Updated: Video of UO students pelting car with snowballs goes viral on Reddit

Posted by Julianne Parker on Saturday, Dec. 7 at 8:59 pm.

A video submitted by Tommy Pittenger, an employee of the Emerald’s business department, shows University of Oregon students pelting cars with snowballs and dumping a bucket of snow on Sherwin Simmons, a retired UO professor, in front of the Erb Memorial Union, after Friday’s snowball fight was released yesterday. Since then it has gained more than 4.2 million views on YouTube and over 8,700 comments on Reddit, as of Sunday afternoon. The video reached the front page of Reddit and was the #2 spot.

What started as a friendly snowball fight organized by the UO football team at 12:40 p.m. on Friday Dec. 6 escalated hours later.

A statement fromPaul Shang, the UO dean of students, has been released in regards to the snowball incident stating that the University of Oregon’s Police Department is currently investigating the incident and will determine whether or not the actions of the students involved constitute a criminal act.

“Consequences are clear for those whose actions reflect poorly upon the university or violate its standards for student behavior,” Shang wrote in the release. “However, until the facts of the snowball-throwing incident are sorted out, it would be premature to speculate about any potential outcomes in this case.”

Oregon offensive lineman Andre Yruretagoyena tweeted: “Embarrassed by the video I just watched. That’s not all of us, sending the sincerest apologies.”

A photo posted by Register-Guard photographer Chris Pietsch shows UO tight end Pharaoh Brown dumping a bucket of snow on another student. The viral video shows someone wearing the same outfit using a similar looking bucket to dump snow on the driver of the car.

The snowball fight turned rowdy by 3 p.m., according to UO student Liana Lis.

“At the time I had been in the snowball fight it was totally fun and it was cool because the people were there who wanted to participate,” Lis said. “But then they started throwing it at cars and I had the gut instinct that it was just wrong and it got uncomfortable.”

A petition has been created by a non-UO student to “pressure UO to condemn and carry out deep disciplinary action against all those who participated in snow-fighting frenzy.”

Reddit users are accusing what they believe to be the UO football players of “committing assault/battery, and vandalism.”

Some have stated that they are sending emails to the university’s administration as well as the UO head football coach to ask for disciplinary action for the students involved.

The comment war on YouTube quickly turned racial, so Emerald editors disabled the comment function.

Some Reddit comments include:

“I really hope something gets done about this, and it’s sad that in today’s society it takes as much visibility as reddit offers to actually make authority do something about situations like this.”

“As a graduate of the University of Oregon. I would like to apologize on behalf of these idiots. I hope some one in the administration sees this and they have their athletic scholarships revoked.”

“The athletic department itself would probably want to do nothing due to the fact that they don’t want their meal ticket (good athletes) taken away. Due to probable backlash, however, they might give them a slap on the wrist and they might have to run after practice for embarrassing and possibly hurting the program. Anything more severe than that would honestly surprise me.”

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  • Thierry

    What they “believe” to be football players? The kid with the bucket that threw the snow INTO the car is clearly Pharaoh Brown, who posted a picture on his twitter of him in the same jacket with the same bucket form a little earlier in the day.

    Is that @Callme_P_RO? RT @rgnewsphoto: Witness! RT @DuckFootball: That was shattered today. So cool. #snowbrawl2013 pic.twitter.com/2ptSRvZYjA— Rob Moseley (@DuckFootball) December 6, 2013

    • Lana

      This idiot dumped snow on my friend. We were both visiting UO to see how beautiful the campus was. We’re so disappointed. I know not everyone is like this, but seriously it was so disrespectful that he should apologize.

      • Bon

        If you’re walking through a snowball fight and don’t expect to get snow on you you’re pretty dumb. That is if people believe you’re actually telling the truth…

      • Clyde Lewis

        SHUT UP, get over it.

      • Clyde Lewis

        Oh nooo, you got snow on you? How dare he dump snow on you! Just terrible awful, what is happening to this country! PUUUUUUUUUHLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!

        • Clyde Lewis a.k.a. Anal Lover

          I know right? Can’t believe two people spawned you. If only we could pass a law that would allow us to eradicate all persons by the name of Clyde Lewis.

          • manofredearth

            Clyde Lewis is obviously on the wrong side of this issue, but debasing someone based on sexual shaming is also despicable. Please delete the comment and fake persona.

      • Bon

        Do you want a cookie to make yourself feel better? If getting snow on you is going to affect you that much we don’t want you to come back. Even if this did happen (which I highly doubt if you weren’t involved in the event) was it really that hard to simply go around the event? It wasn’t in a very big area and could have easily been avoided

        • notpilgrims2

          Would it really be that hard for someone to not dump snow on a random non-participant? Some people are saying charges should be pressed against the assailants for assault. Others, who support the assailants, are saying charges shouldn’t be pressed because “It would ruin their lives” or something. Well, why shouldn’t charges be pressed? After all, if they feel bad about it, we can just give them a cookie.

    • Deprecating Duck

      who the hell still wears varsity jackets??

      • Thierry

        In all fairness, i do think his jacket is pretty awesome.

        • Meh

          I beg to disagree.

    • mkelley

      To be fair, every player has that jacket and I’m sure more than 1 was wearing it.

    • Jean Y

      My boyfriend and I were having a stroll since it’s my first time living in a state where there’s so much snow, I got so excited and dragged him outside. What happened to be one of the most exciting things of my sophomore year turned into an event that was just utterly disrespectful. Someone chucked a snowball at his head and then the person in the photo dumped cold snow on the both of us and even provoked my boyfriend to do something about it while laughing at us. It was so incredibly embarrassing and ruined our day. Honestly, at a certain point I thought it was because we were both asians and he was just being racist. Now I think it’s because he is totally immature and doesn’t appreciate the campus and obviously doesn’t care that he potentially ruined our school’s name. Thanks a lot you ass hole.

      • Will Hunter

        “Oh but he was just having fun, I’m sure you could have stayed in or gone some other way and this would not have happened. It’s just snow, years ago in other countries worse things have happened and nobody got mad then. You are just trying to take down the football team because they are so successful and cute and oh i just love them.” *swoons*

        - Mark Lavis

        PS Sorry you had to go through this, hope you dont mind me using your post for some snarky sarcasm. :P

        • Oregon Resident

          Mark Lavis: Wake up!. This is not a matter of giving the Ducks football program a bad name or not. This is group of students acting like immature jerks. It’s sad to see you adults, paying to attending a respected university, act like immature grade schoolers.
          So whatever Kool-Aid you are drinking…STOP. What was shown on the video, IS NOT OKAY. BULLYING IS NOT OKAY.

          • Clyde Lewis

            WOW, dude you sound like a little girl. Get over it this is a non issue if I ever saw one.

          • Damian

            Do you even go here?

          • Clyde Lewis

            Nope, just not going to allow this to become something it isn’t.

          • sheepwhisperer

            Is it the biggest issue ever? No, probably not. But it also shouldn’t just be ignored. These students were acting like jerkoffs, especially to that professor. Apparently this went on for a while and there were plenty of other “victims” that weren’t on this video.

            They should apologize for their actions. These people wanted nothing to do with a snowball fight.

          • Clyde Lewis

            I agree with that totally they should apologize and I’m sure they did but I’m not going to stand by while people post comments about assault and bringing up charges. Or how utterly disrespectful it was and how they’re ashamed to be apart of that university. People who say they should be brought up on charges don’t fully understand what that means. Do you really think these kids lives should be ruined, a great opportunity squandered for one stupid mistake? I hope you don’t and I hope these rash judgments and calls to action don’t bear fruit cause that would just be a shame.

          • Hersh

            I personaly dont think these men should go to jail but what they did was definitely desrespectul. And even though I dont think they should be brought up on charges, they did commit a crime. A punishment should be pursued. These people are not kids in any definition. They are probably all 20-25, young yes, kids no. Their lives dont need to be ruined they just need to learn a lesson. Thats what lifes about, you make mistakes, there are consequences, you seldom make that mistake again

          • Clyde Lewis

            Young, kids whatever my point is they are not fully matured individuals and should not be judged as such.

          • Hersh

            Im 22, why do I know that was a shitty thing to do? I mean wheres the line for that kind of excuse? Im not comparing the following statement to what happened so dont get defensive, but if I drunk drive and hit person, not killing them, its a crime, should I not get judged and tried as an adult? All im saying is, where is the line drawn for this mentality?

          • Clyde Lewis

            Well then your a more mature 22 then most I’ll give you that. I agree that it was disrespectful and a shitty thing to do. I now know that as soon as he got out of the car that they started cussing at him. So it was a little more intense then I previously thought. The players and whoever else is involved should be talked to and forced to give a formal apology to that man. But that’s as far as it should go, I’ve been in group situations like that at concerts and it can get out of hand VERY quickly.

          • Penelope L. Penderhausen

            I would never drive drunk, not even after ONE drink……but I WOULD THROW A SNOWBALL, maybe more than one…..AND I AM OLD ENOUGH TO BE YOUR GRANDMOTHER! There is a BIG difference between being an idiot and having a little fun. Honey, you need to throw a snowball once in a while maybe you would smile more.

          • 04TL

            Watch the video and they claim the same thing.

          • Alex S

            These people are considers adults,sure the ”snowball fight” is fun but really against people who just want to come in and out, how childish and i believe this is disturbing the peace and is a crime. just saying

          • concerned citizen

            Wow, that’s what it about……getting a chuckle! I guess it doesn’t matter at who’s expensive or who you have to intimidate to get it. As long as it makes you ‘feel’ good and gets a laugh. BTY I am old enough to be their gramma too!

          • Really???

            Ok, thanks for the advice. Next time I see a grandmotherly woman stolling by, I’ll be sure to pelt her in the face with a snowball. I’m sure we’ll both get a good laugh.

          • The guy you shouldn’t talk to

            Penelope, there are several assumptions that I’ve made about you from your posts.

            1) You’re an invasive person. If someone does not want to do something, like get into a snowball fight, then don’t throw a snowball at them. Otherwise you’re an asshole, plain and simple. There is no “holiday spirit” about it. People have the right to be left alone.

            2) Even if you ARE old enough to be someone’s grandmother (which I highly doubt, given the way you communicate), shouldn’t you know better. The college isn’t one big happy family. You do not throw things at strangers. I swear, it’s like you’re five.

            Then again, you’re entitled to your own opinion, as thoughtless as it may be. Yes, it is a harmless snowball, but it’s pretty damn annoying. If someone threw a snowball at me when I’ve specifically told them not to, I’d chuck ice at them or their car. Until one of the two breaks. See? You never know if the person you throw a snowball at could be as crazy as me.

          • Michael M

            You’re clueless. And typing that you ‘never drive drunk’ doesn’t do jack to help your credibility or earn you any respect that you obviously do not have for the victim in this ASSAULT. Who could possibly be so obtuse that they judge an attack based on the amount of physical damage received and/or dealt? As long as no one gets hurt Penelope says it’s all in good fun! What’s surprising is your statement about the difference between being an idiot and having a little fun. Obviously many of us here understand that difference, what’s pathetic is you don’t have any understanding whatsoever.

            Just because YOU want to do something that YOU think is fun and ‘safe’ doesn’t mean you can do it to ANYONE YOU WANT regardless whether they want to participate or not. THAT is the difference between being an idiot and having a little fun. What happened in this incident is a couple IDIOTS stopped having fun when they ASSAULTED the victim. Respect. Perhaps you should look that up, not that you’re going to get any.

          • naniyattenda

            sure sure, next time they will go as a group and throw endless snowballs into the face of a grandmotherly woman who just minded her own buisness and already asked to stop it. Really Funny!!11

          • notpilgrims2

            I guess you have successfully proven that, “They’re only 20″ isn’t an excuse.

          • WouldntWantYouForAGma

            Throw a snowball…at an innocent bystander? I think not. Like people have already stated numerous times, would you like it if EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU CAME ACROSS just flung something at you like that? I don’t think you’d appreciate it. You say it’s just snow? Pack one hard enough and throw it at someone with all your might…yeah, not assault at all. Continue pelting someone over and over and OVER again…you’re right, not bullying. What happened to living by the Golden Rule? You say you’re old enough to be a grandmother, so you should know that age old philosophy. And then again, like they say “age is just a number”…..

          • Sam

            Hersh, you were obviously raised in a home that encouraged character and self respect. Honor it and pass it along.

          • concerned citizen

            Sorry, but they are adults. Men and women their age have fought and died for this country. Men and women their age are married and have children. They are adults not little kids and even so , 99% of 10 year olds no better than this!

          • Michael M

            Absolutely right. Well, maybe not. Maybe that was the ‘old-fashioned’ way of thinking. This isn’t the 60s or 70s…this is 2013! Maybe 19, 20, even 22 is the equivalent of being 13 in those decades. I think I can live with that. So college is actually middle school when I was growing up. That explains it. Probably should take their car keys away, cell phones, set a bedtime of around 8pm…

          • johnny

            Those were all grown ass men who have obviously never had their asses beat for disrespecting a random stranger.They got lucky, had it been me the guys asking to fight would have got a metal bat to the head. They should all be put in jail for at least a month. Their YOUNG, some prison time wont hurt them in the long run. Don’t fucking coddle them when they are committing crimes. Whoever says this isn’t crime go ask a lawyer..stupid.

          • Cow

            Based on what you just said, we can throw snow at you and your family. I hope theres a rock in one and it hits your nose :D

          • notpilgrims2

            They are all adults. Sure they are young adults, and young adults are stupider on average, but that doesn’t justify what they did. They were old enough to be able to not do that. It this very attitude expressed by you that causes more and more young adults (and older adults as well) to keep being jerks; people like you say, “Oh, they’re only 20, and [insert excuse here]… They shouldn’t face any consequences.” Maybe if they face some consequences, they will learn, and they won’t behave so badly next time. If not, we will continue fostering a society where no one thinks they should be held responsible for their actions.

          • goducks231

            They’re mostly 18 and 19. They did not commit a crime. Snow as far as i know is not a deadly or even harmful weapon, at least the snow that was in Eugene this weekend.

          • naniyattenda

            Welcome into the 21st century goducks, where things like knowledge about psychology exist. By your immature logic stalking, mobbing, psychological torture should be ok.
            You are to immature to understand the concept of mobbing, my friend.

          • notpilgrims2

            They did commit a crime. That’s just the facts. Aside from that, they also acted like assholes. And being “18 or 19″ doesn’t justify it. 18-year-old adults are still old enough to not act like pieces of shit. “I’m 18,” isn’t an excuse for being wrong.

          • M. D. W.

            Yes, it’s a non-issue when you place it among the important issues in the world; however, consideration for others is a moral issue that is so overlooked by many young people.

          • OyVeyzMeir

            Just watched the video. The folks got a LITTLE out of hand. Assault? No. Battery? Yes, if he considers it an offensive touching. Go look up the legal definitions. As for right or wrong? C’mon… it’s OBVIOUS there’s a snowball fight going on that’s an en masse free-for-all. If it’s THAT worrisome? Take another route or call campus police for an escort. That was goofiness, not maliciousness. Kids mouth off. If it’d happened to me? Hell I woulda whiffed a ton back at ‘em! Would I want it happening to my mom? No. But she’s not dumb enough to get outta the car in such a situation. Tempest in a teapot.

          • Michael M

            A man dancing in front of the car, snow gets dumped on the windshield…so you’re cool with him just driving right over the jackass? What was he suppose to do, anticipate a snowball fight and take another route? Why the hell should he have to take another route? Why couldn’t the third graders have their snowball fight OFF THE STREET? If that was your mom in that situation, you would be a little ticked off. You’re a liar if you say otherwise. But it wasn’t your mom, nor was it you, so that makes it perfectly ok, doesn’t it? That’s what I thought. double standards.

