UO Public Records Office releases more redacted records

Posted by Ian Campbell on Thursday, Jun. 5 at 12:43 pm.

The University of Oregon Public Records Office released more fully or partially redacted records Thursday afternoon.

Blue redactions were made for attorney-client privilege, green for federal privacy law and the marigold redactions were made in the interest of protecting “frank discussion”.

Tobin Klinger, senior director of public affairs communications posted on Around the O, UO’s media website, about the process behind redacting documents.

“Critics have pointed to the redactions as evidence of a grand cover-up, when in fact they are grounded in laws that protect the records of all students from being released in potentially damaging ways,” Klinger wrote.

Klinger also quoted Senior Assistant to the President David Hubin, who oversees the public records office, who said, “The applicable laws exist to protect all students, across Oregon and across the country. … They are federal and state privacy rights and are not something an educational institution can arbitrarily waive. These laws keep a child’s elementary school grades from landing on the front page of the newspaper. And they are the same laws that keep the outcome of a student conduct hearing from being released upon conclusion.”

Included in the release were University of Oregon Police Department records that document the alleged survivor’s father contacting UOPD on March 9 at 6:59 p.m.

The report reads, “Father of a student resident that states his daughter has just told him that she was raped last night at a party (unknown) location by four members of the basketball team. States she is unwilling at this time to report.”

Rape Allegation Records