ASUO presidential candidate Thomas Tullis released from Lane County jail

ASUO presidential candidate Thomas Tullis was released from Lane County Adult Corrections at 3:45 p.m. on Sunday after illegally obtaining communications during a conversation held with former presidential candidate Ben Bowman, Marshall Kosloff and Alex Titus. (Andrew Seng/Emerald)

Posted by Alexandra Wallachy on Sunday, Apr. 6 at 4:34 pm.

ASUO presidential candidate Thomas Tullis was released from the Lane County jail on Sunday at 3:45 p.m. Tullis was arrested earlier in the day inside the University of Oregon’s Riley residence hall for two counts of violating the communications law, ORS 165.540.

“Usually I don’t plan on getting arrested before breakfast. I like to have breakfast first,” Tullis said. “I’m alright now and certainly not planning on going back to jail, ever.”

Tullis was unsure exactly why he was booked. According to him, the law enforcement officials with whom he spoke had a vague understanding of how he had broken the law.

“I really hope that the DA doesn’t file this case because it’s a little absurd,” Tullis said. “Nobody in there knew. The sheriff didn’t even know what the ORS statute was. I was the first one who ever came in for that.”

Despite the arrest, Tullis plans to continue his campaign for the ASUO presidency.

“I am 100 percent running for president,” he said.

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    • Concerned Freshman

      Aren’t you supposed to be unbiased?

      • Mac Ehlen

        Evan Roth, I was unaware that I still am on Elections Board

  • Brudin, Esq.

    can you clarify what you mean?

    • Uh oh

      I think that Thomas was in the wrong, he went too far, and he got in trouble. I think this will have a negative impact on him, and that was the point of this coverage. I’m definitely not taking a stand for or against Tullis, I just found it peculiar that Tullis tried to make it seem unclear as to why he was arrested.

  • Mark Lavis™

    RON PAUL 2012!

  • Concerned Freshman

    I wonder if he had to like pay bail and stuff… I need my popcorn. This ASUO drama is like reality TV.

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      I have been told that Concerned Freshman, American Values, BRudin The Worst, Rudin Is Irrelevant, You’ree A Dummy, Injustice, This Is Real Life, ThomasTullis, LIBS, ProvenIsisntAnOpinion, DemocracyLuvr, Mighty Oregon Volunteer, and Stop Removing My posts, all come from the same IP Address that Evan Roth posted his Facebook. Any truth to that?

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        Divulging information about someone’s IP address to non-Emerald people is a massive breach of trust and privacy, in my opinion.

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          I just think it’s funny someone is having conversations with themselves on the comments section under different names to try to sway public opinion.

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            Okay, well you could’ve voiced opinion without making remarks about their IP addresses and hinting a breach of trust has happened by you and someone with the Emerald. I expect better behaviour from my student body president.

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            Ok Lindy, only one person I know spells behavior with a “u”

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            Are you really that paranoid, my friend?

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            So paranoid

        • Mac Ehlen

          Then don’t post things you wouldn’t want to be heard

    • exileandcunning

      Oregon doesn’t use bail. It is one of two states where you can’t bail out, which is meant to be an equalizing force so that it’s not just rich people getting out of jail pending their court dates. You are stuck in county until you get to trial. If you’re there for a non-violent offense, they will release you pending arraignment. If you have a history of not showing up for your court date, they will hold you until arraignment and then let you go until your court date. This was obviously not a violent crime and I’m not even sure why he was held at all. Usually he would have gotten a citation, booked, and released. This is true even for stuff like drug dealers… anything non-violent. Don’t ask me why I know all this.

  • Learnyourhumanrights

    is that his body guard?

  • Stop removing my posts

    So Bowman breaks a rule and he gets removed but Tullis breaks Oregon Law and he doesn’t? Perhaps Bowman should be the one to file a grievance now. I’m pretty sure the election rules say Tullis can be removed for breaking Oregon Law with the intent of influencing the election.

    • Brudin, Esq.

      he could file the grievance, BUT 1. The Board cannot interpret state law, so it would need to go to administration, and even then, 2. Thomas might be covered under the homeowner’s exemption, so it might not have been illegal at all. The only case really on point is Checkley v. Boyd, and the circumstances were a bit different, so it’s not a slam dunk either way. My only point here is it’s not clear cut

      • Concerned Freshman

        I feel like this is exactly what happened and why admin intervened in the first place

        • Brudin, Esq.

          The recording was not possessed or used by the Board or Court, so I don’t know what you are talking about