          • naniyattenda

            god, why are people not able to see the oblivios. it was NOT a snowball fight with everyone vs everyone, they all threw snowballs at ONE person that EVERYONE there knew was not in any way interessted in a snowball fight and just BECAUSE of that they had fun. It was bullying, not a snowball fight my mature friend.

          • notpilgrims2

            “But she’s not dumb enough to get outta the car in such a situation. ”

            Throwing snow at the car is wrong in and of itself. He couldn’t just drive away because his windshield was covered. Someone was dancing in front of the car. Keep driving when the adult boy started dancing? Maybe that would have been better…

          • Ben

            One’s life isn’t ruined just because one faces criminal charges. Part of being an adult is facing the consequences of your actions. All sorts of people have been convicted of criminal offenses, took their punishments, and moved on with their lives, and these people will do the same.

            You need to grow up and realize that these systems, with their rules, were put in place for a reason. You wouldn’t want other people assaulting you, so why would you justify their assaulting someone else? (Answer: If you do, you’re a narcissistic sociopath; that’s TWO personality disorders that you have that need to be treated)

          • Penelope L. Penderhausen

            It was SNOW not a bomb…..it was not assault. You must have a very sad boring inactive life!

          • P Mort

            “It was SNOW not a bomb…..it was not assault. You must have a very sad boring inactive life! ”
            Being pelted by a snowball from a stranger, when you do not want to, and when it’s done as aggressively is this, IS assault you blathering idiot.

            Don’t breed.

          • Goducks231

            Its not assault you moron. Its a minor inconvenience. And if you have thin enough skin to pursue charges, you should probably re-evaluate your life.

          • An officer

            you should take the time to see what “assault” actually is classified
            under law today. You may say it’s not assault because you feel entitled
            to decide so.. but you aren’t. It sort of cracks me up that you and
            others are trying to convince people that it’s all fun and games. but
            that doesn’t make it any less an “assault”. You may write me back
            calling me names… but I get to rest easy tonight knowing that you have
            to live under the law I live under. It may be hard for you to swallow, but the older man in the video has a case and will win in court.
            So you can argue all you want… but that man wins.. so who cares if
            you think it’s wrong.Yours and others opinions don’t matter. Because
            the law dictates what’s right and wrong… and you have to accept that.
            It says your wrong.

          • Logic

            You’re an idiot. When 100+ people are blocking your car and throwing ice/snow at it, that isn’t okay.

          • zoe2013

            Let me stop you right there and start throwing snow balls at you with the intention of hurting you when they hit. Throwing them as hard as I possibly can, cover your car with snow and make you step out of it, putting you at risk of falling AND if you are as old as that man in the video you might even break an ankle. Then, once you have shown your discomfort, I and my bunch of mentally disable friends will laugh at you and keep throwing snowballs at you directly to your face WITH YOUR GLASSES ON.
            Once you have experience that kind of assault, please come back and tells us how much fun you had and how you would encourage your kids and grand kids to do the same to someone who does not want to participate in this snow fight.
            You’re welcome

          • amylee

            As much as I agree with you, I think you do mentally disabled people a disservice by calling these assholes mentally disabled.

          • PN

            RESPECT if you want to be respected, I mean after you graduate.
            You got to be prepared for that situation, right now daughter.
            If somebody spits in your face and you spit back, that is fun.
            You have fun when both sides feel it, mutually.
            Snow is not a bomb, sure; so is a spit in the face.
            It was ok to me until I saw a bucket of snow thrown at the man
            AFTER he got out of the car.
            That was when you all crossed the line.
            I wished that somebody had walked up and apologized.
            I would’ve called that a leader.

          • Alison

            ^-^-^Prime example of the inconsiderate, greedy, entitled hoardes plaguing america. Willing to step on others for their own sick satisfaction. As an older woman, you should know better. I’m 27 and have a higher emotional IQ than you. I feel sorry for you.

          • An officer

            You should take the time to see what “assault” actually is classified
            under law today. You may say it’s not assault because you feel entitled
            to decide so.. but you aren’t. It sort of cracks me up that you and
            others are trying to convince people that it’s all fun and games.. but
            that doesn’t make it any less an “assault”. You may write me back
            calling me names… but I get to rest easy tonight knowing that you have
            to live under the law I live under. It may be hard for you to swallow, but the older man in the video has a case and will win in court.
            So you can argue all you want… but that man wins.. so who cares if
            you think it’s wrong…Yours and others opinions don’t matter. Because
            the law dictates what’s right and wrong… and you have to accept that.
            It says your wrong.

          • H

            Let me dump rain water on u and let see if you’ll get mad

          • quick

            100 people want to “not assault” you with some snow right now.

          • amandameezer

            It was snow, a lot of snow. It prevented him from seeing where he was going by blocking his windshield. They threw a large amount of it inside his car. It went beyond a couple of snowballs. Anything can be used as a weapon if it causes damage to a person’s body or cause him injury. The snow landed in his face blocking his vision. That is assault. Look it up.

          • Michael M

            Let me run in front of you throwing feathers and packing peanuts in your face ALL DAY. Hey, it’s not assault! The ENTIRE world read your justification if this were to happen to you. Now STFU, moron.

          • notpilgrims2

            Most people don’t commit assault on a daily basis. Boring life indeed.

          • commenty_mcgee

            Yeah, you need consequences when you make mistakes. Especially when the world treats you like a God. Unless you want to create more Aaron Hernandezes.

          • Sam

            Doesn’t mean they should not be called to the carpet and dressed down. The video shows a mob, not just a bunch of students having fun. I agree charges could be detrimental to their careers. They need to be educated not destroyed.

          • Nu

            They are not kids, they are in college. They are completely responsible for their actions. If at this point they haven’t learned how to handle themselves then yes, they do deserve repercussions.

          • 04TL

            They should receive proper punishment for the bullshit they pulled. The fact is that these is a situation where you get to make a decision as to whether what you’re doing is right or wrong. These are the same idiots who will do even worse if they can get away with it. That is the only reason why they did it. Who would be able to identify them. Easy to get away Scott free. Yes put it on their record. The fact is that it is assault. That has ruined someone’s day. When someone ask you not to hit them with snow balls and one doesn’t listen you are an anti social element and you should get jailed!

          • Old Enough

            Yes, it’s always a shame to hold people above the adult age accountable.

          • Benjamin Hansen

            I don”t think you have the ability to control the public internet mob, any more than the professor who got out of his car to reason with everyone had the ability to control the snowball fight getting out of hand.

          • Clyde Lewis a.k.a. “Special”

            WHOA! Clyde, dude, can you please document your life up to this point? How does it feel to have survived an abortion? And has being mentally challenged been… well, challenging? Must…. I… type… slow…-er… for… you?

          • Penelope L. Penderhausen

            I do not believe what a state of whining wimps this has turned in to. I am beginning to be ashamed of the fact I am a 4th generation Oregonian……This was NOT bullying, immature….yes…..but BULLYING??? Give me a friggin’ break! Now, if they had been “attacked” with frozen snowballs full of gravel, THAT would be BULLYING. It isn’t like they were “armed” and holding the campus under siege…..big deal a few people got snow down their collars, on their glasses and covering their windshields…..was anyone hurt other than their dignity? Move on or throw a snowball…..geez….LIGHTEN UP!

          • hate stupid hoes

            you sound like the dumbest bitch. are you going to this university? holy fuck, my view of this uni has gone down to absolute SEWER SHIT. stupid hoe, take your ‘logic’ and shove it up your ass because you’re not making sense

          • Hersh

            It doent matter if they were throwing pillows at him. The method of assualt is a non issue, its the ACTIONS! Yes, I threw plenty of snowballs this same day, but all at people who were willing to have a snowball fight. I didnt sit on my porch and wait for a man walking to work to pass by and pelt him in the face with snowballs. Is that your idea of a good time Penelope? You yourself said your old enough to be my grandmother, so are you telling me that if I, a ‘young punk’ one day came to your home as you were trying to leave in your car to go to work, and made it immpossible to leave, got you wet, threw snow in your car and on the window, and pelted you in the face with not A snowball, but dozens after you repetitivly made it clear you were in no mood and had somewhere to be would be dandy as a flower. You would be happy and laugh it off? Horseshit. I know I wouldnt, most people wouldnt. Im sure the man at first thought it was funny after a few snowballs hit his car (thats as far as it should have gone) , and I would have even laughed or kept driving, BUT he couldnt because a group of aggressive individuals (aka a mob) surrounded his vehicle, made it impossible for him to see, and then forced him to exit the car and hit him in the face with DARE I SAY IT, YES, YES….SNOWBALLS!!!! as if what they were throwing matters….

          • Concerned citizen

            Bravo! You spoke well! I could not have said it better. Thank you.

          • Fred

            Yes he could have kept driving I was there. He stopped his car in the middle of a snowball fight.

          • notpilgrims2

            The video clearly shows someone standing in front of the car.

          • 04TL

            Hey shit for brains. People have better things to do than watch a bunch of immature fucks throwing snow at each other. Mob mentality exists. And if any of these fucks tried shit like that here you would end up with a bullet in your head!

          • 04TL

            Also get a fucking clue. Was anyone hurt other than their dignity? What kind of shithole are you living in? Please reexamine your existence. Its considered assault by law.

          • disgusted

            It is assault. I accidentally hit the button there that I believe is”like” your post. You clearly have no experience dealing with the law, or advocating for victims. You seem to also lack any empathy or the ability to think beyond your own opinion. We don’t want to live in as you so eloquently put it “a shit hole,” which, is why we are opposed to the actions of those featured in the video. I imagine if you were surrounded by a mob of people throwing things at you and not allowing you to pass, you would consider it assault. If not…I guess that is your shit hole to live in, and you are okay with it.

          • 04TL

            “Was anyone hurt other than their dignity?” That statement was made by Penelope L. Penderhausen. I was referencing that in my comment.

          • Ahmad Azzarkani

            You, sir, are absolutely right. A Bunch of guys hollering and hooting, vying for alpha male statuses, surrounding an older man’s car and throwing snow not only on the car, but in his face persistently does not constitute bullying because ” no one got physically hurt” the guy is probablya 60+ years old respectable professor, you want him to throw back a snowball? u are an idiot. lol you are the reason why people hate America

          • James Landry

            Ahmad just move out of America or keep your mouth shut about America you are here right now stfu or leave

          • Kenneth

            James, do you realise that YOU are one of the reasons why people hate America?

          • Jack

            Actually Penelope, it’s called “Assault and Battery” in the parlance of law enforcment. If you don’t believe me, throw a snowball at a cop and see how fast he has you face down and wearing cuffs.

          • D

            You are a complete joke…i’m sure you would’ve had a blast if that happened to you…think about it

          • Heath T.

            @Penelope: I watched the video. The behavior pretty much defines bullying and intimidation. Did you miss the idiot blocking the car and dancing? I, too, am ashamed of the fact you are a 4th generation Oregonian.

          • atl90

            ohh! so you mean to tell me that if there is no physical harm the actions of an aggressive individual should be dismiss? GOT YA! So, I can stop anyone I want and throw water, mud, snow, grass, mayonnaise, mustard, eggs, TP, milk, feathers, vomit and shit, and my actions would be dismiss because there was no physical harm? I had no idea! Let me stop you when you are leaving your house to go to work and throw rotten milk and my dogs puke after he ate his own shit (he is a puppy, they do that sometimes) and let me hear you say how fun it was! :D

          • Shay

            They were completely stopping these people and harassing them. That is bulling at its finest. If you don’t think so you need to check on your morals. If someone doesn’t want to be included in something then they should have that choice if someone is harassing them and forcing them to be a part of something then that is bullying. It isn’t about the intensity of the bullying but the pure fact that they were hanging up on innocent people who wanted nothing to do with their cruelty.

          • Shay


          • Bawk Bawkbagawk

            you might want to look up “sarcasm” and then read his post again. same with the 44 idiots who “liked” your comment.

        • H

          How about when it rain. Imma get a bucket of rain water and pour it on you

        • James Landry

          Will by law they do not have the right to attack a stranger doesn’t matter if it’s a snow ball they were attack then taunted , that’s a crime “Will” , I hope you are learning some thing in that school how about learning law . Will if you were apart of this I hope they charge you max on all charges for being YOU !

      • Bon

        LOLOLOLOL You’re straight up lying for up votes!!! I can’t believe people are believing your BS! I can’t believe you just used the race card on this… I love how you try and build up the sob story as to make us feel bad for you. “What happened to be one of the most exciting things of my sophomore year turned into an event that was just utterly disrespectful.” I THINK IM GONNA THROW UP. I was at the event and the alleged snow dumper was dumping snow on people in the snowball fight. Also, if you were walking through a snowball fight and didn’t expect to get hit by a snowball you’re a straight up idiot.

        • Ben

          So holding a snowball fight in a crowded public place gives you permission to attack anyone present? No, sorry, but that DOESN’T justify assault.

          • Bon

            Assault? Do you know what assault is? Throwing a snowball isn’t assault. Also, it doesn’t take much common sense to realize a snowball might hit you while you walk through a snowball fight public or not. Also, it was separated by a road. Unless you walk straight down the middle of that road it’s gonna be hard for you to get hit. Just calling bs for upvotes when I see it.

          • Here to Correct You

            Bon, just so you know, here’s the legal definition of “assault”

            “an intentional act by one person that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent harmful or offensive contact”
            Now go ahead and continue to run your mouth like you have any idea what you’re talking about. The actions in the video CLEARLY classify as assault according to its legal definition. Good try dumbass.

          • Alex S

            snowballs can go through cars WHAT?! i didn’t know tht was possible.. i feel so stupid. p.s( i would thrown my snowball upwards as an Ariel attack since the car was blocking )

          • notpilgrims2

            Attacking someone or threatening to attack someone is considered assault. So the actions of the perpetrators in that video could very well be argued as assault. I’ll leave it to a lawyer to sort out the finer details as they apply in this specific case. What I–and anyone with or without a law degree–does have the capacity to know is that the actions were jackassery of the first degree.

            EDIT: You obviously didn’t watch the video. They weren’t just attacking random pedestrians. They were also attacking a man in a car.

            So your comment “Unless you walk straight down the middle of that road it’s gonna be hard for you to get hit,” doesn’t make a whole lot of sense right now.

      • Clyde Lewis

        Really? Your gonna play the race card? Your an idiot and need to get the fuck over it. If you were an actual human being you would laugh and join in the fun throwing snow balls back. Your lame.

        • Jesse

          What about my lame?

          • Clyde Lewis

            I said your lame, your lame :)

          • sheepwhisperer

            Not being able to identify between you’re and your pretty much refutes everything you’ve said previously. Nice job on that one, Clyde.

            Certainly spending a lot of time commenting on this “non-issue,” huh?

          • Clyde Lewis

            Oh, here come the grammar police you really like being that guy don’t you? Get a real kick out of it don’t you. This is a comment section online not an essay I breeze through without thinking about grammar. I know the difference between your and you’re just like I know the difference between something serious and something inconsequential LIKE THIS. You know whats WAAAAAY more serious and not getting enough attention is the fact that Jameis Winston was allowed to rape a girl, get away with it, and still play in the national title. We shouldn’t be wasting our time or dragging these KIDS in the mud for a stupid mistake.

          • Clyde Lewis a.k.a. URSoDumb!

            “… without thinking.” Although this is taken out of context, this perfectly describes your online persona, which most likely mirrors who you are in real life. BOOM!

          • Numba


          • Clyde Lewis a.k.a. Little Girl

            Emoticons? What are you a 13 year old schoolgirl?

          • M. D. W.

            A very educated, judgmental response?! Hope you are not walking around proud of this “low life” response.

