Podcast: Craig and Emerson Have Issues – Ep. 3

By on Friday, Jan. 23 at 4:25 pm.

This winter term, the Emerald will release weekly podcasts that will cover campus news, arts, sports and everything in between. Our arts and culture podcast “Craig and Emerson Have Issues,” hosted by Multimedia Producer Craig Garcia and Associate Arts and Culture Editor Emerson Malone will feature an interview with a new student every week involved in the […]

Intel supports UO computer class through $100,000 donation

By on Wednesday, Jan. 14 at 8:46 pm.

You are an agent for the office of strategic national alien planning. Your task is to complete projects focusing on code incription, computer optimization and pin collecting. Failure means obliteration of your grade because this is an assignment for one of the University of Oregon’s most innovative classes. This is an actual assignment in CIS 410/510 […]

Nintendo Direct brings news of new Nintendo 3DS, more amiibo

By on Wednesday, Jan. 14 at 10:58 am.

This morning brought another edition of Nintendo’s semi-regular Nintendo Direct news segments, introducing a handful of new details on upcoming games, plus information on the United States release of the New Nintendo 3DS system. Opening the show was a trailer for a new Fire Emblem game from Intelligent Systems, creators of the critically acclaimed Fire Emblem: Awakening. […]

2014 in review: ‘Serial,’ ‘You Made It Weird,’ were some of the best podcasts of the year

By on Thursday, Jan. 8 at 3:13 pm.

There is far too much creative content out in the world today, and podcasting is certainly no exception. From comedy to educational, talk about real crime to real talk about culture, it’s been a thorough year for podcasts. Keep an ear out for some of our favorite programs of 2014. You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes The crux […]

Podcast: Craig and Emerson Have Issues – Ep. 1

By on Thursday, Jan. 8 at 6:32 pm.

Starting this winter term, the Emerald will be launching weekly podcasts that will cover campus news, arts, sports and everything in between. Our first arts and culture podcast is “Craig and Emerson Have Issues,” a show where Emerson Malone, associate arts and culture editor, and Multimedia Producer Craig Garcia interview a different student every week that’s involved […]

Snapchat Rolls New “Campus Story” Feature Out To Eugene

By on Tuesday, Jan. 6 at 6:55 pm.

Snapchat has long been America’s go-to app for the immediate sharing of drunk selfies, candid pictures of one’s lunch and emoji-covered cat pictures. This week Snapchat rolled out its latest feature  — dubbed “Our Campus Story” — to the University of Oregon area. Now it’s easier than ever to share your latest snap masterpiece with […]

Year In Review: Here are 2014′s top ten video games

By on Tuesday, Dec. 30 at 11:42 pm.

10. Wolfenstein (PC, XBox ONE, PS4, XBox 360, PS3) In a year where plenty of games prided themselves on open-ended storytelling, Wolfenstein: The New Order stood out for a strong, linear campaign with top-notch gunplay and an outstanding alternate history sci-fi universe. Gunplay feels fantastically varied, with both stealth & direct attack feeling like the […]

Recap: The 2014 Game Awards boast a genuine spirit and love for the industry

By on Tuesday, Dec. 9 at 2:39 am.

Last night was the inaugural presentation of The Game Awards, a new awards show coming from Geoff Keighley (the gaming industry’s Ryan Seacrest or Chris Hardwick equivalent, a sort of host-for-hire) and a team of backers that includes industry leaders from Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, EA, Activision and others. It’s a spinoff from Spike TV’s VGAs, […]

Cuff or Tough? A new jewelry designed to keep you safe

By on Thursday, Dec. 4 at 12:20 pm.

Emerging in a world full of dazzling diamonds, Alex and Ani bangles and fuel bands is a new form of jewelry hitting the market in March 2015: Cuff jewelry is a multitasking piece of jewelry originally designed with women’s safety in mind. If you ever find yourself in a scary predicament, you simply press the discrete button […]

Review: Pokémon remakes Ruby and Sapphire, and it’s delightful

By on Tuesday, Nov. 25 at 10:34 am.

Stop what you’re doing and go buy Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire right now. Think you’re just going to eat turkey and lay around with the family this Thanksgiving? Well, guess what? You can’t. You’re too busy playing Pokémon to stuff your face. Your family will obviously understand. Released just last Friday, Pokémon Omega […]

UO to drop Blackboard in favor of Canvas

By on Monday, Nov. 24 at 4:23 pm.

The University of Oregon is switching its learning management system from Blackboard to Canvas after unanimously positive reviews were received from nearly 2000 students, 24 faculty, 38 GTFs and library and IT staff through different tests and surveys over the past months, according to Approximately 1400 schools and organizations are using Blackboard worldwide, whereas […]

Five classic games that celebrate a 10-year anniversary this month

By on Saturday, Nov. 22 at 6:20 pm.

November of 2004. For most people, it’s not a particularly exciting month. The Incredibles was bolstering Pixar’s legacy in movie theaters across the nation. “Drop It Like Its Hot” was a fresh track from Snoop. Most people reading this were likely in grade school. But for gaming enthusiasts, it was something altogether different. While every […]

Review: ‘Sunset Overdrive’ is a flashy, fun game that makes the next-gen an exciting place to be

By on Tuesday, Nov. 18 at 5:21 pm.

Owning a next-gen console in 2014 has been a bit of a sore experience. The launch lineups for both systems were jarringly lackluster, and the coming spring and summer didn’t do much to justify early adopters’ big purchases. The annual slew of game announcements at E3 almost universally came with tags that said “coming 2015.” […]