Two new members round out the ASUO Constitution Court

Posted by Craig Garcia on Tuesday, Nov. 26 at 1:30 pm.

The ASUO Constitution Court can now officially uphold and regulate the ASUO Constitution for this year after adding two new justices to its bench.

Aubrey Hoffman and Thomas Bush are the two new court justices after they were appointed and approved by the ASUO on Nov. 13. Both Hoffman and Bush are law students at the University of Oregon, Hoffman being a first-year student and Bush in his second.

Hoffman is familiar with the university student government process from serving as a non-voting senator, an associate justice and a chief justice during her time at Portland State University.

Once she graduated from PSU, Hoffman took some time off from school and became a legal assistant at a Portland, Ore. law firm called Smith & Greaves. During her time there and when she was actively in student government at PSU, Hoffman learned that working with people with different views and thoughts from her own made her become more diverse with her understanding of law.

“Working with people with different ideas help shaped my own ideas,” Hoffman said. “I learned a lot from other people, and I’d like to share my experiences and absorb other people’s experiences, as well.”

During her confirmation at the ASUO Senate meeting, Hoffman listed being a mother of two daughters as one of the unique qualities she brings to the table.

“I’m a mom, and having to mediate conflict between my daughters has taught me to be level-headed and calm during those type of situations,” Hoffman said.

Similar to Hoffman, Bush served his undergraduate outside of the UO as well. Except he spent his time at the University of Texas.

After graduating from UT, Bush went on to be a part of Teach For America, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sending 3,600 teachers to high-need, under-resourced public schools throughout the country. For two years, Bush taught English and journalism to over 200 ninth-grade students at a high school in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.

“Even after two years, I wouldn’t call myself a good teacher by any regard, but I learned a lot from it every day,” Bush said. “Coming from that I learned what failure is like, what success is like — and I learned a lot about myself, too.”

Along with Hoffman and Bush, the other members of the court this year are Pat Chaney, Caleb Huegel and Chief Justice Allison Apana.