Quackin’ me up comedy competition at The Cooler

Posted by Emerald on Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 1:11 pm.

Local stand-up comedians from the University of Oregon and Lane Community College will be performing in The Quackin’ Me Up Comedy Series at The Cooler tonight.

The show begins at 8 p.m. Entrance is $5 at the door but free tickets are available from The Cooler in advance.

Besides stand-up comedy, videos and essays produced by Quackd.com, a student-run satirical subsection of the Emerald, will premiere.

The winners and finalists from last Fall’s Quackin’ Me Up Comedy Competition will be showcased in the stand-up comedy portion of the show. Two of tonight’s featured comedians, Joe Glasgow and Brandt Hamilton, are also two of three co-founders of the UO Stand-Up Society.

“I think it’s very important for us to be well known not only on campus, but in the Eugene Community as well,” Glasgow said. “We have many goals for our club and we need the local residents of Eugene to support us in order to grow and accomplish these goals.”

Performing outside of a campus venue also presents challenges for the university-based comedians.

“Performing at The Cooler is great because it’s a tougher crowd than we would encounter on campus,” Hamilton said. “There’s going to be an older audience, so all of us will have to mix up our material and not necessarily just make jokes about sorority girls.”

The show is hosted by local radio station All Comedy 1450 in collaboration with Quackd.com.

“All Comedy 1450 has done some great work showcasing college comedians, and considering we have a mutual goal — to build the college comedy scene in Eugene — a partnership was only natural, “ Conor Armor, editor-in-chief of Quackd, said.

This is the third in the comedy series.

The Cooler is located at 20 Centennial Loop, Eugene, Oregon 97401.

By Jacob Salzberg