Here it goes again: OK Go to play Portland’s Hawthorne Theater

Check out OK Go's in concert at Portland's Hawthorne Theater on Sunday. (Courtesy of Creative Commons user Brennan Schnell).

Check out OK Go's in concert at Portland's Hawthorne Theater on Sunday. (Courtesy of Creative Commons user Brennan Schnell).

Posted by Sophia June on Thursday, Jul. 17 at 1:57 pm.

This Sunday, July 20, OK Go, the mid-2000s pop rock band that made DIY music videos cool, will play the Hawthorne Theater in Portland.

On October 14, the band will release Hungry Ghosts, their first album since 2010. The album’s catchy single “The Writing’s On The Wall,” has already gained over 9 million views on Youtube, thanks to the mind bending music video.

Band member Tim Nordwind (bass/vocals) says he is excited to tour to see fans’ reactions in person.

“It’s got millions of views, yet I can’t actually see what people look like when they’re watching,” said Nordwind in a phone interview.

From catchy choruses to tight harmonies to even athleticism, the band oozes energy. It’s one thing to create energy in a studio or music video shoot, but is often difficult to bring on tour. Nordwind ensures that although there will be no treadmills onstage, their tour is just as energizing, if not more, than the band sounds through headphones, calling it a “multimedia event” that will be “appealing to most of your senses, one way or another,” he said.

“There’s so much we can do up there on stage besides playing,” Nordwind said. “There’s a lot of energy in our music. What’s fun is experimenting with that energy.”

Hungry Ghosts kicks up the energy even more by incorporating the electronic-influenced sound that’s gained popularity since their last album.

“We wanted to experiment with production and turn the term ‘pop’ on its head a little bit,” Nordwind said. “I think this record sounds very modern. It’s the most immediate songwriting we’ve ever done.”

Hungry Ghosts was produced by David Fridmann, the renowned producer who’s most famous for working with Mercucry Rev and the Flaming Lips, as well as Weezer, MGMT and Tame Impala.

“I’m a big fan [of Fridmann],” said Nordwind, who says he listened to a lot of Flaming Lips in college. “I always wanted to work with him, but not ever believing I could.”

Today, Nordwind listening to a “spectrum” of music, but particularly enjoys St. Vincent and Flume. He also talked about the state of today’s music, which is permeated with remixes.

“The Disclosure song ‘You and Me’ is one of my favorite things I’ve heard all year, and it’s a remix. That’s where we are,” he said. “When a remix is good, it holds its own place in music.”


Listen: “I Won’t Let You Down”

Check out OK Go at the Hawthorne Theater (1507 SE 39th Ave.). Tickets $18. 8 p.m.