events that took place are unfortunate and the community needs to address them together and not point fingers at individual chapters.

    • Greek alum

      Valid. However, as an alum of Greek life I can tell you that we never had a party that left five women hospitalized. Partying is just part of college life, but some can manage it and in this case, both the fraternity throwing the party and the women of the sorority attending it failed to do so.

      So I agree it’s something that each house does need to monitor, and this should serve as an important reminder not to screw up. However, the majority of the houses seem to do so better and don’t make headlines for girls ending up in the hospital. So, in this case, I think it is more imperative to look at the two houses involved. Just my opinion though and I hope, most importantly, that the women in question are doing alright.

      • Anonymous

        Sororities.. There wasn’t one specific chapter in attendance, not to mention those college women attending the party weren’t all members of the FSL community.

  • Anonymous

    Luke 6:37

    Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you
    will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. (NIV)

  • Anonymous

    The fact that these freshmen sorority girls were on their first night off of rush week goes unnoticed. They themselves threw a party before going to any fraternity house and the mistakes they made are now being thrust upon others. It pays to know your limits.

  • GDI_uo

    My first comment was deleted. (Coincidence?)

    As a UO student that is not a member of an on-campus greek organization. I find it very curious that that this occurrence coincided with Chi Omega’s “WTF” party. That seems very suspicious, especially given that we are receiving a statement from the Chi O executives…

  • Grom

    Those girls could have stumbled into any Greek house so don’t blame those dudes. That house didn’t “ruin it” for Greek life, those girls did. No OTPHJs on buses for 2 weeks. Big deal. Get a live out, girlfriend, bid to a cool house.

  • Big Dick Willy

    Must have been a banger. I want a bid.

    • Party

      It was so dope!!

  • Paul V

    Term just start the boys want the girls but the girls really want the boys

  • The Truth

    Everyone know UO would be better off without Greek Life, time to shut it down and get rid of all the dbags and whores once and for all.

  • logic

    This, among many other retarded kids unable to handle their shit, is the reason we have so many damn campus police. Maybe the elders of these chapters should keep watch over their young ones more. But then again that would mean actually doing their job and potentially transforming the rep of Greek life to one a little less birdbrained…


    This is what happens when girls show up to parties….they should of brought more dudes instead. With casualties like that we’re looking at a shit ratio of 5 girls to every 2 dudes. To have a Wednesday rager ratio should have clearly been 5 dudes to 1 girl for a guaranteed Soup Kitchen. And come on lets be honest Carlo Rossi is now in, Franzia has lost its charm. Chillable Red does everyone way to dirty.


    This is what happens when girls show up to parties….they should of brought more dudes instead. With casualties like that we’re looking at a shit ratio of 5 girls to every 2 dudes. To have a Wednesday rager, ratio should have clearly been 5 dudes to 1 girl for a guaranteed Soup Kitchen. And come on lets be honest Carlo Rossi is now in, Franzia has lost its charm. Chillable Red does everyone way to dirty.

  • bitches

    Bitches just trying to rage. Fucking Whores.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Where do you have any evidence of drinks being spiked? I was at this party, drank what everyone was drinking (which was franzia wine, you can’t spike a wine bag?) and I sure wasn’t drugged. Thats pretty dangerous making accusations like that. No one was drugged, girls just showed up already intoxicated and now phi psi is being blamed for everything .

  • CHUP

    This guys is obviously a Phi Psi

  • Thinkbeforeyouspike

    FALSE! Wine bags are not only spike-able, it is rather easy to do so. Due to the nature of gravity here on earth, you simply hold the nozzle upside down and pour whatever you want in. Watch out! Think twice before slappin’ the bag.

  • Anonymous

    Not a phi psi, actually. Just someone who knows better than to make terrible accusations that could ruin an entire fraternity’s reputation,

  • esp

    i.e. a Phi Psi

  • Name

    That is an absurd accusation. Clearly you have put way more thought into this than the average person. I’ve slapped many a bag and that never even crossed my mind