          • Penelope L. Penderhausen

            you are…..you’re?

        • Clyde Lewis a.k.a. Can’t Read

          You’re*. Somebody needs to take first grade English again!

          • Clyde Lewis

            Read the above statement, ASS CLOWN.

          • Disgusted by YOUR grammar

            Lol! Seriously, how you you people not know the difference between you’re and your? Clyde Lewis a.k.a. Can’t Read actually used it correctly.

      • Penelope L. Penderhausen

        You are a wimp, get a life! It’s snow, it is basically frozen water…it melts then dries…..gee I didn’t even go to college and know that much. Learn to laugh at yourself, quit being paranoid and join in the fun……or leave that area, go back to your room and look at it from the window. No one was trying to harm or embarrass you, consider yourself initiated to winter in Oregon….It’s really NOT all about YOU….

        • manofredearth

          Your recklessly irresponsible reply shows what little grasp you have on the situation. People have the right to move through town, even on campus, unharassed. Not only did that not happen here, but people began to participate MORE when it was unruly and bordering on assault. We do not have the right to throw things at people regardless of your intent or assessment of “harmlessness”. And, yes, that was a deliberate attempt to harass and embarrass by involving non-willing persons.

        • boring

          Ah. Now things make sense. You clearly didn’t go to college.

      • Wes

        Just a bunch of rich kids with nothing better to do and there at college on mommy and daddy’s dime. Most kids in this country can’t afford a great school like Oregon, let alone college at all. I had to work evenings and nights to put myself through, also used the GI Bill and I still definitely didn’t have time to harass and assault elderly folks just trying to drive through. What a bunch of cowards. As soon as the poor guy got out of the car, they all scattered and no one would talk to him.

      • William

        People who enjoy humiliating other people in crowd settings are attempting to compensate for a personal inadequacy or perceived inadequacy. The reality is that these types of harassers get their infantile behavior reenforced by their servile followers who encourage it. Bullies and their bootlicks 101

      • Marie

        No dear, you’re right. It had nothing at all to do with racism because as we can clearly see in the video there were people of all races involved in these foolish attacks. In fact when the video begins we see a caucasian gentleman telling the driver of the approaching vehicle to “wait”, just so that the crowd could pelt it with snowballs and a bucket of snow. This was a case of foolish, disrespectful, and as you said immature people who chose to ruin other people’s day instead of playing among themselves. I am sorry that you and your boyfriend had such a frightening and horrific incident. Romans 12:19 is a scripture that I find to be comforting because God says, “Do not avenge yourselves” because vengeance is His. Hopefully all involved will be rightfully and justly punished. As an African American female, I ask that you please do not allow this incident to taint your view of all African Americans, or allow it to ruin your college experience.

    • Tim

      Email the Dean of Students at pshang@uoregon.edu and demand Pharaoh Brown get cut/suspended/punished we don’t want poor character kids at this school. This was an embarrassment and I will be transferring out of this university because there are too many douches like this one here, UofO needs to change their admissions standards.

      • Mike

        done, and others should do so as well.

      • jerry thompson

        Your full of shit. You know damn well you are not going to transfer because of a snow ball fight. Stop being a moron.

        • Will Hunter

          I have actually applied for citizenship in several others countries because of this incident and fully intend, as soon as the possibility exists, to live “off-earth”.

          • jerry thompson

            Whats that smell? Oh thats right, its a load of bullshit.

          • Will Hunter

            You saw right through me Jerry. Nothing gets past you.

      • Clyde Lewis

        WOW, dude are you really that sensitive? How have you gotten through life without killing yourself. Truly pathetic and an immense overreaction.

    • sabote

      Today this, tomorrow the knockout game.

    • sabote

      I condemn the Professor…. for not opening up a can of whoop ass on this punk.

      • Heath T.

        He was remarkably composed. I think I would have gotten physical which, of course, would not have been the right response.

    • Davis Willie

      Have those involved in the act make public apologies so that everyone can have a clear view of their stupid, immature, disrespectful, jerk faces. Then, get them all expelled from the school. School is for those who wants to learn, to have a better education, & to become better people who will benefit the society, not for these stupid assholes. Lucky that the gentleman who got attacked was a calm professor. If it was some crazy dude with a gun then this event would turn into a pig slaughter house with dead bodies of these assholes. Honestly, if this is the case, I wouldn’t feel sorry for any of them.

  • Lily

    As a Canadian, it’s amazing and sickening to see the various stupid things Americans do. Endangering the lives of hard working people for no valid reason. The university should expel everyone involved and hand them an application to McDonald’s. Heck, would McDonald’s even hire jokers like them?

    • sammy

      Honestly, saying that those people should work at Mcdonalds is an insult to those who work their butts off at McDonalds to make a living. Sure it isn’t the greatest job, but young people work harder there than many other places. And no, they wouldn’t be hired.

    • Jeff

      Keep up with that righteous indignation as a Canadian. I mean, it’s not like your country has isolated groups do stupid things…. Oh, wait… never mind. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_Vancouver_Stanley_Cup_riot

    • John

      Ya stupid barbaric Americans, everyone is perfect in Canada. Judging a whole country from these idiots’ actions is fucking ignorant.

    • Zed77

      >As a Canadian, it’s amazing and sickening to see the various stupid things Americans do.

      We rioted over Hockey.

  • Deprecating Duck

    typical spoiled california frat guys (who also happen to be football-team dick riders)

    • Duck

      Sounds like you have you have some personal issues to deal with.

      • Deprecating Duck

        Sounds like you have some grammar issues to deal with.

        • Duck

          Got distracted while i was typing….but thanks.

          • Duck

            You ended your sentence with a comma if you wanna go there.

  • Mark Lavis™

    Perspective: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VSV2zW6nFE

    So…where’s all the outcry over this? Three side windows were smashed and the comments section seems to think that’s hilarious. Go home Internet, come back when you get over your Mean World Syndrome induced by media hype and off your self-righteous high chair.

  • Prototoast

    The Emerald posts a story about their own story? What is this, amateur hour?

  • Tim Boetch

    Hey UO, do something about the classless assholes in the video bullying and harassing the guy just trying to drive through. Is the culture at your school that fucked up? Not one person intervened and put a stop to it. That says a lot about the environment there. What shitty place.

    • Clyde Lewis

      Dude you sound like a 3 old girl, FOR REAL ITS SNOW!!! NOT ROCKS!!! SNOW!!! You people reacting like this to little things like this piss me off.

      • Clyde Lewis is a douche

        Clyde Lewis a.k.a. man who is sleeping with all UO football players.

      • AS

        Clyde, the issue isn’t the snow. These students prevented the driver from driving safely. When the driver attempted to remedy the issue, he was prevented. Simply saying to people over and over that “it’s just snow” is useless.

      • Tim Boetch

        I’m 6’2″ 250. By all means, I’d love to sit down with you over a cup of coffee so you can elaborate on how much of a three-year-old girl I am. Name the time and place. I’ll buy.

        It’s not about the snow, you fucking asshat. It’s about the fact that they BLOCKED HIS VEHICLE, which in most states is considered unlawful imprisonment, a class six felony.

        But keep chugging that football team dick, fanboy.

  • iodine333

    So This made me SO MAD. I made my first petition on Change.org

    Go sign it if you guys can, thanks!


    • jerry thompson

      NO, in fact hell no.

      • Sakujou

        Clearly one of the assaulters..

  • Ryan Levenson

    This is what that snowball fight was really like. Open your eyes guys

    • Tim Boetch

      What is there to “open our eyes” about? What did you miss in the video where the professor was getting harassed by a mob? Is it all supposed to be okay because you posted a link to a video showing the “other side” of the snowball fight? BFD. Doesn’t change the fact that the students bullying that guy acted like a bunch of uncivilized assholes.

      • Wayne Carth

        word that, its cool to have a snow fight. But to disrespect a professor that clearly was not in the mood? Thats how you show people that you’re a douche.

        • Tim Boetch

          Exactly. Wanna have a snowball fight? Awesome. Have at it. Blast the shit out of each other. But don’t be dicks to someone trying to go along his way. Don’t block someone’s vehicle. In most states that would actually fall under “unlawful imprisonment.” I kid you not. Look it up.

        • Clyde Lewis

          Adrenaline started pumping combined with the group mentality and things got out of hand, that’s it and there’s nothing else to it. JUST STOP

          • sheepwhisperer

            Worst logic ever. You sound like you’re defending gang rape.

          • Clyde Lewis


          • sheepwhisperer

            “Adrenaline started pumping combined with the group mentality and things got out of hand, that’s it and there’s nothing else to it.”

            Yes. That’s the shittiest logic ever. You don’t get forgiven for anything just because you’re in a mob.

      • Clyde Lewis

        GET OVER YOURSELF! A mob? For real man? Just stop you sound like one of those talking head on the t.v, WHATS YOUR AGENDA HERE?

        • Clyde Lewis a.k.a. Prostitute

          So…. do you suck penis for a living? Just curious… because I want your rates.

        • sheepwhisperer

          1. A large disorderly crowd or throng.

          Seems about right.

          • Clyde Lewis

            Oh yeah your right it does fit into the EXACT definition, how about a little common sense? Or is that dead?

    • Chef Kody

      You are an idiot Ryan, no wonder you fit it with the pit crew so well. Bunch of disrespectful embarrassing students, one of the most pathetic student fan groups in all of NCAA. He’s just trying to get views on his lame AF video, don’t click play.

    • Chef Kody

      You are an idiot Ryan. No wonder you fit in with the Pit Crew so well, the most embarrassing disrespectful fan group in all of NCAA. Don’t click play this douche is just trying to get views on his lame AF video

  • Wayne Carth

    I’m wouldn’t surprised if proper action doesnt get taken, after what happened with Lamicheal James.

  • Deprecating Duck
  • Funct

    As a UO graduate, I can say that this ridiculous behavior is actually pretty representative of the type of buffoons the school contains. Shame on all who participated in this, and shame on all of the people who stood by and watched it happen if they didn’t agree with it.

    • Clyde Lewis

      You just said buffoons, NUFF SAID.

      • Clyde Lewis the ass hat

        You again? Get a job! And an education… doge.

  • Tabitha

    as for the person who tweeted that we need some perspective since it was not a memorial that was desecrated…how about their total lack of respect for another human being! They are just trying to go about their business and suffered an unnecessary assault from the students….throwing the snow balls was one thing, but dumping the snow on the windshield to inhibit the drivers ability to see as well as standing in the middle of the road so they can’t drive away is just uncalled for and disrespectful. football players or not, it makes the whole university look bad and severely laking in morals and common sense.

    • Prototoast

      Agreed. I can’t figure out why a “memorial” would somehow be more important than actual living human beings.

      • Clyde Lewis

        ITS SNOW!!!

        • An actual Highschooler

          Omg. It APOSTROPHE s … it’s not that hard!

      • Eric Ness

        ITS SNOW!!!!

        • manofredearth

          It’s disrespectful, unnecessary, and borders on assault. Making apologies for it betrays immaturity, ignorance of societal structure, and common courtesy.

    • Clyde Lewis

      Wow, why don’t you just step back from your politically correct world for a minute and quit acting like every single waking minute is a press conference. This is kids being kids PERIOD, I did stuff like this when I was a kid so did everybody else so just stop. ASSAULT?!?! ARE YOU FOR REAL? What has happened to the world?

      • Wyeasttokaala

        They aren’t kids. They are adults, legally, and should be treated as such.
        “Kids being kids” wouldn’t even apply here anyways, since they boxed in a driver. Throwing snowballs at each other is one thing. What they did to that professor, a motorist, who was minding his own business, is something else entirely. Those involved can easily face criminal charges, and should.

        Try not to be such an obnoxious, entitled, little brat. It will do the world a great deal of good.

        • Guest

          Oh yeah your right legally speaking their, “adults”,. Man shut up you sound like another politically correct ass, ITS SNOW!!! Yes it got a LITTLE out of hand and they got a little obnoxious but THAT’S IT. They ARE kids and will be KIDS for awhile longer. Kids make mistakes, I know I did at that age. If you really think these KIDS should be brought up on charges then it is you sir who is an obnoxious, entitles, little brat and it would do the world a great deal of good if you would just be silent.

          • Ben

            You’re like the dumbasses who throw a cup of water in someone’s face and try to tell the cop “It was just water!” It’s just ASSAULT!!! You should learn the laws, because they protect your right to be safe within your personal space. Nobody has the right to violate your space with anything, including snow and water.

            And even if they were small children, that doesn’t make it acceptable to get caught up in crowd mentality and begin bullying others.

            Grow up and stop making excuses for deplorable behavior.

        • Clyde Lewis

          Oh yeah your right legally speaking their, “adults”,. Man shut up you sound like another politically correct ass, ITS SNOW!!! Yes it got a LITTLE out of hand and they got a little obnoxious but THAT’S IT. They ARE kids and will be KIDS for awhile longer. Kids make mistakes, I know I did at that age. If you really think these KIDS should be brought up on charges then it is you sir who is an obnoxious, entitled, little brat and it would do the world a great deal of good if you would just be silent.

          • Wyeasttokaala


            Argument summation: “Nuh uh! YOU are!”
            You seem heavily invested in this situation, given your impassioned, repeated, and hilariously impotent posts. Does the downplay of assault hold a special place in your heart, a place you feel burdened to defend?

            And yes, I was their age too very recently, and not once did I think it was alright to conduct myself in such a manner. You, however, seem to think that your right to behave in whatever way you feel is enjoyable doesn’t stop at another’s right to be free from whatever inane, man-child buffoonery you thrust upon them. A troubling thought indeed.
            Perhaps we should all watch Mr. Clyde Lewis a little more closely.

          • Fimbulvter

            Look ultimately it comes down to people having a good time and things got out of hand. Yes it sucks that the professor or whomever else was a “victim of their inane, man child buffoonery” got hit with some snow when all they wanted to do was pass by peacefully, whatever suck it up. How has society dropped so low that an escalated snowball fight would warrant charges. If that’s the case then start locking up all the little kids throwing rocks at people in school and charge them with assault. If this is peoples view on a seemingly harmless albeit annoying incident wrangle up the swat team and start arresting everyone. Did anyone actually end up injured aside from a bruised ego deflated self esteem, or hospitalized from a bucket of snow dump upon them I don’t believe so. So why try and bring charges against some rowdy college kids, it makes no sense. Don’t give me this crap about “they are ruining the reputation of this grand school” and ” I’m ashamed to have supported this school whilst these kind of incidents occur” Literally take that huge tampon out and realize shit happens and get over it without trying to ruin someone life over one thing it’s just vindictive.Maybe you couldn’t get back at the people who put you through shit like this back then so now you’re trying to screw others lives up, what is the matter with you? You guys who are complaining about this so much were probably on the receiving end of this back when you were in school, cool story bro so was I. Get over it and let us get back to our lives. It was a fucking snowball fight end of story.

          • Ben

            Violating someone’s physical person is not justifiable with “who actually got hurt?”

            Where do you work? Do you wear nice clothes for your job? If so, I’d love to come on down and spray you with a hose on your way to work. Just remember: you better not think of pressing assault charges, because “who got hurt?” and “it’s just water.”

            Your example of throwing rocks is irrelevant and unrelated, as throwing rocks IS assault and battery, and, of course, anyone who does it should face criminal consequences. This doesn’t change the fact that throwing snow or water on someone is as well.

            The fact is that Clyde Lewis and yourself are sociopaths and it frightens you that you and others might face consequences for actions taken because of your sociopathy. Personally, though, I think that’s a problem for prison therapists; not me.

