Oregon students sell ‘We want Bama’ T-shirts at the EMU Amphitheater

Harrison Tingler and Grant Otter, center, sell  their "We want Bama" T-shirts in the Erb Memorial Union Amphitheater on Oct. 17. (Michael Arellano/Emerald)

Harrison Tingler and Grant Otter, center, sell their "We want Bama" T-shirts in the Erb Memorial Union Amphitheater on Oct. 17. (Michael Arellano/Emerald)

Posted by Beth Maiman and Victor Flores on Thursday, Oct. 17 at 1:31 pm.

Fan chants have turned into a business venture for two Oregon students.

As the No. 2 Ducks continue to go undefeated halfway through the season, hype of Oregon making it to the BCS National Championship in Pasadena, Calif. has been heard throughout the stands and apparently in local bars as well.

Seniors Grant Otter and Harrison Tingler were inspired by chants yelled at New Max’s Tavern after the Oregon versus Tennessee game, as well as the group who made the “I Love My Ducks” T-shirt, to create their own product – T-shirts that read “We want Bama.”

“It’s looking like if we both win out we will play each other, so this whole concept will take off,” Otter said.

Originally, the pair was selling the shirts just from hearsay, but the demand has grown and they have now set up a booth in the EMU Amphitheater. A week ago they printed 200 shirts and they have already sold most of them. Each shirt goes for $10.

“Outside of Oregon, everybody else in the country thinks that Alabama is the best team in the country and we obviously disagree,” Tingler said.

“I was wearing the shirt on campus walking down 13th. I don’t know who it was but a big football player walking sees my shirt and goes, ‘Damn straight,’” Otter said.

The duo is hoping to bring national attention to their T-shirt design and stated that Bleacher Report has even shown interest in featuring them.

“People are saying we are going to jinx the team, but as long as we have the football players’ support on our side I think we are doing alright,” Otter said. “We just need the Ducks and Alabama to keep winning.”

  • Rational Football Fan

    Why don’t we start with “We Want Stanford”?

    • Lighten up

      Boo to you sir. It is all in good fun.

  • Alabama Nation


  • Disappointed

    What happened to “Win The Day”? Does no one understand what that means? This is disgusting.

  • FNR

    Do your really want to travel that highway? Ask Notre Dame

  • AnthonyRTR

    Bama-Oregon would be quite the match up. But before you start having wet dreams about it, you should probably worry about the remainder of your regular-season schedule. If I’m not mistaken, Stanford ruined your chances last year, right? Keep your eyes on the road you’re traveling now. If not you’re liable to fall short of your destination. Nevertheless, good luck and Roll Tide Roll!

    Also, I want one of those shirts!

  • RollBeaversRoll

    Those fools better worry about their own conference first. Take care of business and you might get what you’re asking for; but it almost might be a whole lot more than you’re asking for… You had your chance against our orange headed step brother in 2010 and you couldn’t even pull that one off. Roll Beavers Roll!

    • rcs410

      of course, alabama choked against those same brothers in 2010. so this point is moot.

      • M Nooney

        Yes because 2010 has everything to do with 2013.. Your point is valid.. Ahhh Canadian weed… Keep typing.. I have to go take a Duck… You know #2.

        • rcs410

          well, i’d take a Utah vs. Alabama, but that just means I vomit over you

  • Bamaboy

    You don’t go in the Bear’s cave and wake the Bear. Ask ND

    • ND

      The same ND that needed multiple OTs to beat Pitt at home? We’re all so impressed!

      • trashtalk ;)

        Yea and the ND that beat Stanford last year? Doh!

  • Donaciano Rodriguez

    Lol dude are y’all serious who has Oregon played to even be proud to say they beat this is hilarious the ducks don’t want bama y’all played Tennessee lol that’s one of the lowest rated teams in the SEC y’all better think before u speak cuz you just might get wat u ask for ROLL TIDE ROLL

    • And what happened?

      And we handed them their worst loss ever. We also handed them their worst home loss ever when we played them in 2010. So what is your point?

    • duck$

      Periods, son. Look into them.

  • James

    Be careful what you wish for little Ducks. Roll Tide.

  • M Nooney

    We want Auburn too, remember?

    • rcs410

      auburn would be delicious. they don’t play any defense. neither does the majority of the sec.

      • M Nooney

        For someone with a history of nothing, there seems to be a lot of talking. Sincerely, 15 Rings

        • rcs410

          i’d rather be the future than history. congrats on the civil war, which you lost.

          • jhoops

            The future is 5 straight top 5 recruiting classes….. but you don’t pay attention to things that matter. Sincerely again, 15 rings.

          • rcs410

            OH, SO YOU WIN THE OFFSEASON! CONGRATS. You’re no different that Washington.

