Alabama responds to Oregon with ‘You Don’t Want Bama’ T-shirts

Screen shot from the website

Screen shot from the website

Posted by Christopher Keizur on Monday, Nov. 4 at 8:54 pm.

Alabama has answered the Oregon fans who created the “We want Bama” T-shirts. is currently selling “You Don’t Want Bama” T-shirts, a direct response to the T-shirts created by Oregon seniors Grant Otter and Harrison Tingler and “We want Bama” chants yelled by fans of several college football teams.

Last month, Otter and Tingler created the “We want Bama” shirts, which were a play off of the chant created by the Oregon student section during the Ducks’ game against Tennessee on Sept. 14. The chant called for Oregon and Alabama to meet in this year’s BCS national championship game in Pasadena, Calif. Otter and Tingler sold the shirts for $10 outside of the EMU after a high demand.

The Alabama shirts are a little more expensive, listed between $18-$24. Their shirt is similar in design to the Oregon one, with a minimalist design approach placing all of the attention on the words.

The “We Want Bama” Facebook page posted a picture of a “You Don’t Want Bama” T-shirt on Monday night, along with this caption: “We figured one of these would appear eventually. Thanks Nike.”

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  • DuckFan

    The “We want Bama” shirts were dumb to begin with.

  • Whatevs

    I want a championship. Don’t care if its bama we play or not. Shirt will look incredibly stupid if bama finishes 9-3 and is nowhere near the championship game, or if we’re nowhere near the championship game and they are.

    I want Stanford. And we got ‘em thursday night.

    • Michael Saggio

      Coming from a Bama fan, that’s a smart response. I’ve been saying for a while Bama’s got it right when we say we don’t care, we’re just focused on LSU (or Ole Miss or Ga St or whoever). Now I guess I’ll have to say both Bama & Oregon got it right and are focusing on the here and the now. Hope to see y’all in Pasadena

    • Nine

      See how that turned out.

  • BobbyFlanangan

    This is Hilarious!!! Way to get the national spotlight!!

  • Eruditus Crustius

    BamaCare: you’ve got to have it, even if it is just a ruse….

  • Jessica Frink

    By similar design, you must mean much better design. Someone actually put some thought behind the “You Don’t Want Bama” shirts, it seems.

  • mike

    Roll Tide bitches… lol

  • Betsey

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