Take a Knee: B.J. Kelley discusses his bye week and Thursday’s game against Stanford

Posted by Madison Guernsey on Sunday, Nov. 3 at 2:18 pm.

With their biggest game of the season coming up Thursday night, the Oregon football team has been planning for No. 5 Stanford this weekend. Wide receiver B.J. Kelley talked about the upcoming game, his bye week and a secret talent he displays on Vine.

On his bye week and practice:

“Bye week was pretty good,  just stayed off the legs as much as I could,” Kelley said. “(We’ve been practicing) just blocking, you know. Maintaining our right routes, pretty much the same game plan as we had last year. Just gotta execute.”

On Stanford’s defense:

“(It’s) nothing that we can’t handle, really,” Kelley said. “We’ve just gotta make our right blocks, stay on our right assignments and we’ll be good. Just gotta maintain our leverage when we’re blocking and we’ll be good. Stanford tries to scare us and tell us they’ll run over our receivers but all our receivers are up to the blocking challenge so we’re looking forward to it.”

On his secret talent:

“The earthquake,” Kelley said. “Yeah I can still do it. I don’t really do it as much during the season because I don’t want to risk injury, but I just do it for fun sometimes.”

Watch Kelley do the earthquake here.