          • joey_coker13@hotmail.com

            Winning in the offseason usually equates to winning during the season… just a thought.

  • rcs410

    i will say, these idiots come out with this shirt, they deserve a loss to ucla or stanford. let it play out. we know the SEC is soft and their fans are softer. but let it play out.

    • CoachP

      The SEC may be “soft” in your opinion but for the last 2,555 days, which would be the last 7 seasons, where has the crystal ball been? I thought so…

    • DealWith

      Right, because the SEC hasn’t been considered the best conference in college football for the last several years, and Southern fans AREN’T known for being the most loyal. I’ve been up North and out West. Football means MUCH more in the South.

      • Weston

        “Football means MUCH more in the South.” Indeed. They’ve got nothing else.

      • Little Man Complex

        It’s pretty obvious rcs410 has it as he’s replied to every pro Bama/SEC comment on this board. His only argument being Utah did it, so Oregon can too. Everyone knows that was a let down game for Bama. We were in position to play for the national championship all year only to lose a heartbreaker to Florida and then get stuck with friggin UTAH in the Sugar bowl. Bama mailed it in, and when you’re playing a team that has talent AND is playing in the biggest game of their program’s history that’s going to lead to bad things. The fact remains that in the big games, Bama doesn’t lose, and whenever Oregon plays a tough, hard-nosed, smash-mouth team they lose. That’s why Bama’s won 3 of the last 4 national championships and Oregon’s only made it to the national championship game once in that time. Facts are facts.

        • rcs410

          Utah smoked Bama. Bama couldn’t hang. Game was over at halftime.

        • rcs410

          FACT: The only big game Alabama played against a west coast team, they lost. Bama just doesn’t measure up against West Coast offenses. USC at their peak would’ve crushed Bama.

  • rcs410

    Also, never forget Alabama can’t beat Utah. They struggle with West Coast teams and elite speed teams that punch you in the mouth. Utah did, so it’s possible Oregon could too.

    • M Nooney

      The next PAC 12 team to punch anyone will be the first since the USC team beaten by Texas..

    • CoachP

      The Bama team that played Utah was a whole different team. Texas A&M is the definition of an elite speed team and we handled them just fine.

      • rcs410


  • degaman55

    Notre Dame fans screamed, “We want Bama”! They got Bama and haven’t yet recovered from that 42-14 thrashing. Perhaps the Ducks should try beating LSU and Auburn first. Oh, they tried, didn’t they?

    • rcs410

      Vegas has an Oregon-Auburn spread right now at Oregon -21. I think Oregon’s going to fare fine in that matchup. Oregon-LSU would be Oregon -6.

      Different day, different teams. BTW, republicans are doing a fine stink job in congress right about now.

      • degaman55

        Geesh, I forgot. It’s the Vegas spread that determines football games! How foolish of me to think it happens on the field!

        • rcs410

          it largely doesn’t. SEC has proven that for years.

        • Vegas

          You’re right, its not the Vegas spread that determines football games, its the SEC fan posting on a website, our apologies.

          • Duck$

            Don’t be silly. SEC fan’s can’t read or write, much less use a computer.

  • sandztorm

    Sportsbook has the early line at Bama -6.5. I am a betting person, and Bama has been covering with their 3rd and 4th string. In fact, the A&M game was the only one the starters played the entire game. It is an interesting thought, but Oregon probably does not want another top tier SEC team. Especially one that can now score at will. I would put the line closer to Bama -21.

    • Nuschler

      Oregon will never even play the BCS game! Good god! And now they are going to wear pink helmets?? Really???

      I have breast cancer and I think Pink stuff on football players is just plain obscene…any of this pink crap is obscene. The NFL wears pink stuff, then sells it…FIVE per cent goes to cancer research…the NFL keeps the rest.

  • jason

    I would also like to see this match up but i would suggest keeping focus or your NEXT game. ANY game can turn into a trap game.

    Good luck and Roll Tide

    • sandztorm

      True, both teams have the potential to have a lose, and not even show up at the bcs game… That said, I like Saban and a month to prepare over a new couch, and an arena football team.

  • LOL at the PAC12 wannabees

    Be careful what you wish for

  • Katmando

    Elephants can squash ducks and don’t even know it!

  • Bo Evans

    Be careful what you wish for, Texas, LSU and Notre Dame wanted the same thing. None have been the same since, but LSU has beaten the Ducks since then.


    It’s Good To Be The King

    • Nuschler

      Coach Saban forever!! Ducks won’t get by the Utes!

  • Drown the Ducks

    You guys couldn’t beat Auburn. What makes you think you can beat Bama? Even ducks know to get out of the way when the tide is coming in.

