Is it time for Oregon to legalize marijuana?

By on Thursday, Apr. 17 at 2:04 pm.

Let’s be blunt – Oregon might just be the next state where you can toke without fear of getting busted. In 2012, Washington and Colorado legalized cannabis while our own legalization effort, Measure 80, failed with 46.75 percent of Oregon voters saying yes and 53.25 percent claiming nay — a measly 6.5 percent point difference. […]

U.S. Supreme Court decision to impact employee health care

By on Wednesday, Apr. 16 at 3:10 pm.

Currently, the U.S. Supreme Court is deciding whether or not to allow businesses to choose which parts of the Affordable Care Act they provide to employees based on the company’s religious standing. If the Supreme Court decides to allow this, businesses and corporations would be granted the ability to pick and choose which health care […]

UO Governing Board recommends new budget for upcoming school year

By on Tuesday, Apr. 15 at 9:03 pm.

Every student enjoys fancy, new buildings on campus — but when it comes to footing the bill, they quickly become less enthused. This, in addition to a potential tuition increase, is causing both in and out-of-state students to grow concerned about their finances. The University of Oregon Governing Board of Trustees has recently submitted a […]

Guest Viewpoint: Students should vote to divest from fossil fuels

By on Tuesday, Apr. 15 at 3:09 pm.

Students will be voting in the ASUO spring elections this week. One of the issues in this year’s election that has been getting more and more attention on campuses across the country is the question of whether or not the university’s endowment should begin selling its investments in fossil fuel companies. Our university prides itself […]

ASUO President Sam Dotters-Katz and 12 senators threaten government shutdown in letter addressed to UO administration

By on Wednesday, Apr. 9 at 11:25 am.

Update: Sen. Helena Schlegel has removed her name from the letter. The ASUO will shut down if the administration stands by its decision to reinstate Ben Bowman as a presidential candidate and refuse the use of Duckweb for ballot casting in an independent election, according to a letter drafted by President Sam Dotters-Katz and signed by several […]

ASUO elections postponed, four members of the ASUO Elections Board resign as UO administration steps in

By on Wednesday, Apr. 9 at 11:18 am.

Editor’s Note: Ben Bowman was the Emerald’s Opinion Editor earlier this year. He no longer works for the Emerald. MacGregor Ehlen resigned from his position as the ASUO Elections Board Coordinator on Friday after the University of Oregon Administration postponed the ASUO elections until April 14. According to Ben Bowman and Ehlen, Bowman will appear […]

HB 3460, the bill that regulates medical marijuana dispensaries has gone into effect

By on Thursday, Apr. 3 at 9:18 pm.

March 3, 2014 House Bill 3460 went into effect. The bill regulates medical marijuana dispensaries by way of involving the Oregon Health Authority to implement a registration system to monitor and authorize the transfer of marijuana plants. “The implementation of HB 3460 has gone just fine thus far,” co-author and lobbyer for HB 3460 Sam Chapman […]

Cover Oregon extends application deadline to April 30

By on Tuesday, Apr. 1 at 7:51 pm.

The Federal Government granted Oregonians another 30 days to apply for health care through Cover Oregon. It also canceled the federal penalty for enrolling after April 30. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley worked to make small business tax credit available to Oregon businesses under the new health care law. Tax credits were previously being received by […]

Saudi Student Association thrives under new leadership

By on Monday, Mar. 31 at 8:56 pm.

With nearly 800 faces and smiles and providing an environment where it’s free to be who you want to be, the Saudi Student Association works its best to serve the community. Last year, SSA wasn’t very active. But under a new president and leadership, SSA has managed to accomplish community gatherings from planning and coordinating two holy events to small events like Coffee […]

Local veterans to be affected by senate’s rejection of benefits bill

By on Sunday, Mar. 30 at 7:18 pm.

The Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefits and Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act of 2014, an act which would have provided additional education and job-training benefits for veterans as well as improved health care, was rejected by senate in March. The bill included Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley’s Spouses of Heroes Education Act, which would provide education […]

Oregon passes three bills in order to stimulate education

By on Wednesday, Mar. 19 at 9:08 pm.

Oregon legislature approved three bills earlier this month, all of which — if approved by Governor John Kitzhaber — will impact students and job growth in Oregon. House Bill 4116 — also known as the Aspiration College bill — was created with the assistance of community college students in mind. The bill requires the Department of Community Colleges and […]

Letter to the Editor: Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils respond to ASUO grievance

By on Tuesday, Mar. 18 at 10:28 pm.

Let the record be made clear, there are no such thing as a Greek campaign, blacklisting or a colony not chartering due to a member’s involvement in ASUO. The Fraternity and Sorority Life community supports any individuals who have aspirations to become leaders on campus or in the community. That being said there is no […]

New law protects minors seeking medical attention for alcohol emergencies

By on Wednesday, Mar. 12 at 12:10 pm.

Underage students seeking medical attention for alcohol poisoning may now do so without worrying about receiving alcohol possession charges, thanks to a bill signed into law by Oregon governor John Kitzhaber on March 3. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Margaret Doherty, passed unanimously through the Oregon Senate on Feb. 20. The policy, known as medical […]

Q&A with Congressman Peter DeFazio on GMOs, veteran’s health care and college costs

By on Saturday, Mar. 8 at 12:20 pm.

On Friday, March 7, 2014, Congressman Peter DeFazio came to a press event put on by Oregon Students Interest Research Group  to speak out about the labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms and OSPIRG’s campaign to ask markets and grocery store chains to label foods that contain GMOs. “It was a great event,” Hannah Picknell, State […]

Students discuss misconceptions about Social Host Ordinance at Wednesday panel

By on Thursday, Jan. 30 at 10:27 am.

Seats were far from empty in Columbia 150 when students met to discuss the Ordinance on Unruly Gatherings, commonly known as the Social Host Ordinance, on Wednesday, Jan. 29. The forum was an opportunity to clarify the ordinance’s stipulations and consequences, especially in light of recent arrests related to unruly gatherings. Panelists explained that you […]

City of Eugene erects fence around Whoville compound

By on Friday, Jan. 24 at 4:55 pm.

A week after erecting “No Trespassing” signs around the homeless encampment of Whoville, the City of Eugene has put up a fence around the compound. “(The fence is) really just to secure the site and prevent trespassing,” Laura Hammond, community outreach coordinator for the City of Eugene’s Planning and Development Department said. “Eventually once everyone […]

Oregon United for Marriage rallies UO, OSU, PCC students for marriage equality

By on Thursday, Jan. 23 at 5:29 pm.

Marriage equality group Oregon United for Marriage kicked off a student  campaign today at eight schools across Oregon, including the University of Oregon. The campaign, headed by a different student chair on each campus, is targeted toward young adults (age 18-29) and is meant to raise awareness and collect signatures in order to put marriage equality […]

Obama addresses sexual assault in colleges

By on Wednesday, Jan. 22 at 7:40 pm.

President Barack Obama announced Wednesday his concern with the prevalence of sexual assault and violence on college campuses nationwide, according to the Associated Press. Obama reported the issue’s importance in our nation today: One in five females are assaulted in their lifetimes, while only one in eight report any crimes. The White House Council on Women […]