Josh Huff criticizes NCAA on Twitter for cancelling of his party

Oregon senior wide receiver Josh Huff (1) eyes the scoreboard as he heads back to the locker room due to an injury. The No. 2 Oregon Ducks play the No. 16 Washington Huskies at Husky Stadium in Seattle, Wash. on Oct. 12, 2013. (Michael Arellano/Emerald)

Oregon senior wide receiver Josh Huff (1) eyes the scoreboard as he heads back to the locker room due to an injury. The No. 2 Oregon Ducks play the No. 16 Washington Huskies at Husky Stadium in Seattle, Wash. on Oct. 12, 2013. (Michael Arellano/Emerald)

Posted by Victor Flores on Thursday, Oct. 17 at 3:58 pm.

Josh Huff was planning on throwing a birthday party this Saturday after Oregon’s game versus Washington State but said on Twitter that he was forced to cancel it. The reason, Huff tweeted, was the NCAA.

According to Huff’s tweets, he was not allowed to throw the party because he was charging a cover fee for anyone trying to get in. This led to Huff posting a series of tweets criticizing the NCAA.

Huff still plans on throwing a party, though.


Huff has posted several more tweets on Friday.

Huff clarifies that the party next weekend is not his:

Huff’s teammates have tweeted about Huff’s situation, as well.

Receiver Dwayne Stanford, from Thursday:

Offensive lineman Tyler Johnstone, from Friday:

Offensive lineman Karrington Armstrong, from Friday:

  • uomatters

    Fascinating. Good for Mr. Huff for speaking freely! I’m guessing the expense budget for food and drink for the average NCAA Committee on Infractions meeting is way more than $1500. All of it money that was really earned by the players.

  • jack

    what an ignoranus

  • Lunar tee

    You mean he can’t have people pay him for the privilege of being near him? There is no fairness in the world!!!!

    • Jake

      A lot of regular Joe college kids charge money to cover the cost of party expenses…booze, supplies, food, etc.

    • K

      That’s not how it works. At nice parties, you pay an entry fee to help pay for the cost. Happens all the time at birthday parties, office parties, even baby showers.

    • Sebastian Rajala

      Yea you have no idea how parties work at all do you? The host buys food, drinks, sometimes kegs of beer and liquor so he can have a good time with his friends and fellow students. That shit isn’t free, so we charge people a few bucks to get in so they can hang out and eat/drink to their hearts content. Then afterwards we are usually lucky if we made a few extra bucks on the side. This has nothing to do with having people pay money to be around him like hes some kind of celebrity, hes doing what any struggling college student would to get by, I don’t know if you’ve noticed it but college isn’t as cheap as it was in the ’70′s or even ten years ago. If you don’t know what your talking about keep your mouth shut, you just sound ignorant.

  • ben

    So he’s so broke as a student athlete, but he has $1500 to blow on advertising for a party…

    • ace mf

      Why tf yall worried bout that n*gga money.. Like he said they makin mf money of his name… Fuk them u ncaa nfl the gov …every mf thing corrupt

      • Craig


  • WithStairk

    How was he able to “save” $1500, and what flyer costs that much?? Why would this dude admit he was going to charge people. He should know he can’t do that.

    • Sebastian Rajala

      You totally can do that. People charge people money for parties all the time. I know this since I have been to plenty of parties in my day.

  • the1moonman

    he didnt spend 1500 on the advertising for the party you idiots. his friend probably posted a flyer, and thats what drew attention to it.
    he probably put down 1500 on the space, and was charging people to make that+food, drinks, and maybe make a profit back.
    charging money to get into parties is totally normal, especially at large schools, where a party for 50 people can turn into 500 quickly. charging makes sure that you keep the number at a cap, and also, you can cover expenses while having a good time.

    • kim

      the point is he is already getting a ton of benefits and should have more money saved up rather than blowing it on partying and whatnot and trying to charge people. It’s ridiculous what they get just because they play football.

  • hardworkingamerican

    Must be nice to not be working on your birthday paying tuition like a normal college student (i.e. me). Grow up you are paid.
    Tuition: 20,000+ for 4 years= $80,000
    Countless other benefits including a stipend: at least $10,000/year.
    $120,000 for 4 years of playing amateur football. That’s a heck of a lot more money than I’ve made paying for living expenses/tuition in my 4 years of college doing a work study and working at Dick’s Sporting Goopds simultaneously. I go to a D1 school. Football players are treated like royalty.

  • Olmec_Ed

    Note to the talented Mr. Huff…

    Potential employers may be looking for a reason to pay you hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars less than you might get otherwise.

    Take care to not overplay your hand.

  • WorldTraveler

    What is clear is Mr Huff needs to get smarter in a hurry.