    • RealityPotion

      Did Alabama beat Auburn in 2010? Wasn’t that game at Alabama?

      • Drown the Ducks

        And…is there a point that relates to Oregon being able to beat Bama? I don’t think so… If Oregon plays Bama, that duck will be calling Aflac by halftime.

    • Sco

      “You guys couldn’t beat Auburn. What makes you think you can beat Bama?”

      Because it’s not 2010. Stop being unoriginal.

  • Drown the Ducks

    Careful what you ask for…ducks know to get out when the tide rolls in.

  • OldNavyChief

    Be careful what you wish for.

  • Down South

    Oregon vs Alabama should be a good National Championship match up. Please Oregon, keep winning. Keep in mind, playing Alabama is not like playing Tennessee. But if you want some, come get some!

  • TideDynasty

    When are you fools going to learn? Didn’t LSU and Au-barn teach you anything? Keep beating up on west popcorn state and maybe we will let you guys visit the Bryant Museum to kiss the rings.

  • jshillin

    We want WSU. WTD, Go Ducks.

  • Nuschler

    Oh hell! Who has Oregon played besides Washington?? Bama has beat A&M (Manziel), VA tech, Mississippi! And Oregon STILL has Stanford, UCLA, OSU, and Utah Utes.

    They should add “to win it all” after “We want Bama…”

    ROLL TIDE!!!!!!

    • rcs410

      Va tech, ole miss are garbage. A&M has no defense. You’ve beaten no one. At least we beat UW, who actually plays defense.

  • Drown the Ducks

    Q: What did the duck say when he met an elephant?
    A: Aflac!!!

    • rcs410

      Q: What did the elephant say when he met a duck?

  • don’t be an idiot…idiots

    we want WAZZU.

  • TideGonnaRoll

    I’ve made solid cash betting on the SEC against the Ducks the last two years and would love to make it three. It’s the easiest money in the Pacific Northwest.

  • jim jones

    Oregon has to get past Stanford . I don’t think they will win.

  • Todd Barksdale

    Good Lord SEC folks stop wasting your time with a fan base that has ZERO National Titles. We have Auburn to pick on that has ONLY 2 titles. Let them wear pink helmets and play at 2:00 am here in the South. We all know what happens if Saban gets 4 weeks to prepare, for his 5th trip to the GAME, especially against a timing oriented team like the Sucks….Ducks.
    SEC dominates
    Roll Tide

  • Nor Cal DUCK Dad

    Gentleman, I appreciate your business sense, and the Lundquist School of Business is proud of you. But for all of you out there, LSU is the school (or should be) the SEC school we want to play. A win would erase the Cowboy Classic in “Neutral” Texas with a win in “Neutral” Pasadena….get it?? DAT would get payback for 2 fumbles, and that grass eating “nail & hammer” coach would have to bow down to a Pac 12 school.

    Now, for all you Bama fans on this post….there is a healthy respect for Oregon (as much as a hatred for LSU) because one of the T-shirts I saw in Dallas was said….(in green & yellow with Bama fonts)….ROLL DUCKS ROLL……either way, Pasadena on the 1st & 6th will be energized. Hopefully UCLA or Stanford on the Rose Bowl, and the DUCKS in the BCS….just bring on the SEC!! GO DUCKS

  • learoyt

    need to find out how to purchase

  • Todd Barksdale

    Might wanna get ready for OSU…in the the Rose Bowl No. 3

  • Sage

    If you moved Ole Miss into the PAC 10, they would cake walk through the conference with a flashy offense that is fun to watch….but at the end of the year, if they play a top SEC team, even one with significant injuries due to a brutal SEC schedule, they would get put in their place. The Ducks are the Rebels of the west.

  • sandztorm

    Bama – Fla St…. Sounds like a great match up…

  • Luke

    I like the shirts more than the unnecessary chants at the games. We pride ourselves in the, “Win the day,” mantra… Stop yelling things 7 weeks away… Especially you spoiled students that hasn’t even felt the heartbreaks of last few years and don’t realize the season’s a marathon.

  • The Duck

    I love all the Bama fans putting down the Vols but now how bad are the vols they went to overtime vs Ga and beat SC it should be shut up tide and put youre hand out for $$$ DJ Fluker-Luther Davis- and HA HA (you got caught) Clinton Dix

  • Lord Jamal

    “Ducks Fly, Do or Die”… I am a Ducks fan living in Alabama and I say, ” We Want Bama”….

  • Scott

    I am sure there are lot of people who would buy this shirt if available online!

  • Beaver Believer

    Jinxed for sure! You want Bama but forgot Stanford! Hahahahaha!!!!!!!

  • I dont know anything about dux

    what does “we want bama” mean?