          • Tabitha

            “some rowdy college kids”. What happens the next time they are just “some rowdy college kids” who have a massive bonfire before a game that gets out of control and burns down a a building…action needs to be taken that says this behavior is NOT ACCEPTABLE. I am not saying criminal charges necessarily, but maybe academic probation? Is that too hard to ask? I had friends to who climbed on top of a building on our campus to drink, just being “some rowdy college kids” right? What about when it was time for them to take their drunk asses off the building and a kid fell and was hospitalized? they received academic probation and they did it to themselves, they did not attack another person just minding their own business. But maybe my PAC 12 university holds our students to a higher standard than Oregon…..

          • Heath T.

            @Wye I believe you have nailed it.

        • M. D. W.

          A great response to the immature, disregard for others by young adults, not kids!

      • Clyde Lewis a.k.a. ManChild

        I didn’t realize kids were allowed in College. What college do you attend? Did you attend college? And YOU happened to the world. Everyone please vote for proposition C.L. – The eradication of Clyde Lewis.

        • an actual Highschooler

          I remember a man who drove over a bunch of motorcyclist a while ago in order to get away from them. My instinct would have me do the same. Last thing I need is some Clyde kid pulling me from my car an pelting me with JUST SNOW in the name of fun. Pain is pain no matter what causes it, and they were causing it. So Clyde, do me a favor and put your head under my wheel.

        • mark m.

          Kids having fun….not dangerous. Such a shame that a bunch of ‘stick up their asses’ professors and whomever, who have forgotten how to have fun, feel the need to make a big deal of it!

          • mark m. = Clyde Lewis

            Nice try Clyde Lewis. You’re not fooling anyone!

          • OregonSlacker

            cept for the hundred of students who didn’t want to participate and felt assaulted… ya they all have stick up their asses too

      • Ira Allen

        I did, too. When I was 12. And I quit because a driver screeched to a halt and grabbed his gun. People don’t like it when you fuck with their ability to drive safely. This isn’t kids being kids–these are adults, obviously. And nobody’s calling for their heads. People here are saying, and rightly so, that this whole sorry affair displays a serious lack of basic decency on the part of a bunch of coddled, entitled people who have, unfortunately, been taught that their actions don’t have consequences. “Making someone say sorry” is not a consequence, and these are not children.

      • Wulgus

        you are an idiot.

      • Ben

        Yes, assault! Perhaps you don’t understand that that’s what it’s called when you violate someone’s person. It’s assault to throw a cup of water in someone’s face. It’s assault to throw rocks at someone. It’s assault to throw snow at someone. And finally, it’s assault with a deadly weapon to spit, urinate, or defecate on someone.

        If you’re going to be a sociopath, behaving like a sociopath, you might want to learn the laws first, so you can, y’know, cover your own ass. Otherwise, you look like a dumbshit admitting to crimes in court and trying to say, “but those aren’t crimes, right?”

      • Tabitha

        As a 24yr old recent grad from a PAC 12 school not to far from Oregon…are you kidding me?! Kids?!!! KIDS? they are adults…18 means adult….yes it happens that sometimes “children” get into college, but if they are in fact under the age of 18 and considered a child, they are expect to have a level of maturity, at least at my university.

        • AS

          Exactly! Too many immature brats go to college these days.

    • Heath T.

      I agree with you Tabitha. Maybe they should have thrown the snowballs at Pioneer Ma and Pa instead. Would have been a lot less controversial.

  • Deprecating Duck

    “Oregon football player apologizes for unidentified teammates harassing driver during snowball fight”

  • HuskyFan

    Classy as always, Oregon!

    • jerry thompson

      Any and all comments from Husky fans will be ignored, you are just butt hurt over 10 losses in a row.

    • Clyde Lewis

      Up tight as always, Washington!

      • Clyde Lewis a.k.a. Boy Toy

        Tight up in that hole as always, Clyde Lewis’ boy toy!

    • Jеrrу Thоmрsоn

      Please excuse my previous comment. I know I’m a dumb idiot, I just get mad sometimes because Oregon sucks, I hate living here, and I’m surrounded by dóüchébågs here.

  • Mark Lavis™


    To everyone in the comment section, I ask you to simply gain some perspective before you make any rash judgements towards those in the video.

    • Will Hunter

      I can’t be bothered to take the time to point out all the failed logic in that article.

      Your advice for Mr. Pharoah is particularly hysterical though;

      “including Pharoah Brown who was the Ducks football player who dumped the bucket of snow on the man, that’s what happens when you’re on top and everyone is trying to take you down a peg.” … ” ignore the faceless monster that is the anonymous Internet commenter and simply move on. ”

      That is your conclusion, your “take away” from this whole thing?

      This is the kind of article i would expect from a high school student.

      PS If you start off your defense of something by saying “but look at this other thing!”, its not going to be well received. Nor is it sound logic.

    • Fuck You

      What? The professor “caused” snow to dumped on him by making the “mistake” of getting out of his car? What the hell would you do if your entire windshield was covered in snow? I don’t know what your deal is, but you’re a sick person. You really are.

      • Clyde Lewis

        Sick? Really? Wow dude your pathetic.

        • Wyeasttokaala

          It’s probably a little embarrassing to criticize someone’s position when you can’t even master the difference between “your” and “you’re.”
          You might want to stop.

          • Clyde Lewis

            The grammar police need to get fucked.

          • Wyeasttokaala

            Cry harder.

    • Concerned Oregonian

      Wow…what a idiotic article to “justify” the actions of the students involved. All I can say is, “you need to lay off the M.J.”….

      • Clyde Lewis

        All I can say is, you need to lay on some m.j my friend cause your sounding pretty uptight and dull.

    • flyonawall

      Mark, did the snowball fighters have the right to attack the cars? Did they have signs up warning those they would be attacked? These folks were just trying to drive by. It also seemed like some students were trying to help clear snow off the top, while others were launching snowballs. Then someone threw snow in the car.

      I grew up in CO. I had a million snow ball fights. Most of learned at a young age you NEVER throw ANYTHING at a car, or someone on a bike, or someone that is just walking by (not in the fight). Its really easy for distraction to cause someone to crash, and if they are walking, trip.

      I don’t think there’s much perspective to be had that we’re missing. There was a snowball fight. It got out of hand, because people who wanted no part of the fight were included, and then laughed at or mocked for not wanting to fight back.

      • Clyde Lewis

        Agreed it got out of hand but its not as big a deal as you and everyone else is making it.

        • Clyde Lewis a.k.a. Oblivious

          Proposition C.L.2.0 – Put Clyde Lewis in a car, and let us throw snow unto him and his vehicle until he has become frustrated. If the point of frustration is not achieved, then the snow shall hail for all eternity until it is so.

  • michael

    What are we 8 years old, it was a snowball fight get over it. We could be the college football town that allows rape even with DNA

    • Wyeasttokaala

      That’s quite the high bar you raised for the University of Oregon there, good job.
      It’s like the time I randomly punched a guy in the face, and before he could start whining, I reminded him that hey, it could be worse, I could have killed his entirely family instead. Really put the whole thing in perspective for him and he went on his merry way.
      So, you know, count your blessings or some shit.

  • DS

    I probably biked by 30 minutes prior, glad I didn’t get hit at all. I saw three UO PD cars around, where the hell were they in this business? I have personally been waiting for a chance for the football players to genuinely connect with the students, and this was the most organic way possible. It sucks that it turned into something you would find in high school.

  • Hersh

    Watching this video seriously makes me sick. It doesn’t matter if it was normal students or football players, what happened was completely out of hand, and could be considered a crime. I was at similar snowball fight on the otherside of campus at the time of this on the Rec fields, and nobody was pelting bystanders or cars. There was more than enough people willing to partake in the fight to hit with snowballs, to go out of your way to harass a bystander, LET ALONE someone in their car clearly not wanting to partake is wrong and sick. Its also dangerous, purposely blocking his front windshield, throwing snow at his face. If it was me, I would have hit the gas and ran over these fuc*ers. There may be other perspectives, but the footage clearly shows some jackasses who crossed a line, and just because the majority of people didn’t doesn’t mean this becomes merited. I would press charges if I was the man.

  • Jon Geissel

    I learned not to do this as a 12 year old kid when a friend and I threw snowballs at passing cars, one of the drivers had just returned from Vietnam and it really freaked him out. We got in big trouble. Guess they are learning at an older age.

  • floating sheep

    its eugene, oregon…they get snow like this almost never so obviously no one knows how to handle it

    • Wyeasttokaala

      Yeah, so that totally makes their behavior ok.
      Seems legit.

  • UO Sci Major

    That’s professor Dean Livelybrooks being assaulted. We can’t blame the football players for not recognizing him, though, considering they likely never have nor never will take any physics courses at UO. I don’t think a sociology or communications professor would get this treatment.

    • michael

      Ironic that someone who uses a title like what you posted would even have the balls to talk about anything

      • UO Sci Major

        I’m a girl, so you’re correct in saying that I have no balls. I have ovaries.

      • Clyde Lewis

        I guess you blocked me or something cause its not letting me reply to you. It makes sense that you are a woman, IT REALLY DOES.

        • UO Sci Major

          I’m not blocking your comments. My bet is that you are posting so many comments on this thread that the website thinks you are a spammer. And why does it make sense that I am a woman? Do most women, like myself, find you repulsive?

          • Clyde Lewis

            It makes sense that you are a woman because your turning this into a social issue and its pathetic just pathetic.

          • UO Sci Major

            You make me giggle, Clyde. You really do. If you are just trolling this comment section, I’d actually be disappointed. I want to believe that Clyde Lewis is the real deal.

        • Clyde Lewis a.k.a. Small Penis

          Oh man, you once again. Troll so hard mother fuckers wanna fine me.

          • sheepwhisperer

            Clyde Lewis blew so many UO football players that they had to give him an honorary degree.

          • Clyde Lewis


    • mkell

      What does their major have to do with anything? Also, there are clearly non-athletes involved, unless the girl in the purple jacket is a walk on I haven’t heard of?

      • mkell

        What do their majors**

      • UO Sci Major

        You want me to explain the joke to you? OK, here goes: In this video we clearly see University of Oregon football student athletes pelting a physics professor with snowballs. I assume that they would be more hesitant to assault the man if they had taken some classes with him or knew he was a professor at the UO. They likely have not taken any physics courses, because college football players don’t major in physics. Check out the table in this WSJ article: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052748703743504575493773613076844

        Also, I am aware that not everyone in the video is a UO football player. But, the man dancing in front of the car and impeding the flow of traffic and the man who threw a bucket full of snow into his car definitely was. I believe they are the main culprits, not to mention this event was organized by the football team.

        • mkell

          If that’s what ‘sci majors’ consider a joke, I’m glad I chose a different major.

          You can also see football players intervening, talking to the professor, and stopping others from throwing more snowballs.

          Obviously this went too far, but to blame only on the football players is just inaccurate.

          • mkell

            Also, it’s not the professor you identified… https://www.facebook.com/AnnaCanzano/posts/563195067091754

          • UO Sci Major

            My mistake. The top comment on Reddit identified him as a physics professor and they have an uncanny resemblance, i.e. they both are older gentlemen with goatees and round glasses.

    • Clyde Lewis

      ASSAULT? IT WAS SNOW!!! My god your an idiot.

      • UO Sci Major

        At least I know the proper use of your and you’re. And you’re correct, it is not assault, it is battery.

    • BunnyColvin
    • Tabitha

      Are you saying that because they did not recognize him what they did was ok? What if it was just a random person looking at the university? would that make it ok too? They DID NOT know who was in the car when they started, so saying that they would not have treated a communications or sociology professor in that manner does not matter, cause they did not look in the car first and say “we don’t know who you are so we are going to throw snowballs at your car now”

  • Hersh

    Watching this video seriously makes me sick. It doesn’t matter if it was normal students or football players, what happened was completely out of hand, and could be considered a crime. I was at similar snowball fight on the otherside of campus at the time of this on the Rec fields, and nobody was pelting bystanders or cars. There was more than enough people willing to partake in the fight to hit with snowballs, to go out of your way to harass a bystander, LET ALONE someone in their car clearly not wanting to partake is wrong and sick. Its also dangerous, purposely blocking his front windshield, throwing snow at his face. If it was me, I would have hit the gas and ran over these fuc*ers. There may be other perspectives, but the footage clearly shows some jackasses who crossed a line, and just because the majority of people didn’t doesn’t mean this becomes merited. I would press charges if I was the man.

    • Clyde Lewis

      Such a wuss man seriously, your life must be difficult being this sensitive.

    • Hersh

      This reply is to clydes comment that he deleted saying that I was a wuss and I must have trouble living life because of how sensitive I am.

      You really think that what happened here was ok? Perhaps your just insensitve, or a troll. What in your mind would have had to occur to make this wrong? The man was minding his own buisness and was attacked my a mob of people. Thats just a fact. Maybe you were involved and just want to make yourself feel better or maybe you are just delusional. I am actually not that sensitve of a person, but I am a human being. I highly doubt if it was you in the car, you would have stepped out, and just been the happiest person with snow hitting you in the face, and covered with wet cold snow in you shirt and in your car, your pathetic, but I guess theres always a few who will disagree.
      Also not that it changes the peoples actions but its not like they were messing with another college aged guy, it was a 50+ year old professor who should without doubt be treated with respect.
      You have alot of mental growing up to do Clyde

    • Eric Ness

      press charges…..seriously? this was an example of someone being a jerk not a felony. So when i had a snowball thrown at me when i was 7 by my dad I could have had him arrested for child abuse? glad you don’t make the laws

      • Hersh

        Surrounding and stopping a car that is on a roadway is a crime. Pelting a person who has expressed quite clearly he does not want to partake in the activity with snowballs repetitvly and then dumping an entire trash can of snow in their car is a crime. I never said a felony, not all crimes are felonies.

        • AS

          Thank you.

  • Close_to_the_Edge

    He should have run-over “hoddie”!

  • Clyde Lewis

    Got one thing to say about this, WHO CARES?!?! Once again social media rears its ugly head and forces people to make snap judgments and assumptions. I really don’t see how this is a big deal in fact it looked like a good time. What happened to America? Why are we so sensitive? Its a little pathetic to make a big deal out of this if you ask me, PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATHETIC. The wussification of our nation.

    • flyonawall

      Evidently 350,000 people who watched on youtube (so far…) care.

      Its dangerous to throw anything at a car. Its dangerous to throw snowballs at someone who doesn’t know or want to be the fight. It was dangerous, reckless, and mean spirited.

      A good time? Is it a good time to bully an emeritus professor, and then run away like a coward rather than talk to him face to face?

      • Clyde Lewis

        Uuuuum one over a million people watch Justin Bieber videos, YOUR POINT SIR? Dangerous to throw anything at a car? Really? Dude just stop, are you about to go on a mission sir? Is this your hobby going after every little, “incident”, and blowing it up to epic proportions to cause a stir? This is utterly ridiculous man SERIOUSLY. That wasn’t bullying that was stupid kids being stupid kids, JUST STOP.

        • perspective

          I’m sorry but I think you I think your point in all aspects of life should be null and void when you compare this to a Justin Bieber video. Clyde means you are a guy correct? and you are trying to argue aganist 350,000 who believe that they were in the wrong. You can try to defend all you want little one, you just listen to your Justin Bieber and keep telling yourself that it was not that big of a deal.

        • Clyde Lewis a.k.a. Fail @ Law

          Face it man, if you were to bring your views into a court room you’d lose. I’d imagine your commercial sounding like this:

          “Clyde Lewis, Attorney-at-Law, the man you want to hire if you want to lose a substantial amount of money!”

          • Wyeasttokaala

            This comment has as much raw, throbbing testosterone as a bowl of cold oatmeal.

