Benedict Cumberbatch cast as Dr. Strange and 5 other actors who could play the part

By on Thursday, Oct. 30 at 6:00 pm.

Marvel adds yet another super-powered heartthrob in its movie lineup: Benedict Cumberbatch as the magical Dr. Strange. The movie is expected to be released in 2016. Joaquin Phoenix, alongside other big names such as Jared Leto, Tom Hardy and Ethan Hawke, was previously rumored to be in talks with Marvel for the role. While Marvel die-hards will […]

Review: For those about to dance, Chromeo salutes you

By on Thursday, Oct. 30 at 5:21 pm.

The dapper Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo, made up of lead singer David Macklovitch and keyboardist Patrick Gemayel, played in Eugene for the first time on Wednesday night, two days after the band was featured as an answer on Monday night’s Jeopardy! and two nights shy of Halloween. Bros in blazers and headbands filed into the McDonald Theater by the […]

Spooky treats to amp up your Halloween palate

By on Wednesday, Oct. 29 at 11:05 am.

Whip up these three festive recipes this weekend for an even creepier Halloween. We’re making blood-splattered cupcakes, mummies dipped in blood and bloody vampire cocktails. Cupcakes Ingredients: Red velvet cupcake mix 12 cupcake liners 1 can vanilla or cream cheese frosting Red gel frosting Red food coloring Small paintbrush or new toothbrush Directions: Bake the […]

DJ Brosky delivers The Everything Bagel

By on Thursday, Oct. 30 at 12:32 am.

Inside the quiet broadcast booths of campus radio station KWVA, University of Oregon senior Bryan Kalbrosky finds refuge from the EMU construction, which hammers on only a few yards away. Surrounded by a library of carefully organized CDs, overflowing boxes of vinyl and multiple computers loaded with music, Kalbrosky reaches for the studio’s ringing phone. […]

Hollywood’s platinum records are starting to rust

By on Thursday, Oct. 30 at 11:02 am.

I think it’s fair to assume that every kid has, at one point, dreamed of being a music superstar. We were raised on MTV Cribs, taken through luxurious mansions with countless hot tubs, massive TV sets and bedrooms bigger than most apartments. The centerpiece of these luxury homes are the platinum records on the wall, a shining […]

The Whistl case aims to connect you with emergency services and your loved ones faster than ever

By on Thursday, Oct. 30 at 10:55 am.

LifeShel is a technology company creating safety products that hopes to empower individuals and communities. LifeShel was founded in 2013 at Carnegie Mellon University by a group of engineering students who wanted to work together to help fight sexual assault and domestic violence. The company is committed to solving issues through its creative technology and emotional connection […]

Halloween: No tricks this year – just treats

By on Tuesday, Oct. 28 at 5:58 pm.

Whether you’re going out this Halloween or staying in and watching scary movies back-to-back, satisfy your sweet tooth with these Halloween-themed finger food deserts. While we all love pumpkin, I’ll state my unpopular opinion that around fall, the excess of pumpkin-flavored food can be a bit of an overkill. That being said, I decided to stay away […]

Screamo, folk, noise music and others featured at upcoming Boreal shows

By on Thursday, Oct. 30 at 12:17 pm.

The Boreal may be Eugene’s number one spot for all-ages shows featuring local bands right now, but as of late, they’ve set their sights on more ambitious prospects. On Nov. 10, the Whiteaker venue will host United Nations, a post-hardcore supergroup featuring members of esteemed bands such as Thursday and Converge.  It’s United Nations’ only […]

Album Review: A superfan and first-time listener discuss and review Taylor Swift’s “1989″

By on Wednesday, Oct. 29 at 12:57 pm.

What happens when a Taylor Swift devotee and a first-time listener sit down and talk about the new Taylor Swift album? Superfan Mike Mendoza and self-declared T-Swift denier Craig Wright do just that in honor of 1989, Swift’s newest release. Following the conversation is each writer’s review. Craig Wright: Clearly, I’m not a Taylor Swift […]

The Bijou Art Cinema, Eugene’s sanctuary for film lovers

By on Tuesday, Oct. 28 at 11:26 pm.

Bored of blockbusters? Unsatisfied with movie selections at the local multiplexes? Break out of your comfort zone and head to the Bijou Art Cinema, located at 492 East 13th Avenue. You’ll know when you get there because it’s the only church in town with showtimes on the side. That’s right, it’s a re-purposed church with […]

Q&A: Oregon band announcer Scott Barkhurst discusses his 17 years on the job

By on Sunday, Oct. 26 at 8:48 pm.

Scott Barkhurst spends his Saturdays with the Oregon Marching Band. Rather than take the field, Barkhurst works up in the press box as the band announcer introducing the pregame and halftime shows. This is his 17th year on the job. So, what exactly is your role as band announcer? I have the simplest job in […]

Special Collections in Knight Library has over 700 Golden Age comic books

By on Sunday, Oct. 26 at 11:02 pm.

On the second floor of the Knight Library is a temperature-controlled room filled with original manuscripts and photographs, some dating back to medieval times and some from just last year. In this mixture of rare and valuable documents lie about 750 comic books from its Golden Age – 1939 through the mid 1950s. Welcome to […]

Album Review: Ben Howard’s impassioned record “I Forgot Where We Were”

By on Monday, Oct. 27 at 1:18 pm.

English singer-songwriter Ben Howard hones in on his mellow folk sound with his second studio album I Forgot Where We Were, a ten-track release. Following the release of his debut album Every Kingdom, Howard’s sophomore album is merely the beginning to this 27-year-old’s career. Nonetheless, it produces an undoubtedly impassioned effect. With a newly self-assured […]

Schooled in Style: Professor Michael Allan discusses his style in this Q&A

By on Sunday, Oct. 26 at 5:54 pm.

Most professors maintain a pretty conservative sense of style when they’re at work, but every now and then we get professors with superb taste. We might even find ourselves thinking, “Wow, that’s a really nice shirt,” while spacing off in the middle of lectures. This closet profile honors one of those classy professors: Michael Allan of the Comparative Literature Department. “He […]

PostSecret: An all-inclusive, ongoing art project

By on Monday, Oct. 27 at 1:20 pm.

Every Sunday morning at 12 a.m. on the dot, I find myself scrolling through the newly uploaded postcards inscribed with anonymous sender’s secrets on PostSecret.com. PostSecret is an ongoing, collaborative art project made up of homemade postcards from anonymous senders from around the world. It is also the largest advertisement-free blog in the world with a […]