Self-proclaimed witness talks to KWVA about alleged forcible rape involving Dotson, Artis and Austin

Posted by Ian Campbell on Tuesday, May. 6 at 8:04 pm.

KWVA had a live interview Tuesday night which included a testimony from a woman who supposedly attended Johnathan Loyd’s March 8 party where University of Oregon men’s basketball players Damyean Dotson, Dominic Artis and Brandon Austin allegedly sexual assaulted a university student.

UO student Kelsy Alston explained during the interview what she witnessed in connection with the March 8 incident.

“Throughout the party, she was migrating, leaning towards these men,” Alston said during the Quack Smack segment on KWVA. “I had spoken to her friends about that interaction. They gave their opinions on how she interacts with men typically and it mirrored what she was doing at this time.”

Alston — who made it clear that she did not know the alleged survivor prior to the party — suggests the night were different than that described in the police report.

“I walk in and see Damyean (Dotson) sitting down on the toilet fully clothed, Brandon Austin standing at the sink fully clothed and (the survivor) was standing with her back to the door fully clothed,” Alston said.

Alston then squeezed herself into the bathroom and attempted to kiss the alleged survivor.

“It was at that time that I, in the party environment, attempted to kiss her and she was not comfortable with that,” Alston said. “I was slightly playful and I think she took it the wrong way. She ran from me (and out of the bathroom), saying, ‘I’m not a lesbian. I don’t want to kiss you. Please don’t kiss me.’”

According to Alston, after asking Alston to stop attempting to kiss her, the survivor walked back into the bathroom and asked that she not be followed.

“This disrupts the evidence that she gave in the police report,” Alston said, “because she says that she was getting dressed as someone entered the bathroom and I entered the bathroom and she was fully dressed and everyone else was fully dressed, and they were in stationary positions in the bathroom. It wasn’t a scramble.

“She also states that she left the bathroom when someone opened the door and Damyean followed her down the hallway and that is not true.”

Alston also commented on the alleged survivor’s intoxication.

“She did not seem intoxicated to any disabling extent,” Alston said. “Furthermore, I don’t know what was being passed around the party, but this was not a party where drinks were supplied, so I don’t know where she would have gotten extremely drunk.”

Jonathan Hawthorne contributed to this report.

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  • Jessica Frink

    This makes no sense. You said “migrating, leaning towards” men twice and I don’t get how that discounts anything in the police report. Flirting doesn’t equal consent. And how she typically interacts with men is irrelevant so I don’t know why you think that is important. A woman does not deserve to get raped no matter how she interacts with men.

  • JTM

    Wow. I hope KWVA did some digging to verify that this person was actually at the party. It would be terribly irresponsible to just let some random person claiming to be a witness go on the radio.

  • James Woods

    “One sip of alcohol equals that you aren’t able to consent”……..are you serious? How could anything else you say be taken serious after such an absurd comment…wow. Is it even possible in your, or the rest of the mobs minds, for a female to falsely accuse someone of rape? Everyone is against rape, in my mind it is almost as evil as murder, but that doesn’t mean that an individual accused is automatically assumed guilty. The sensationalizing by the media is sickening, and the mob mentality of everyone assuming guilt even though the police disagrees is sadly routine and predictable these days. We will never know exactly what happened, that is the sad reality in these kind of cases. However, if you read the entire police report, the accuser’s friends corroborate the story of the accused. Her story has many holes and is not credible if read in an unbiased way. Just my opinion though.

  • Eric Farr

    “If there is alcohol involved then there shouldn’t have been any sexual advances. One sip of alcohol equals that you aren’t able to consent”. What an idiotic, unrealistic statement. That means just about every man in America is a rapist… Seriously, please put your laptop away, and go out and socialize. Experience the real world.