            Clyde Lewis angry. Clyde Lewis big man. *yawn*

          • Wyeasttokaala


            Clyde Lewis piss in pants in frustration. Clyde Lewis smash. Clyde Lewis no know how to handle being called out for own bullshit, so make idle threat on computer box.

        • AS

          Even kids being stupid kids need to face consequences for their stupid actions.

      • Eric Ness

        so its dangerous every time individual rain drops hit a car? way to trot out bullying too…..little over dramatic

    • AS

      Did it look like a good time to that professor, Clyde?

  • Bon

    Because you people were so morally correct as kids that you never did anything worse than throw a snowball… ? Oh Right of course you were.

  • Phoroah brown douche

    Gonna run up on pharaoh browns mama and dump a box of snow in her grill, and inside her car. See if u falling down laughing then brown

    • Clyde Lewis

      Unlike you he and his mom probably have a sense of humor and would join in the fun :)

  • Clyde Lewis

    Everything is a social issue for you people isn’t it? Truly truly pathetic, we should do an outside the lines on the snow brawl problem in college. You people make me sick and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

    • Clyde Lewis a.k.a. Animal

      Wait, wait, wait… Clyde Lewis? Who let you out of the cage?!

  • Eric Ness

    1) this was a really mean thing to do and maybe there should be a bit of a reprimand like service hours.

    2) asault? press charges? jesus grow up people it was snow. when i was 7 and got hit by snow from my dad could i have him arrested for child abuse? by all means charge them with a felony and clean up the mean streets of eugene


      I feel for you. Child abuse is a terrible thing.

  • Kris

    I think they went way too far. They could have damaged his car and it looked like an attack by a bunch of loonies. Real good UO students!

  • Mark Lavis™
  • Clyde Lewis

    Completely done with this and you can all go fuck yourselves.

    • Cyde Lewis a.k.a. The Quitter

      Why are you giving up so easily? Aren’t your views right? Perfect? Earlier you were talking about how the “children,” who are clearly not children, were simply “playing” and built up a mob mentality, which is typical. You’re being put in the same spot as the victim, but through the web. How’s it feel to be on the other end? We’ve developed an innocuous mob mentality, I think it’s all fair.

      • sheepwhisperer

        You’re right, that’s exactly how I feel…. I could quote my friend Clyde when I say this: “Adrenaline started pumping combined with the group mentality and things got out of hand, that’s it and there’s nothing else to it.”

    • Llyde Cewis

      Amidst all this snow and winter cold, it truly warms my heart to see that you’re so bothered by these comments.

      • david444

        Best comment I’ve read regarding this story!

    • sheepwhisperer

      Mm, your tears are so yummy and sweet!

  • Clyde Lewis

    “It was a snowball fight,” said Simmons. “The students shouldn’t involve people who aren’t part of it, but this is not high crimes, not an assault, not even a misdemeanor. No one should be charged. That would be nuts.”

  • Mark Lavis™
    • Guest

      here? really?

    • david444

      Mark, thanks for the writing that informative article. Keep up the good work producing articles like that one, not low-quality nonsense like “Perspective: Oregon Ducks Snowball Incident”.

  • sabote

    Too bad the Professor wasn’t armed. He should have taught these thugs and idiots a lesson.

    • Wyeasttokaala

      This isn’t Florida, Zimmerman. So, turn it down a titch.

      • sabote

        Every state has self-defense laws, dipshit. Here, there was clearly a reasonable belief he was threatened.

        • Adult Stewie

          then he’ll be charged with murder. Snow somehow is equivalent to being “life threatening” sounds like an excuse to go shoot someone because they were messing with you too hard.

          • sabote

            don’t bet on it . This ain’t hood logic, you can’t just mess with people in the public because your weed and crack ran out

          • sabote

            don’t bet on it . This ain’t hood logic, you can’t just mess with people in the public because your weed and crack ran out boy

          • Wyeasttokaala

            Ohhhhh, now I get it. You’re a racist. So, I guess my original characterization still stands.

          • sabote

            No, you’re the racist, you suffer from the bigotry of low expectations.

    • HC

      Snow is a deadly weapon now?

      • sabote

        Let’s see at least 20 people surround your car and pelt you, one attempts to impede your car, others approach you. Fair game.
        No jury in America, could watch this video, and convict this guy if he eliminated these threats to the gene pool.

  • hgjhggjh

    real smart after what happened in ny with that range rover and bikers. fucking tards

  • marmar

    Should of arrested most of those people who where causing trouble. Grow up, you’re at college.

  • Disrespectful

    This is so disrespectful… There’s no excuse for this. This makes my blood boil.

  • Konn

    Apes will be apes.

  • Tom

    This “fun” became a bullying epidemic. Disgusting.

  • Lookcommentsarehappening

    Aren’t snowball fights fun because you actually have to put effort into hitting the person? I don’t know how much entertainment value I’d get out of repeatedly pelting a large, barely moving object en masse, but that’s just me.

  • wat

    They are just monkeys having fun, you can’t blame them. That’s what brainless monkeys do :(

  • petter4

    I am from Norway, and more respect from older person.. I Europa this is very strange to have respect to older.. I Dont now so much about U.S.A,

  • M. D. W.

    Just shows a generation of young people, who lack consideration for others and have low moral compass. What should have been a fun snow ball fight escalated because of jerks.

  • wjfox

    (1) A person commits the crime of disorderly conduct in the second degree if, with intent to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk thereof, the person:

    (a) Engages in fighting or in violent, tumultuous or threatening behavior;

    (d) Obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic on a public way;

    Source: Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 166 Section 025 paragraph 1 subsection D

  • GenericSmark

    Jeez, these kids and their parents are paying thousands upon thousands of dollars to proceed with the advancement of their education, and this is what happens when they try to have a little fun? Butthurt staff if I’ve ever seen it. XD

  • Matt johnson

    If it was me i would pulled out a shotgun and start blowing thier heads off

  • Smokie

    Who gives a shit what reddit thinks? What kind of “news site” is this? Listing comments from reddit as if they somehow carry authority? Really?

  • ducktales

    quack attack. @$$holes every last one of you.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    Obama would approve so its okay.

  • Ben

    It’s a weird view that people are conveying that these students shouldn’t be brought up on charges because it would “ruin their lives.” No, it absolutely would not. The point of criminal justice is CORRECTION! If you believe that correction ruins peoples’ lives, then you honestly believe, whether you realize or not, that our criminal justice system is completely flawed and serves little to no purpose. I, however, know that while it is quite flawed, it’s purpose is NOT to “ruin lives.” People face criminal consequences every day. They learn from their mistakes, grow, and move on with their lives.

    It would send entirely the wrong message to say “well, you committed a crime, but we’re not going to do anything about it because you might actually be challenged when forced to face the consequences of your own actions.” It’s basically saying, “You shouldn’t have to face real consequences.” As adults entering the world, they need to be taught exactly the opposite: “You will have to face ALL the consequences of your actions; the world is NOT going to be lenient on you.”

    • AS

      A perfect response.

  • Adult Stewie

    This is just like high school, I see nothing wrong except for dumping it in the car. Other than that people are being too sensitive.

    • Ben

      Beating people up, throwing rocks, and spraying water in peoples’ faces is just like high school, too. Only, these things are crimes and clear violations of other peoples’ persons. There’s “sensitive” and then there’s “following the law,” and “upholding justice.” When you violate another’s rights and physical being, you face consequences. Period, end of story.

      Sometimes, society is lenient on children. But at some point, people have to stop being children, and we, as a society, have designated 18 as that point. These people had passed that marker, so they need to face adult consequences.

      • Adult Stewie

        ah yes, and overcrowd our already max capacity prisons over minuscule disorderly conduct charges. Hmm how bout instead of bringing in law enforcement how bout school discipline, possible expulsion for those with serious involvement. If you want to send a clear message for a situation such as this then in house punishment will suffice. Oh and if the professor didn’t press charges which I’m sure he didn’t, no criminal investigation will ensue. So take your logic elsewhere.

  • Penelope L. Penderhausen

    YOU CALL THAT A SNOWBALL FIGHT?????! All that was is a bunch of KIDS, yes, kids, having fun and burning off some energy in a rare (for that area) early snow fall. If anyone thinks this was assault, battery or anything like that then don’t come to THIS Grandma’s house in the winter, because when WE have a snowball fight, it IS a snowball fight! All this was is some students TOSSING a little snow and having fun, and the professor looked put out but he wasn’t injured. Good Grief, no wonder our kids are growing up to be a bunch of fat whining wimps….THIS IS WHAT YOU DO IN THE WINTER…..play outside, build forts and have a snowball fight….even when you are “grown up” it is still fun! This is still Oregon, land of outdoor sports and recreation…..be glad they weren’t downtown playing the “knock-out game” with old people. Or maybe they would be better off sitting indoors drinking beer and smoking weed?? You people are a bunch of wimps…..

    • AS

      It’s great that you have so much fun WITH EACH OTHER. They tried to engage a BYSTANDER, who wanted nothing to do with it.

    • Ashley

      Snowball fights are fun for those who want to participate in it. My sister and I grew up in a neighbourhood where we had an annual snow fight for the first significant snowfall ever year. This isn’t okay. The snowball fight they had before was fine, but it’s different when they started to attack someone who wanted nothing to do with it. They threw snow in his car. There’s a difference between harassment and fun. And there are not kids. They’re supposed to be adults, but they were behaving like 14 year olds.

  • Fenwyck

    good God, it’s a snowball fight. It’s not WW3, there were not rocks in the snow. Sorry, but what’s the big deal? They went a bit too far with a professor….but national news over a snowball fight, really? Sheesh…I really don;t think at an Eastern university this would have even been news/.

    • AS

      You’re right; this does not merit national news. However, these students obstructed a driver in a potentially dangerous fashion. I wouldn’t want my car to be covered in snow by a bunch of my own students. This is a university issue and should be dealt with as such.

  • Final_Word

    Why am I not surprised by the color of the animals that did this?

  • Durrr Hurrr

    It’s funny, those who are pointing out that “It’s just snow!!!”.

    Please tell me, would you actually do the same towards a police officer or if it was a patrol car?

    Obviously not, because he would taze the living shit out of you and arrest you for assault that you’re all trying to deny what is happening.

    • Alex Taylor

      its funny because a police officer drove up, had his car pelted with snow, got out, got hit with snow, and laughed about it. so yes, we would do the same thing if it was a patrol car and a police officer, in fact we did.

      • Ash

        [citation needed]

        cool story tho bro

      • Durr Hurr

        Yeah? You would cover his whole windshield while he was still in the car endangering not only the person inside, but the stupid people outside, and he came out of the care and got thrown at with more snow and he simply laughed about it?
        Didn’t seem like the reaction of the guy in the video to me.

        Try again.

    • Alex Taylor

      try again

  • Walter White

    How ’bout colleges and universities dismantle their sports programs and athletic scholarships and concentrate more on actually learning. Leave the trash at home. Win-win.

  • Ari Asulin

    not news. hardly even interesting.

  • Starman3482

    Why are you people whinging about the football players getting the blame? Did you watch the video? Is it not completely apparent there are a few of them causing more trouble then others? “Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,hey,hey”. Come on people it’s on tape.

  • Alicia DeNood

    The Dean of UO is waiting to see if the UOPD determines if these actions constitute a criminal act? What?

    Students — no, not just students — millions of people do stupid things every day. The real meaning comes from the response by whoever has authority, explicit or implicit authority. “Legal” defines the rock bottom of acceptable behavior. One would hope UO would aspire to more than “not criminal” behavior.

    From the UO mission statement: “. . . the cultivation of an attitude toward citizenship that fosters a caring, supportive atmosphere on campus and the wise exercise of civic responsibilities and individual judgment throughout life”

    The mission statement does not say, “. . . the acceptance of any behavior, no matter how deplorable, unless determined to be criminal.”

    Scratch that mission statement or expel those students. If the Dean is unable to do either one, he is in the wrong job.

  • Rhonda Maxwell-Thomassen

    Having fun in the snow is one thing but clearly this was harassment. It is embarrassing right now to be a duck fan ! I hope U of O imposes some penalties on these students. This is totally disrespectful and shouldn’t be tolerated. A professor? Really?

  • Lord Skeletor

    Unfortunately, this guy didn’t beat the snot of these pretentious, bullying asshats. Perhaps a baseball bat to the knees and thighs of these little asswipes would’ve been in order. This is pure criminal assault and those little dickheads deserve to go to jail.

  • drdovy

    Just shows what a bad influence the black students are to the rest of the student body.

  • Stef

    I love how these students became total pussies as soon as the guy got out of his car.

  • Sam

    Perfect example of kids who think they are “entitled” to have what they call fun at the expense of others. Whether they be football players or not, where were the REAL leaders in all this? Leaders that know where the line between frivolous fun and mob mentality begin and end. It’s easy to lose your perspective when a crowd becomes frenzied. Parents: raise leaders not followers!

  • Guest


  • IPlayInTheSnowToo

    Why are folks making this out to be some kind of crime? It was just a snowball fight! Just kids playing in the snow! No crimes here!

    • Ashley

      They’re actually adults who know better. They’re not kids.

  • drdovy

    You let them out the hood for one day

  • Disappointed

    I suppose at UO this passes for “the conviction that freedom of thought and expression is the bedrock principle on which university activity is based”

  • Nu

    Not really surprising they’re football players. Students who got into the school for their academic achievements are much less likely to behave this way, yet our society puts football players on a pedestal rather than students since they’re good at throwing balls.

    • nic

      First of all, only some of them were football players. There were more “regular” students. Second of all, you know what they say about assumptions? Some of the smartest, most hard working students at this school are also athletes. I would even say that most athletes are very hard working students, but I would guess that your assumption is based more off a chip on your shoulder than actual statistics.

  • Chongchen Saelee

    Oh, man, I feel so sorry for that driver. Are these students insane? And they are grown adults. Do they not know how dangerous it is to cover a driving car’s windshield with snow? Maybe they should be charged for their stupidity alone. Had the driver skidded and ran over some of them, it would have gotten really bad.

  • Queen LEO

    Those are some idiotic university students. I clearly saw their faces. Well now what idiots? you guys just ruined your reputation. To all those other idiots who wear in the background thinking “oh the camera didn’t capture me clearly”, think again..if we can sent freakin’ telescope to milky way galaxy and more, its only a matter of time we find who the hell you ALL were. Ok here is a lesson before having fun. Make sure the other person have their CONSENT before having “fun” or in your guys case “abuse”.

  • Liz

    If you are upset about the football player’s actions, Mark Helfrich, the head football player’s email is: mah@uoregon.edu. Tell him respectively what happened to you/how you feel about this.

  • Kay Bee

    I just could not help but thinking who knows what kind of day that older gentleman had leading up to this? And having all of these kids throwing snow at his car, and not letting him pass. And then he tries to get out of the car to ask them to stop and then some jerk dumps a bucket of snow into the car? And the whole time he is trying to approach someone to reason with them, he is being pelted with snow. It’s even caked underneath the lens of his glasses. It just makes me so incredibly sad. I wish someone would have had the decency to tell them to stop and let the man through. It doesn’t matter that it was “just snow”. This man was being harassed.

    • Alex Taylor

      i had snow caked on the inside of my glasses and a bucket of snow dumped on me. it was a snowball fight that was taking place on a street, if you see a snowball fight in the middle of the road, you should take a different route that day and not try to drive through it

      • nic

        He was actually trying to get to the Museum, where he was donating some of his personal art pieces. So he was driving on a legitimate road to go park by the museum so he could, presumably, deliver his art with less risk of it getting ruined, and guess what? There isn’t another road that goes right to the building. It’s like when kids play hockey or basketball in the street– when a car comes, you disperse, and get back at it when they pass. What these “adults” did was immature and unacceptable. Nice victim-shaming, though.

