Pharaoh Brown engages with Twitter users about his suspension

Oregon sophomore tight end Pharaoh Brown (85) reaches out his arms to catch the football during the third quarter. The No. 13 Oregon Ducks play the Oregon St. Beavers at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Ore. on Nov. 29, 2013. (Ryan Kang/Emerald)

Oregon sophomore tight end Pharaoh Brown (85) reaches out his arms to catch the football during the third quarter. The No. 13 Oregon Ducks play the Oregon St. Beavers at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Ore. on Nov. 29, 2013. (Ryan Kang/Emerald)

Posted by Victor Flores on Monday, Dec. 9 at 5:16 pm.

Pharaoh Brown took to Twitter on Monday to express his displeasure with Oregon’s decision to suspend him for the Alamo Bowl. Brown didn’t directly tweet that he disagreed with the decision, but he retweeted many people who did and lashed out at Twitter users who criticized him and said he should have been suspended.

The University of Oregon’s athletic department released a statement from Brown around 4 p.m. on Monday. Brown apologized and said he would accept the consequences of his actions.

A retweet from Brown:





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  • Chef Kody

    Wow this makes his piss poor apology look even worse. Let’s get rid of him now!

  • DC

    He wasn’t suspended for a snowball fight. He was suspended for throwing a bucket of snow in the face of a 60 year old man who did not want to participate. A man who was minding his own business. Athletes represent the university both on and off the field. They enjoy the benefits of being an athlete including their education, various gifts from nike sponsorship, and even gifts for reaching the Alamo bowl. Along with these benefits comes the fact that they are held to a higher standard than the average student. College kids make mistakes. Becoming an adult is about learning from those mistakes and becoming a better person. Own up to what you did and accept the consequences. Don’t put out a statement owning your actions only to complain about it on twitter. It makes your apology ring hollow.

    • Chef Kody

      I agree. I posted something similar earlier but the emerald took it down…

  • Tommy

    How about posting all of the racist tweets he got or those telling him he should kill himself. Wouldn’t your time best be served by reporting the news instead of watching twitter all day to see if the kid makes a controversial comment? Shame on those who blindly read these things and just believe them as if their Gospel. Lashed out? Really? That’s what you’re going with? You would be disgusted at all of the people who have tweeted this young man and others on the football team and the vile, hateful language being thrown their way. They made a mistake but certainly don’t deserve to be drawn & quartered by you people.

    • Brad Alvarez

      This should definitely be news, cuz that’s fucked up on an entire different level

    • Jim Nasium

      THIS! What Pharaoh Brown did was wrong but the violent and racist tweets and comments aimed towards him are on the same level of harassment. Let’s stop fighting fire with fire and realize that there are worse things that have been done without any consequences.

  • Henry

    Seriously, I really hate all their childish act that day but then how come only Pharaoh Brown got suspended??? and why is the media/people only targeting him? Shame on Victor Flores, the reporter who has nothing to do but sit and read people’s tweets all day and re-posted them like this. You have nothing better to do?? Of course, he was wrong and willing to accept the consequences but it doesn’t mean he has to be super excited about his suspension and has to scream and yell how happy he is so the world can hear. It was a shameful event, but he already got his punishment, then FREAKING MOVE ON PEOPLE!! Why keep blowing up story and make matters worst?

    • Brad Alvarez

      You really don’t understand reporting do you. This is literally a reporters job. Brown publicly stated that he accepted the apology, but then on Twitter he tweeted back at someone who agreed with the suspension to be ashamed with themselves, and then retweeted people’s tweets who disagreed with the suspension. So it really looks like the public statement was just some BS, but perhaps he could actually feel sorry for what he did. This was one helluva story

  • Adult

    Why does someone who is attending a university accept the title of “kid.” Even more sad what (some) universities have become, babysitters for 18+ adults who even consider themselves “kids”.

    “@danspeckert: @JamieHStewart @Callme_P_RO I wasn’t there but no one got hurt… let them freakin be kids..”true statement


    • sotiredoftheexcuses

      When they’re called to take responsibility for their actions, it’s “but we’re just kids”; when the discussion is about legal drinking age, it’s “we deserve to be treated as adults.”

  • chaproste

    His coach should now suspend him for the first game of next season, too.

  • flashsteve

    Maybe I’m re-collecting incorrectly, but I thought that I read that Mr. Brown (or, was it one of his teammates?) got in the face of the retired professor, trying to intimidate a man over three times his age. If that is true, this was more than just throwing snow.

  • Miagra Pontassa

    Now those punks that get overexcited that take it too far are obviously ones to watch, but really these teachers need to install mini water cannons onto their automobile, fight fun with fun!

  • disqus_Zh8hDRwXyI

    Brown’s apology was written for him by some administrator and he was advised to sign it as his own. His tweets tell he is neither sorry nor articulate. Shame on admin for singling him out when the boy who impeded the car caused the episode to escalate into an “incident.” If you want to consider these people kids then we send kids off to fight our wars. They are young adults who acted like kids, all good fun until they set up a gauntlet on University St.

  • Chris Paul

    He young. He need some guidance. it is what it is.