What we know about the situation regarding the UO basketball players accused of rape

Posted by Eder Campuzano on Sunday, May. 11 at 10:00 pm.

Damyean Dotson, Dominic Artis and Brandon Austin made headlines this week when the Lane County district attorney revealed it had dropped an investigation into the alleged rape of a University of Oregon freshman by the three basketball players on March 9.

The Eugene Police Department released its official report on May 5. It details three separate incidents — two in a bathroom and another at an apartment leased to Dotson and Artis — over the course of 12 separate interviews.

The report mentions that the survivor told her father about the incident on March 9. The father called UOPD to report the rape. Campus police called the survivor, but she didn’t answer the phone. She reported it to the Eugene Police Department on March 14.

Artis and Dotson played in two games between the incident and the day the survivor reported the incident. Both games took place in Las Vegas during the Pac-12 tournament.

UOPD officer John Loos first met with the survivor on March 14, nearly a week after the events took place. UOPD communications officer Kelly McIver says Loos was in field training at the time and reported to EPD instead of UOPD.

“I was really mad at my dad,” she told Loos. “I wanted to report it, but on my own time.”

The Wall Street Journal reported on March 18 that Austin was also under investigation in Rhode Island for sexual assault he allegedly committed while enrolled at Providence College back in November. Austin transferred to the UO after he was suspended from the Providence team.

On April 14, the district attorney decided not to press charges on behalf of the state, citing insufficient evidence to prove criminal conduct although the DA said there’s no doubt the incidents occurred.

The men played two more road games during the March Madness series between the time the incident was reported and the district attorney’s dismissal of the case.

Dotson and Austin were suspended from the team on May 5 and Artis was reportedly transferring. The Eugene police report was made public the same day.

The following contains graphic details from the Eugene police report and may be triggering to some readers:

The survivor attended a party on the 1200 block of 22nd Avenue on March 8 earlier that day. The Ducks played Arizona in Eugene. When Eugene police officers shut the party down upon responding to a noise complaint, the survivor and a friend left. They heard about another party at 1975 Onyx St. from Oregon guard Joseph Young, whom the survivor met the previous day.

Dotson, Artis and Austin were at the party when the survivor arrived. After some time, Dotson and Austin accompanied the survivor into the bathroom. None of their accounts say she was forced into the bathroom.

“I had no idea what room we were going into. Then there were three of us in a small bathroom and I thought it was strange,” the survivor told Loos in his initial report. “I thought, maybe this is just what happens in college… just college fun.”

Once inside the bathroom, Dotson and Austin asked the survivor to dance and took her phone. All three parties have confirmed that oral sex took place in the bathroom.

Artis entered the bathroom. As the party wound down around 1:30 a.m., the survivor’s friend began to head home. The survivor said she was strong-armed into staying with the three men. Players denied this occurred. In an interview, a friend of the survivor recalls spending roughly 20 minutes arguing with the survivor and the men trying to get her to leave with them. The friend told the survivor that Dotson was “not a nice guy.”

The friend mentions that she had never been around the survivor while she’d been drinking, so she couldn’t say for certain how the survivor handled alcohol.

The survivor, the three players and a fourth man — who Artis identified as fellow Oregon basketball player Richard Amardi — entered an Oregon Taxi and rode to an apartment leased to Artis and Dotson.

Soaked from the rain, the woman asked for dry clothes. Artis provided her with a sweatshirt and a pair of shorts. The survivor and the four men — Artis, Dotson, Austin and an unidentified man, who Artis and Dotson said was not a teammate, entered Artis’ room where the woman said she was again assaulted.

“I think I just gave up,” the survivor told Loos. “I let them do whatever they wanted, I just wanted it to be over and to go to sleep.”

During the incident, she began to cry. That’s when the three men stopped and left the room. She then went into the living room where Dotson and Austin were playing video games. She talked with Artis on the couch, then she and Artis went into his room and fell asleep until approximately 8 a.m.

The survivor took a taxi home, still wearing Artis’ clothes, as hers were still wet from the rain the night before.