  • AS

    If they’re kids, then we should treat them as such. Give them consequences for their actions and let them learn. I would hope that college students would have more respect for their professors and more respect for their peers. These students reflected badly on UO that day.

  • Bon

    I’m glad we have such responsible citizens out there that never did anything remotely close to throwing snowballs while in college!! The horror! I’m so happy you sat in your dorm all day and studied!

    (how do I switch to sarcasm font?)

    • sheepwhisperer

      I think you’re missing the point. Blocking someones car after multiple attempts at them leaving… then dumping snow on them is a little past a simple snowball fight. You can obviously see it got a bit out of hand.

    • Ashley

      I’m sure anyone will admit they have thrown snowballs, or gotten into snowball fights. It’s the fact they threw snow at his car, and dumped it on his car. There’s a difference between a harmless snow fight and what these losers did.

  • John

    So this is what they do when it snows at the University of Retards.

  • Zach

    Whoever thinks what these student did was just for fun and don’t need to own up to their actions are fu*king stupid, I remember in school you would get suspended for throwing a snowball at a kids face, that teaches a kid that their actions have consequences, these are adults and should know that by now.

  • Sackie


  • #24

    How are some of you guys in university period?
    If someone were to spit on me, that is assault. Everyone seems to say on here, it’s just a little snow. Regardless, if people don’t want it, why do you feel you have the right to force it on them because of a game you guys decided to play?

  • Pejay

    Wow… when I saw this I really thought that these were high school students. Shameful.

    • zach

      yah, i honestly thought that too.

  • Johnny

    Someone would’ve said “Hi” to my SKS

  • #24

    Defending it is idiotic. “If you were walking in park, you should expect to be mauled by a group and snow shoved in your face”. “It’s just a little snow…. That I dumped into your car”. You guys a damn lucky that a car didn’t plow you over. And if the snow is that insignificant that ou think it’s ok to shove into ones face, it would be okay for a car to run you over because that insignicant snow is also soft so it would cushion the blow.

    Funny how ridiculous that sounds when defending what would be an otherwise uneducated move.

    save the “they’re just kids” arguement. They aren’t. My 3 year old knows when playing has gone too far.

  • zach

    At first i thought they were highschool students, that pretty sad.
    Whoever thinks that these people were just having fun and that they dont have to own up to their actions are f***ing stupid, i remember in school you would get suspended or get detention for throwing a snowball at a kids face and that was supposed to teach you that your actions have consequences, these “kids” are adults now they should know that and should face some sort of punishment.
    and getting snow thrown at you actually kinda hurts especially if you just get out of a warm car.

    • zach


  • joe

    look at the skin color of most of them… typical. monkeys seeing snow for the first time… funny. fuckings negroes

    • zach

      Well, thats uncalled for.

  • Swan

    Come on! You’re young adults, have some empathy for other human beings. How can any of you students think it is ok to terrorize another human being like that? I bet if someone stranded the lot of you on a deserted island whatever civility you had would be gone in under a month. Come on, be better people.

  • Plucky Bellhop

    You have to admire the man who calmly got out of the car and confronted the students despite being continually pelted with snow. Some of the people here aren’t considering the fact that in all that snow there must have been a rock or two.

    • nic

      He’s kind of a beast. A very nice guy and a phenomenal professor, but also a beast.

  • Cougs_suck

    The players will probably have to sit out a play in the bowl game or something weak like that. You can already see Ducks fans making excuses and claiming it wasn’t the Football players, wouldn’t be shocked if that’s the Universities position as well.

  • zack

    nobody should even be arguing so much about this. that was fucked up what those kids did. the dude was just trying to go home. Not get snowballs thrown at him and get laughed at by a bunch of assholes that don’t think for themselves and just follow and watch what the other assholes do and don’t say anything even if they know it’s wrong. it was wrong of them, that’s all. why is it so hard for people to just not do fucked up things? people are so stupid with no discipline. i thought you were supposed to shake off the idea of bullying after elementary school…..

  • Eric

    It’s obvious that they’re doing it with malicious intent, so yes, it is assault and they should be punished accordingly.

  • RandomPasserby

    I truly hope all these people die a slow and painful death…

  • yert

    this incident is very pathetic and childish. Students who are involved in this incident should be ashamed of themselves. And this isn’t exclusively just football players, it’s the students as a whole who stupidly involved themselves in something like this.

  • LM

    Wow. So is this what happens when your season crumbles and you have no BCS Title game to speak of? Luckily for them, Stand Your Ground did not apply or else things would have been very different.

  • Dee


  • drdovy

    They’re there because of a sport scholarship
    Believe me they’re not there for their brains.

  • armon hammertime

    @Callme_P_RO? RT go to his twitter and tell him what a disrespectful punk he is. this is clearly an example of an athlete feeling like a god. i would bet my life this douche wouldnt do that anywhere else but the UO campus.

  • University of Monkeys

    The video and picture provided only give rise to the evidence that Charles Darwin was right.
    Apparently though, some more evolutionary advanced than others

  • stephan

    If the school does not make an example out of the culprits who can clearly be identified, I hope the professor and other victims file up. Not only does this say that OU does not believe harassment is a serious issue, it also says that the school cares more about football than the quality of the kind of students they produce if no real action is taken.

  • Dustin

    This is called assault and battery in civilised states but< oh well, "entitled" college students ! By standing in front of the car and not letting him leave is also misdemeanor criminal charges .

  • drdovy

    They didn’t grow up with fathers
    It’s not their fault

  • Teej

    Wow, I seriously hate our generation. Bunch of nanny state punks who think they can do whatever they want since mommy and daddy sent them to college. High school school never ends does it you immature assholes? Grow up.

  • William

    The crowd develops a heightened awareness of one another to the point where they don’t interpret their actions as being individual actions, and the mood of the crowd then determines the type of actions that will take place, it’s know as contagion theory in crowd psychology. It reveals just how conformist the supposedly noncomformist can be under collective social situations. I just wonder if they would have hit his car window with a hardened ice ball and broke it, would that have initiated more aggressive actions? The old man in the SUV is a human, it is egregious to physically block his vehicle and then treat him with such disrespect, yes it’s just snowballs, but he was not a voluntary participant. Treating any human with derision, disrespect, and indignity, and doing it with such a sense of arrogance and entitlement is shocking to say the least.

  • mister amurika

    Ah-MURIKA!!! Don’t worry about it good guys, these douchebags are gonna all get killed in an earthquake and then the demons will poop on them.

    • Wyeasttokaala

      What in the everloving f*ck are you talking about?

  • Mack

    This video is so repulsing, where have some college age students (at least these in the video) lost sight of the concept of being honorable and respectful.
    This definitely re-affirms why I transferred away from this school.

  • BlazersBeaversTimbers

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGON-6WU2dw&feature=share here’s how you do a snow day Oregon…

    • mister amurika

      I bet the demons are already pooping on them…

    • mister amurika

      … the douchebags that is. As good a bet as any they are getting violently pooped and ejaculated on by Satan and his minions.

    • mister amurika

      Fuck you Joseph Stalin. You propaganda prick. The demons poop on you too “BlazersBeaversTimbers”

  • William

    Contagion theory, the supposed enlightened unconformist in crowd settings can be the worst type of conformist.

  • Dac

    Wow I cant believe this is even a discussion about SHOULD we do something this should be about how much punishment they are getting the fact that anyone thinks this is ok is cause for concern I imagine alot of the people here defending their actions are other immature students who they themselves threw snowballs and are covering for their scumbag buddies as best they can what they did to that man and the other posters belows boyfriend is demeaning and definitely bullying. A punch doesn’t need to be thrown for it to be that I hope these boys get a taste of what its like to have someone younger/stronger impose their will upon you and demene you to dirt. Also the school has to wait for the police to decide are you kidding me they made one of their staff members into the brunt of these assholes joke, this send the message hey you wanna disrespect staff thats fine as long as your a football player and how far do you let this go one day its snowballs and tuff talk next its physical. Something needs to be done about this criminally and academically.

    • mister amurika

      I’m sorry, but I don’t think the dean can hear you past all the money.
      The money he’s getting from that mob of brats is in the millions and represents an insignificant portion of the entire student body, yet he’s too greedy to let even a few students go.
      Welcome to A-murika.

  • Kerz

    Isn’t it ironic that the very rules/laws these punks are violating with no regard is what keeps them alive? If there were no laws, or if everyone were like them and did whatever they wanted to, half of these kids would be 6 feet under/in the hospital right now. I mean, is it really a good idea to stand in front of a car? Truly pathetic that there are so many people involved in this, and that there are so many more people who knew what was going on but did nothing to stop it. Yes, I am talking about the students who didn’t participate but allowed this to go on without any action, you don’t even need to tell them yourself, just take a phone and call student security or the cops if it’s severe.

  • flurfmcgruff

    Just another reason why people hate kids, they f*** with everybody

    • mister amurika

      Yeah, kids and A-murikans.
      And A-murikan kids especially (video above).
      Though I think the hedonistic, aggressive people are the exception and good people are the majority.
      Very soon these cowards will have nowhere to hide, once WW III starts:
      “Welcome to the front lines, former Oregon graduates.”

  • Dogshit

    HAhaha. This is ridiculous. 10 years ago the professor could of got dogshit spread across his entire vehicle without any uproar. Stop capitalizing on the insecurities of chronic masturbators looking to justify their relationships with PornHub (Reddit). Some kids threw snow balls at a car. A few happen to play football. Why doesn’t the emerald start staking out Eugene middle schools? I’m sure a lot of incredible ‘stories’ will develop as the snow melts.

  • Diane1523432

    This guy is a wuss. I always just speed up when teenagers are in front of me. Seriously. They move fast.

  • julian

    I would have kept on driving. It would be unfortunate for someone to stand in front of my moving vehicle…

  • James

    what a bunch of immature babies. Guess they have never seen snow before. I would expect that behavior out of a 6th grader not a college student. The retired dean should of ran over those idiots, maybe it would teach them a lesson.

  • SirYesSir?

    Jocks will be jocks, they think it’s cool at first but then ….woops they pick on a tight ass that is clearly not having a good day. Classifying this as bullying takes it to far. Hooliganism is more appropriate.

  • John
  • Ashley

    College students have no respect. My 12 year cousin is more mature than these so called adults. We had a riot here about a year and a half ago and it consisted of all college kids. They set a news van on fire on St. Patricks day.

  • Logic

    There is a reason why they go to OU…

  • Voice Of Reason

    @clyde_lewis:disqus, even if they aren’t adults, they still have to learn what we value as a society. They endangered themselves and their friends by standing right in front of a car and blocking the driver’s view. The ultimate consequence that could have resulted from that would have been death (run over by a car). Even if the man was cautious enough to stop the car, it still put them in danger! After all, nobody just runs in front of a car on a road. There’s a reason for that, even if NOBODY here thought of it POSSIBLY being a danger.

    @penelopelpenderhausen:disqus, even if you think that it’s just a joke, snow is not transparent. Please realize this! If you are about as old as a grandma (“…..AND I AM OLD ENOUGH TO BE YOUR GRANDMOTHER!” – Penelope L. Penderhausen), then please think about what it must feel like to have people stand right in front of your car, block your windshield, and throw things at your head. By the way, you have to also consider whether any gravel/rocks/hard objects made its way into any snowballs. It can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. Although I say this, I mean no offense to you. Just please take these things into consideration. Finally, if you want respect for age, shouldn’t they have respected the 40-60 year old man by cease-firing until he passed?

    Standing in front of a moving car, dumping snow on it (to the point where the driver can’t see), and throwing snowballs at the 60 year old man’s head is not acceptable. Especially when you consider that they blocked his windshield. What if he accidentally ran someone over because he couldn’t see? Why would they stand right in front of the car and block him from moving on? It becomes unacceptable when you endanger everyone surrounding you, and when you thoughtlessly keep someone from moving on with their lives.

    Punishment: whatever the University of Oregon decides. Accusing them of breaking the law is quite harsh, even if they are college age. Besides, why would you bring that big of a punishment upon them? It could quite possibly ruin their careers. People change over time. Just give them the punishment that college age kids deserve, not what actual adults deserve. After all, they were not maliciously doing this. They thought it was funny. I’m not saying that it makes it better, but instead that they were thinking with the mindset of a kid, not a mob. They might look it, but they weren’t trying to destroy and maim/kill.

    Another issue while I’m at it: stop blaming the football team! If none of you were, good for you! Unless you can pick out every single face of the team in that mob of people, I wouldn’t put the blame on anybody yet. Wait until the University does their official investigation. The only people you COULD blame were the people actually in the mob. Yes, even the ones in the outer edge. They should know better than to hang around with a group of rowdy kids who put everyone around them into danger. I hope this clears up the issue about who’s to blame, and what kind of punishment should be issued.

    P.S. This was a long post. Please don’t mind any grammatical/spelling errors.

  • K

    I think this was absolutely disgusting. Star football players or not, they don’t deserve to be at UO, much less any college for acting like this. Idiot, uneducated football players who could only get into these schools because of athletics. This is obvious assault and battery and they deserve whatever consequences come with those charges.

  • Eddy

    Yes we all love a good snowball fight but when such actions turn aggressive and mediocre that ruins all the fun. These college students should know better then to participate in such disrespectful manner towards strangers and ex-professors of the school. Really gives the school a bad reputation. Depending on how thick the snow was could have caused damage to those vehicles and possibly life threating situation for someone being pelted by 50+ snowballs in all directions.

  • Student

    After witnessing Lyerla set up a cocaine deal at the bars after his court date, then seeing how rude these players were to people driving by, I think it’s safe to say our program has a culture problem. Kelly would’ve had these guys running till their balls froze off. Helfy needs to step up and take care of these issues and set the precedent that actions like these are not something we stand for. That looked more like losing the day to me…

  • Jon P.

    See if I ran them over I would’ve went to jail…

  • Heath T.

    No doubt, this went too far. I feel bad for the guy they hit in the face. Just no respect whatsoever for their fellow human beings. Personally, I wasn’t there; it’s finals week and I am slammed.

    • fukushima

      fukushima is way more important than this stupid story. poor people of the world only care about stupid things and not important things.

  • shamedallumi

    The bullies have now made all of UO hang their heads in SHAME!!!!!!!!! SAVAGES!!!!!! Looks like the University Officials need to take out the trash……

    • goducks231

      You’re an idiot. They’re kids in college who have likely never seen snow. How much better are you than they? Are you perfect? do you not screw up? theres a lot of things wrong with the University of Oregon. These kids are not one of them. In life we all screw up and make mistakes. But how many people actually are stupid enough to withhold grace. They we’re kids being kids. But i doubt that this reflects as poorly on the university as kids who decide to get drunk every weekend. Kids doing drugs on campus, dealing drugs on campus. Put the damn thing into perspective or go home. You are not perfect sir, and you do not deserve to condemn these kids.

  • Goducks231

    Are you people serious.

    I mean really. Come on everyone. Have more common sense about the crap you write please.
    Were these stupid decisions, yes. Were they ill-advised, yes. Should the people involved get talked to and punished through the school, yes.

    But just about everyone on here and on reddit is acting like these kids shot some people. People put this into perspective please. Did anyone die or get seriously injured, NO. Its SNOW. And at least speaking of the football team, most of the players have rarely if ever seen snow, and snow to the magnitude that fell in Eugene. They were just having fun. Did they let their fun get carried away, yes. They did. Did the rest of the students that were there, yes. However, its snow. It’s not like they were throwing rocks at cars. And holding people up with dangerous weapons. The snow was extremely powdery. Was it inconvenient, even rude for them to stop traffic, yes. But these are freshman and sophomores, having fun in the snow for quite possibly the first time, and your calling them racists? Condemning them as felons for assault and battery and harassment? Are you kidding me? I don’t make excuses for stupid choices, but i, unlike most of you it seems, take context into account when assessing a situation. You guys are idiots. This culture has turned 15-30 year olds into friggen pussies frankly. You can’t take a little snow down your back. Do you really have such thin skin that someone inconveniencing you with a bucket of snow is worth calling the cops? 30 years ago noone would have cared. That old man would have yelled at the students to stop, and then kept going on his way. He escalated the situation himself when he got out of his damn car. He should have just laid on the horn and got them out of his way.

