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1222 E. 13th Ave., #300
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403

Editor in Chief  541.346.5511 x325

Sam Stites,

President 541.346.5511 x317
Ryan Frank,

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You can reach us by phone at 541.346.5511 x320.To submit news releases for both news and entertainment, email

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Sales & Marketing 541.346.5511
Brittney Reynolds, VP x303
Advertising representatives
Cally Adkisson, x311,
Mark Dulebohn, x313,
Mary Duke, x307
Ariana Garay, x310
Ben Gilberts, x309
Luke Hooper, x308,
James Nead, x304,
Colleen Rogers, x312,
Creative Services
Tara Sloan,  x330

Business 541.346.5511
Ivar Vong, VP, Garage x329

Kathy Carbone, VP, Operations x302,
Delivery staff – Tyler Arana, Patrick Bakes, Abel Cerros, Suzy Doss, Amiel Farfan, Ian Garrett, Gavi Harmon, Merida Mehaffey, Allison Methenitis, Jeff Rauma, Lauren Schwartz, Emma Stillman, Corbin Weaver