    I’m sorry buy y’all gotta stop acting like they committed a huge crime. It was a snow day, they were having fun. Yeah they put they’re good decision making skills in the back of their minds for a while but who hasn’t?

    So yeah, you can say they were being stupid, you can even say they deserve to get some sort of disciplinary act. But stop freaking out.

  • Megan Vineyard

    I hope when they graduate with all that student loan debt and are waiting tables at Applebees they can find some way to pay their bills with all those wonderful memories of college. That guy with the grey sweater and the guy who threw the snow in the guys car should get expelled.

  • notaproudfan

    I agree. UO, TAKE OUT THE TRASH! Kick them out of school! It makes me sick to think they represent the DUCKS. I guess they didn’t get the memo, “we have evolved to be civilized.”

    • goducks231

      yes because you’ve never done anything stupid that probably deserved to be kicked out for. Nor have you ever been to a party where drugs had been smoked or consumed. Seriously though. Y’all gotta stop with this PC crap. yeah the kids screwed up. But who the hell are you to condemn them. None of us are perfect and this video is a perfect example of kids being stupid and needing to learn a lesson and needing grace. Not condemnation from stupid asses like you who sit on pedestals and act like your above disgrace.

      • notaproudfan

        No one is perfect, agreed. I also agree with you about the drug problem. However, my guess is that these participants are adults, over 18, not a 5 or 6 year old who dose not have a clear idea of right from wrong. I guess all of us have different ideas of class, self respect, morality, pride and dignity. I personally refuse to give them excesses for disgusting, deplorable behavior. I stand by my original thoughts. Kick-um to the curb.

        • goducks231

          They’re people like you or me. They screwed up. But they deserve grace, they deserve a second chance. Yeah they did some stupid shit. But they’re 18 and 19 and in todays society, sadly that doesn’t really say much about they’re adulthood or they’re abillity to make decisions. Maybe 30 or 40 years ago. but its 2013 and kids are treated with kid gloves til they’re 25. The culture in this country is appalling in that area. No. It’s not bullying, it is not a premeditated attack on their person. Its stupid, its rude, but its about as much bullying as flipping off a guy who cuts you off in traffic is. Bullying is personal, its pre meditated. This was just poor judgement. If it were 40 years ago, yeah i’d agree, 18 and older makes you an adult, and you should have the reasoning and decision making capabilities of an adult. But these are still kids, mostly 18 and 19. I’m a fan of second chances. And these kids need them. Yea they need to be punished, but explusion isn’t the right way, nor is suspension. Thats further alienating them. If you want to instill any sort of lasting change in them, give them community service and grace.

          • lr1963

            atl90, Please stop making excuses for these kids. Attitudes like yours, in my opinion is adding to the problem. They get grace when they behave GRACEFUL.

          • goducks231

            You can’t exhibit a trait unless its been shown to you first. My attitude is the solution. Tell me how alienating these kids, forming them into a group, and treating them as such is going to help anything. You’re the problem. Don’t act like you know any of these kids individually. Like you know their home lives, where they come from, what they come from. You have no leg to stand on in this argument because you’re wrong, and attitudes like yours, generalizing, stereotyping, thats whats gotten us into this mess.

          • lr1963

            Not sure who gave you the authority stick. I can see you making several comments to many and it’s looking like you are out numbered, and frankly I don’t give a darn where or how they grew up. I’m going to bet their parents aren’t giving them pats on the back saying “I’m so proud of you, you make this family shine.” Peace out.

          • duckfan56

            for the sake of humanity, please don’t reproduce. its obvious you have 0 ideas on how to discipline or even handle a child who does something wrong.

      • notaproudfan

        Oh and I agree with you on one more thing. I have never done a stupid act of behaving like a bully. I think that is beyond what some may call a stupid act.

  • Manson

    They have snow, you have a car. Use it.

  • goducks231

    With so much crap in the world, this video should not be condemned. This video shows exactly why this world needs grace. We all do stupid crap, whether its being disrespectful to someone by throwing a snowball at them or lying, cheating, stealing, committing adultery. Yes, what these students and athletes did is stupid, disrespectful, and dangerous. But noone died, noone was injured. So why is society, or the internet at the very least, screaming condemnation. Are any of you propagating this perfect. Then why do you believe you should be entitled to sit up on a pedestal and scream punishment for these kids. We all deserve punishment. But grace and forgiveness are beautiful things. They have the innate ability to change lives, bad habits, and help those who need it. So before you go around screaming punishment why don’t you try taking the log out of you’re own eye and giving them some grace. Cause we all need a second chance.

  • Chloe Cenara

    This is what happens when you admit students into a school who don’t deserve it. I’m scared for my generation to be handed down the sacred privilege of watching over OUR – yes we do SHARE this world – planet. They better get educated fast.

    • lr1963

      I agree, and to think this is the next generation who will running our country. Hang on people, it will be a dog-eat-dog Savage mentality, with no moral substance.

    • goducks231

      Damn, y’all need to grow some thicker skin. These are kids having fun. They made a stupid decision that deserves to be dealt with. But saying they’re gonna ruin this country and are savages…are you kidding? its snow. Get your damn life in perspective and get off your pedastal. I don’t want thin skinned idiots ruining the planet i’m on. If you can’t take a punch and get back up, or take a rude comment and get back up, you should probably do something about that.

      • Evilworm

        Where is the fun if they had broken the glasses and made the professor blind? Stupid kids don’t deserve to get any education.

  • goducks231


  • Rexford L

    you DO know that Oregon has concealed carry.. what would you morons have done if a CHL holder had felt threatened (by say rocks in snowballs, yes it’s happened before) and opened fire (yes it’s legal to carry on campus with a CHL)

    • duckfan561

      correct. And do you know that the first thing you learn when getting your permit, is deadly force should only be used if you feel your life is threatened. And i’d say 99.9% of people would not have opened fire on kids throwing snowballs with rocks. Deadly force is not required in that situation unless they start beating you to the point of death. I’d say anyone stupid enough to use their CC weapon in that instance doesn’t understand the reason behind having a CHL. I have a CHL. I aced the CHL test.

      • Unknown

        Then how come police are able to open fire on unarmed people when they ain’t even a threat?

  • Tanim

    This is insane. just shameless bunch of people. Is that what you learn in college?

  • george williamson

    ok ok all fun and good but when he gets out of his car you THUG him with get the !@#$ out of here? yeah ok;

  • H

    Bunch of loser. Hope all those students become bums in the future. Hope they all drop out of school. Hope they all fail all their classes.

  • iTz King T.G.P

    I’m surprised no one decided to run them over for being ignorant or possibly shooting them.. That type of behavior is something that would of easily (I’m talking very quick..) lead to many deaths around where I live lol. They should just be grateful and keep it amongst themselves instead of taking advantage of the innocents if they were honestly looking for some trouble (By the way they acted in the video its as if that’s what they wanted.).

  • Miguel Luigi

    wow……so all you people saying these kdis should be punished, so when you were kids and got into a snow ball fight, you never tossed a snow ball at another kid who was not involved? They are college kids, most look like Freshmen and maybe sophomores. But the bottom like is, they are kids, so sick of people my age trying to condemn people for the same dumb shit we used to do when we were their age.

    Listen I know, it was a dick move to toss snow at the cars, and for the one young man to toss a public of snow into the older guys car….but Assault? Really people? give it arrest already. We have people starving in this country, people cold with no shelter in this country and you guys are having a fit over a few college students acting like morons?

    At least this group was not playing the knock out game…..sure let the school punish them. But all you people 40+ don’t you remember the saying Boys will be boys? I am sure that saying worked perfectly fine for you when you were a kid, and I am sure when you were a kid the 30-40-50 year old people thought you were a moron for the dumb things you did.

    But sure lets toss every kid who throws a freaking snow ball in jail for felony assault for throwing a snow ball. We should also charge kids in pools who splash with assault, someone to tosses a piece of paper at you with assault……..I mean that is literally what some of you people are suggesting. YOU are part of the reason our country so so overly sensitive and politically correct. But I bet if it were one of your kids in the video you would be on the same side as me.

    Grow up people we have bigger things to worry about in this world this some kids doing dumb things and did not really hurt a single person. let the school punish them if they want. But I do not think the police should be involved, they have better things to do as well.

    • IDKR

      LOL!! You got it wrong sir they are not kids, they are adults.

      • Jeri Lynn

        You got it half wrong. A lot of those were KIDS in High School. No one is really discussing that though. I’m sure.

        • Jim Hendry

          So do High School kids hang out with college kids often. Not much to do there in Oregon I guess. Makes sense. College adults not telling high school kids to not throw snow balls. Ok I’ll get a big ice ball and chuck it at your face. And when you’re laying on the ground unconscious cause you just got hit with a baseball sized object that hurts just as much lets see what other dumb comment you can come up with. Oh they were a bunch of high schools kids the devil made me do it. Stupid and uneducated

          • Jeri Lynn

            It’s an open campus where you don’t have to show student ID to be on and during days like those you will have a plethora of non students, LCC students, and students all in the same area because they refuse to make the UO a closed or monitored campus. No need to be an ass over your comment. I just pointed out that the blame should not go singularly at UO students when they were not the only ones doing it.

          • Jim Hendry

            High School kids don’t go hang out at UF unless they are on official visits to visit the university. You’re telling me a major state university just allows random high school kids to walk around on campus then have snowball fights with college adults. Those aren’t a bunch of 17 year old college kids. We like to blame kids when they need to know respect. That was a professor of the school you’re ok with those actions to a paid university employee. Cool story.

          • Jeri Lynn

            Yeah, nowhere in my post said that I was “ok” with anyone’s actions. I said, stop blaming the University of Oregon as the only perpetrator of stupid actions against random bystanders including former professors. UO is an OPEN campus and no one ever checks ID. I was a student there and there were craploads of teenagers (15-17 year old kids) wandering around when they were out of school. I’ve suggested many times that the UO be more wary of who is on their campus but that would mean hiring more security, which they won’t do. Please stop trying to assume I’m “ok” with anything any of those people. I am simply STATING that they are NOT all students of the U of O. Thank you.

      • Eric Miller

        Miquel…you are a moron. I happen to be over 40 (45 to be exact) and am tired of narcissistic, whiney, lazy-ass “Occupy Wall Street-type” twenty-somethings of this generation believing they are entitled to behave like animals and get away with it. Our society has turned out men that are not much more than castrated metro-sexuals (inspired by our current president) and women that are self-aborbed, over-compensating sluts. And you want to legitimize this kind of mob-mentality by dismissing it as being “kids-will-be-kids”? Perhaps, you should grow up and move out of your parent’s basement.
        This was, clearly, a mob…not more than one step away from being the ghetto-losers that called themselves “bikers” in New York. Rushing a car, blocking it’s path and assaulting the driver with ANYTHING amounts to a criminal act. As I indicated in a prior post, the students were lucky they were dealing with a mild-mannered Oregon driver instead of a Florida-Tennessee native like me…They would have faced the “business end” of a firearm, especially if my wife and son had been in the vehicle with me. You see, many men here in the south are grown, mature professionals that both provide for and defend ourselves and our families.
        Perhaps, you should consider moving to the southern states..who knows, you could learn to be a man to.

  • I have no name

    Who would of thought a snowball fight can turn into something big. Actually I was hoping to see the man in the car come out and start swinging at a bunch of kids since it seem like that’s exactly what they are “kids” but nawwww lol that wouldn’t be right huh? Well I wouldn’t know. Everyone seem to have their own belief and reason on what has happened. Well I’m glad to see that everyone in the video is safe and away from harms way. I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to anyone.

    P.s. It could have been worst though like the professor running everyone over cause he can’t see and no one was buried on that day. Just saying

  • I have no name

    Oh and another thing. It’s probably dealt with and the kids who threw the “snowbomb” may have already apologize and facing their consequences. Just like what Miguel said we all been there before (not saying I have) it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Think about it… People who have been arrested for DUI is still driving around right? Sure they get their license revoked but that won’t stop them from driving.

  • cascadien

    that was clearly a “hate” crime, all the snow was white!!!

  • James Landry

    When you step over the line and pull some one in to your ordeal that clearly does not want to be part of it becomes a crime get use to it kids ,it’s against the law to attack a person or their belongings being a car that’s a felon on all part’s here you want to act all grown up then take responsibility as one, your actions has cause major problems in the news that means you will be punish yes with court cost fines and repairs of damage you have done , the biggest problem i see here is that the people that cause this has no respect for others , every one that was photo attacking the people in their cars should come up on charges , after all some one has to pay for the dents and scratches , if on the other hand if these kids were much older and it happen to them it would be an outrage wouldn’t it . Enjoy your free time because I see probation in your near future , lucky I’m not the judge I call it as I see it .

  • Big Time Coin

    As a UO Alum, raised in Eugene, who has left permanently, not because I might get hit with snowballs but because you can’t even throw a snowball at a stranger there without spending the next week worrying about whether that person will be offended and try to get the government to hunt you down and exact disproportionate retribution. You millenials make me sick with your mob rule mentality – don’t you see the irony in asking the boys in blue to gang up on these peers of yours because you feel “bullied”. Don’t you know how to have a good time? Or live and let live?

    • Ash

      Pelting someone’s car with snowballs while they’re clearly not willing to be involved and trying to get away from you is pretty much the OPPOSITE of “live and let live,” don’tcha think?

  • James Landry

    After reading the comments of disrespect I’ll make sure the DA reads this so they may and will consider full charges , it seems you people have no clue to how the world works I guess you will learn the hard way , Enjoy

  • mad at uo

    The sad part is the school isnt going to do shit because the football team makes them so much money

  • WaltBarrett

    Picking on an innocent bystander is not acceptable. These people should all be suspended because the attack was clearly malicious, but if they really were popular college athletes noting serious is going to happen to them because these guys literally get away with rape and other serious crimes. We see it all over the country all of the time. Even in high school they never get punished severely enough. These people that attacked that man were clearly bullies. Imagine if he had an assault rifele in the car and they provoked him like that!

  • Eric Miller

    Lucky for the students it was that guy instead of me…They would have faced the “business end” of a firearm.

  • Jeri Lynn

    Thought you should know that they conveniently left out the part where local HIGH SCHOOL kids were causing the snowball fight to go erratic AND there were several football players trying to STOP the pelting of cars driving by beforehand. I am a former UO student and have family currently attending, who was there, and at least half involved weren’t even students. They were HS students. Yes, some of the students were guilty of it but not all of them were participating in that nonsense.

    • GoCards

      Umm why are HS kids hanging out with college kids. Is this something normal out west ?

      • Jeri Lynn

        Lol no it isn’t typical. They loiter on campus because the public transit system has three main hubs and one is less than a block from campus. College people dont hang out with hs kids but does that stop hs kids from invading when they are either off school, have half days, etc? Definitely not. I went to the UO and remember telling several South Eugene HS kids to leave the student lounges. They just invade because UO doesnt check student IDs for entry in buildings and campus areas. Sorry for not clarifying that in my original post.

    • MekNes

      So then the school is populated by a ton of cowards who ether did not help or assaulted a retired elderly professor?

  • disgusted

    It is assault. Those students assaulted and harassed innocent people, and used the size of the group to gang up on them. It is a group of pernicious bullies. I love how it is written that it IS a football player dumping the bucket of snow on a student, but then later it is just someone in the “same outfit” attacking the victim in the car with a bucket of snow. Way to set up the spin on this that is coming. Clearly, this is going to go down like every other incident involving U of O football players in this town – nothing is going to really happen. #slaponthewrist. It is exactly that inaction by administration and others in charge that enables and facilitates these types of behaviors; it promotes bullying, assault, rape, etc. Why? Because these privileged kids are athletes, or those in charge are too chicken to do what is right. They should be expelled, immediately. When they say it would be wrong to jump to conclusions, that is more administrative rhetoric for “we are looking for a way to excuse this, so our inaction will seem acceptable.” As a member of this community who believes our community to be better than the heinous actions (don’t front and call it “fun,” or an innocent snowball fight gone awry) it disgusts me to have these kids who are privileged enough to go to school where they are supposed to be focused on a higher education, running amuck terrorizing and diminishing our community.

  • username9000

    This YouTube posting seems far more curious involving what appears to be the University of Florida.

  • username9000

    This YouTube posting seems far more curious involving what appears to be the University of Florida.

  • Ika Bik Diggitle Diggitle

    So many gestapo politically correct posters on here. The media has you all trained very well.

  • http://tristantom.com Tristan

    Of course it’s criminal behavior, unless Oregon is so backwards that obstructing traffic is not illegal there?

  • SoDisgusted

    U of O just got crossed off the list. None of my kids will go there. Period. From here on out, we will never respect that winning football team as winners, again. The Ducks are losers. That harassment was sickening. Gross. And of course, football boosters will just look the other way. You lost us, and I hope you lose millions for not doing anything about actions like this. Vulnerable people getting picked on – GREAT! Go ducks! Disgusting. One guy tried to stop it. Give him a medal and sideline the rest for the year. Do SOMETHING you morons. Police use videos all the time to catch criminals. What’s the problem? Use it and deal with it like the men you aren’t.

    • Chef Kody

      It was 2 of the entire football team. Good find me a football team where there’s not at least one poor character athlete. Good Lord. Was it wrong? Yes. But doesn’t mean the whole team/school is that way. C’mon man.

  • Lewis

    What pricks. They have no respect for anyone or anything. Unfortunately this is the large majority of young adults that you find in any university these days. I happen to live by one, and it can really be a pain.
    Great to see young people are being motivated to “make a difference”. What a joke.

  • rhelob

    What was surprising in the video(at around 1:15) you can hear the two black men addressing each other using the N-Word. I believe they’re on the UO football team.

  • Fred

    What…? I was at the snowball fight. So what if there were football players? There were also numerous other students in the MAJORITY. Half the people I talked to there went to Lane community college and were on campus because of the snow. I love how people get so angry because of a snowball fight… & by the way, the cars driving by were students provoking the snow ball throwers in the beginning. Come on, no one got physically injured..It was all in good fun. Let me remind you, IT IS SNOW. We weren’t throwing rocks. I love how everyone says, “This is not OKAY!” I SAY, if you were there, why didn’t you do anything about it instead of going home and posing on reddit about it or on the emerald about how terrible it makes the University out to be? First off, everyone else who drove by was smiling and laughing because their cars were being hit with snowballs. Just because this one video was about someone who got out and did not just drive through like everyone else and it goes viral people suddenly turn into humanitarians while hiding behind a keyboard…

    • Will

      The driver clearly attempted to drive away but a bunch of assholes blocked his way.

    • Eric Miller

      Okay Fred…Come to Georgia, stand in front of MY car and see what happens.

    • Eric Miller

      Okay Fred…Come to Georgia, stand in front of MY car and see what happens.

  • Jenny Bk234


  • Davis Willie

    Also, Give a BIG APPLAUSE to the guy who stopped the other dude from throwing another snowball into the professor face. Great heroic act that all the students who were just standing there should have done.

  • johnny

    Those were all grown ass men who have obviously never had their asses beat for disrespecting a random stranger.They got lucky, had it been me the guys asking to fight would have got a metal bat to the head. They should all be put in jail for at least a month. Their YOUNG, some prison time wont hurt them in the long run. Don’t fucking coddle them when they are committing crimes. Whoever says this isn’t crime go ask a lawyer..stupid.

  • tjemartin

    Fuckin’dumbass KIDS! Thats what they are, KIDS with no brains!! Should expel the whole lot of them as well as have them charged!

    Says a lot about them as well as their douchebag parents who can’t or refuse to teach their brats right from wrong!!

  • AliceM

    Wow. I am about to make a financial gift to the U of O (not the athletic department). I’m reconsidering. Many of the football players were entitled jerks 30 years ago. Apparently Phil Knight needs to spend some of his money teaching them how to behave nicely.

  • Will

    I’m not Black but geeze people, @ least 2 white guys & 1 brown guy also threw snow at the car beside the black kids. And all you see is black kids in action? WTF are you kidding me? This is the reason why people hate Americans so much.. it’s because of stupid ignorance people like you guys that make all of us look bad. Some of the commenter here obviously have no brain at all

  • Jamal Jenkums

    TNB and monkeyshines. Niqqers will never be civilized, they are retarded asphalt apes.

  • Jamal Jenkums

    TNB and monkeyshines. Niqqers will never be civilized, they are retarded asphalt apes.

  • Not going to UO

    Yeah . . . That’s one college that none of my family is EVER going to. Sure, some of the students say that “it’s not all of them,” but that was a lot of kids. I don’t want to have to live around those kinds of lowlifes.

    • Jeri Lynn

      20,000 Students plus another 2-3,000 grads is NOT the 30 to 50 UO students and 30 to 50 hs age kids that do not attend school there. I am a UO grad and this is not the norm or accepted attitude/action. Just saying.

      • MekNes

        So then none of them tried to stand up and prevent them from assaulting a elderly professor? Your not helping defend the school but give more proof why you would not want to attend the university?

        • Jeri Lynn

          …You didn’t see what happened AFTER the camera turned off. I have several friends who were there who stepped in, stopped it from continuing and WAITED until campus security meandered their way over to finish breaking up the last of the baby-mob. Please stop trying to reach for insults where there aren’t any or inserting extra words into my post because it isn’t what you want to hear. Have a nice day.

  • Not going to UO

    Bottom-line, if someone isn’t bothering you, don’t bother them. If you can’t get that into your head and defend this as “fun”, which for all I know it might have been, then you’re a dick. Seriously, what was the point of that? In my school, that group would be the stoners. And failures.

  • Susanna

    WTF is wrong with these son of a bitches.. That’s just rude & wrong

  • Calvin

    They live by the rule of “respect.” They demand people to respect them all the times, but it’s okay for them to disrespect everyone else. Typical.

  • Calvin

    What’s funny is if they were the one who’s getting pelted by snowballs, the NAACP will be all over this.

  • Guest

    i live in this dead shithole RAT infested hipster state called Oregon full of nothin but Black Guys pimpin there white prostitute GirlFriends most white oregonian men are sex offenders most oregonian women are prostitutes i hate these stupid close minded aggressive selfish self centered Piece of shit Oregonians the only Good Oregonian is a Dead Oregonian if these Oregonian kids attacked my car with snowballs an dropped a bucket of snow on it id get out of my car with my smith n wesson model 29 44 Magnum an blow there god dam heads clean off there shoulders an if not that id just start firing bullets into that crowd of TRASH thats why i say the only Good Oregonian is a DEAD OREGONIAN

  • JAY W

    i live in this dead shithole state called Oregon an i hate it an hate these stupid close minded aggressive selfish self centered duumbshit Oregonians the only Good Oregonian is a Dead Oregonian if these kids attacked my car with snowballs an dropped a bucket of snow on it id get out of my car with my stainless steal 92FS loaded 9mm Beretta an blow there god dam heads clean off there shoulders an if not that id just start firing bullets into that crowd of TRASH i dont play around thats whay i say the only Good Oregonian is a DEAD OREGONIAN

    • Will Hunter

      lighten up francis…

    • Jeri Lynn

      The vomit came up into my throat over this post. Please just someone remove it and suspend the user. Violent posts not needed.

  • Aino

    Where are the kids? I see a bunch of 18 year old + adults.

    • Jeri Lynn

      HS kids blend in pretty well. The avg 15 year old and the avg 18/19 year old student look quite similar. And there were several 15-17 year old KIDS that day.

  • chris

    There’s having fun and then there’s being trash and these pukes are all disrespectful trash. I don’t hold out much hope for this country when it’s being intrusted to these idiots.

  • GoCards

    We have several crimes here. Inciting a riot. More than 5 people acting together to cause a crime. The professor was not part of the snowball fight and kids threw snowballs at him we have assault when the kid threw the snowball even if it didn’t hit the man. Once it hit him it became battery. We have destruction of private property as the vehicle is not any of the kids property. Lawyers will have a field day with this.

  • Why So Serious

    Seriously, did I miss something here? It’s literally just SNOW. Did anybody get hurt? Did his car get damaged? Didn’t look like it. You have to be a really stuck up, strict person to believe those kids should get some legal action taken against them for throwing snow. At the end of the video, they’re clearly trying to talk things out with the guy and let him know it was all in good fun. People are acting as if these kids were doing something to the extent of selling drugs or fighting. People are so quick to persecute others over the smallest thing. Should these guys apologize to the professor? Yes. But legal action? It’s because of this non-forgiving, entitled thinking that has led America to have the biggest prison population ever. And to all the people saying, what they did is a real crime, guess what, so is jaywalking. Yet I don’t see anybody complaining about taking legal action against the students doing that on a daily. At the end of the day, a professor got annoyed by students throwing snow and loss maybe three minutes of his time. No real damage was made. If you actually feel tremendously outraged that this happened, why don’t you take a look around the world and focus that outrage on things that actually call for attention like rape, racism (as displayed in those comments), discrimination, violence, etc.

    • Jim Hendry

      So if I have a snow ball loaded with ice and hit you in the face when you weren’t part of it you are ok with that. I guess you’ve never been hit with ice because that stuff has killed people you know that right. This isn’t about entitlement. Entitlement is asking the government to give you free phones and food every month because you just don’t want to work for it. That university employee did not want stuff thrown at his car. Would you? Please send me your address so I can throw stuff at your car. Since you’re cool with it.

  • Why So Serious

    Nothing like snow being thrown to make you question humanity and want to ring the law. You must have it really good if throwing snow gets you outraged and ready to take legal action. I’ve always wondered how that entitlement feels.

  • Sar Fe

    Good thing Oregon got a hold of all those sociopaths. Good thinking putting them all in one place. Now all you have to do is put up a 30 ft electric fence around all of them.

  • MyDogSamEatsPurpleFlowers

    It looks like while the situation got a little out of hand, those kids did try to make it right after the professor got out of his vehicle, but it was only a little out of hand and IMHO, it doesn’t warrant the filing of any charges.

  • Roland Bruno

    Assholes. All of you who participated or watched. Fucking Assholes.

  • Justin_Igger

    You cannot expect these unevolved apes to possibly act in any sort of civilized manner. What is wrong with people in modern times? You think you can take a bunch of subhuman, primitive apes right out of the jungle, toss them head first into modern civilized society, and that they will magically become domesticated? Wake up people…. These things are not human, not even close.

  • Ash

    I love all the people here saying, “Weren’t you ever a kid didn’t you ever do stuff like this???” I absolutely was and did…and I got punished for my bad choices. Why should these people (who, as far as I can see, are freaking grown adults) be robbed of the chances to learn such an important life lesson?

  • Rehab

    Dangerous. If the man would of felt threatened and tried to get out of there and ran someone over in the process (new york biker incident)… would of been real bad. Also, packing a snowball really tight and throwing it at someone… might as well be throwing a rock. It hits just as hard. And those aren’t cute kids tossing, they are full grown men throwing them. That man has every right to press charges and should. Those kids need a dose of reality.

  • jorge

    Who is the dumb ass that keeps referring to these adults as kids!?

  • K

    wow, bunch of meat heads who probably won’t even graduate. This will be the most exciting day of their life and in 5 years they will be fucking unemployed losers. I hope the person who threw a bucket of snow into the car as he was getting out goes to jail ( won’t be laughing in there buddy) What if a piece of ice hit that man in the face and he lost his vision? Your all fucking idiot’s and should be kicked out of your school.

  • Nic727

    Its me or students are f****** retards?

    I’m student myself, but doing that to an old man…

    Students in this university are just stupid.

  • Ninja91

    Based on their last game, they should spent less time throwing snowballs and more time throwing footballs.

  • Shiva

    I mean this is truly disrespectful. Come on UO u r not some high school maniacs you are adults.

  • blacks ARE retarded animals

    stupid coons,send them back to africa so they can join mandela

  • Riley

    This was a snowball fight.. A snowball fight. There were no sticks, bats, or guns. I can appreciate saying that the students involved may have gone a little bit too far by dumping snow on him, but why did he get out of his car in the first place? That just provoked it even more, and to say that they are investigating criminal charges is ridiculous. Let’s keep it in perspective people. We all survived our elementary school snowball fights, and I don’t remember hearing about any of my classmates being “taken downtown” ;)

    • Steve

      A “fight” is a mutually consensual conflict. Even though it was “just snow”, they taunted, mocked, and jeered; what these kids did here was bully.

      • Riley

        It’s not bullying. The guy at no point seemed like he was afraid during the situation, he seemed pissed. He came right out of his car and pointed his finger and zeroed in on a girl, half his size, that was just standing there with her backpack on. Now, if he came out clearly scared or worried about his safety I would totally agree with you, but his actions only made it worse.

  • Chris

    It is assault! What if it had been your grandma or your mom in that vehicle? What a bunch of idiots in that school. I hope that they all get suspended and that they are made to apologize on TV. Efing idiots!!!

  • Observer

    What a bunch of goons.

  • Clyde Lewis

    Would you people stop replying to me this is kind of old news now I admitted I was wrong I didn’t know all the facts at the time. Pharoah was suspended and he apologized ITS OVER. Its still not as serious as SOME of you are making it but I said that he was wrong and that he should apologize PERIOD. Now please stop unloading your opinions in my inbox its giving me a massive head ache.

  • anon

    I just saw the video on youtube , from Toronto and its disgusting, it literally makes me want to vomit, bunch of highschoolers in university

  • Mobetta Jenkem

    Jiggaz gonna jigg…

  • john

    They should find the football player/s, revoke scholarships, make them do community service in the snow (since they love it so much) Suspend them from school for a a couple months. Make the Entire football team run for an hour in the snow. If you can stand around and throw snowballs at someone for a while. You can dang sure run for one. Same goes for the non-athletes involved in this snowball gang. Not funny to throw at some ones car. Lucky the windshield didn’t break. Still it’s destruction of private property. As for the two who got dumped on by a student. Make them apologize to them in front of the whole school. You obviously don’t care about being embarrassed since you are on a video and happy for what you did. Oh yeah this is a school going to a bowl game on December 30th of this year. Sure they will get a slap on the wrist and a “now you can’t do that” type of treatment. Then probably do it again without being caught. Just punish them for lack of respect for others, embarrassing the school’s name, and assault on a non willing participant and their property. Suspended from school. revoked scholarships. Take a stand against this obscene act of immaturity by supposed civilized students.

    • smedley

      That’ll never happen.

  • smedley

    That’s not a snowball fight, that is an assault with a potentially deadly weapon – snow can quickly become ice and hitting people in the face can have serious consequences. As to the can’t “speculate” on what will happen, the administration is checking to make sure that no football players will be suspended, after all that is why we have universities, so degenerate animals can play football.

  • Deprecating Duck

    way to exercise freedom of speech by deleting my comment emerald