A different form of racism on college campuses: Micro-aggressions

By on Monday, Jul. 28 at 3:20 pm.

An annoyed student walks away after being called “sexy” solely based on the fact that she is multi-ethnic. An Asian-American student rolls his eyes after being asked about his ethnic origin for the umpteenth time. A black student groans after being told, “You’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl.” These comments reflect a form of racism: […]

UO music professor composes first original piece of music for an American track event

By on Monday, Jul. 28 at 12:26 am.

Spectators at Tuesday’s 10K race in the IAAF World Junior Track & Field Championships may not have realized they were part of a unique experiment combining music and sports. TrackTown USA president Vin Lananna commissioned the University of Oregon’s Brian McWhorter to compose an original piece and perform it with a live orchestra. McWhorter, a nationally renowned trumpet player and professor at […]

Thrift stores speak out – past fashions are today’s trends

By on Monday, Jul. 28 at 12:29 am.

High-waisted shorts, one-piece swimsuits and crop tops have made a comeback. Whether it’s a thank you to your mom’s closet, or a “good-lookin’ out” to Macklemore for his thrift shop suggestion, it seems that we can’t get away from the clothes from the past. Every decade or two, it’s becoming more popular to see fashion trends repeat […]

The pros and cons of dining in versus dining out on $30 budget

By on Sunday, Jul. 27 at 5:52 pm.

Dining out is more expensive than cooking food at home, but dining out is more convenient. Or is it? Two Emerald reporters set to find out. Sophia June and Leigh Scheffey each received food budgets of $30. June could only eat at restaurants, while Scheffey spent $30 at the grocery store. Here’s what they found. June: Dining Out Day […]

Review: Obvious Child deals with the new scarlet A with humor and honesty

By on Wednesday, Jul. 23 at 7:46 pm.

A lot of people choose to deal with life’s problems through the route of humorous self-deprecation, or in psych lingo- defense mechanisms. For many, laughter is the best way to deal with pain. There’s even scientific evidence behind it. I, being one of these people, loved this film. Obvious Child‘s main character Donna Stern, played by former […]

Q&A: Jared Smith of Wilderness on their upcoming show at Sam Bonds Garage

By on Sunday, Jul. 20 at 7:04 pm.

Wilderness will be holding it’s debut performance at Sam Bonds Garage on Thursday, July 24. In honor of the Eugene performance, band member and creator Jared Smith spoke to the Emerald in a phone interview. Can you tell us a bit about Wilderness? Our first record came out last August, Homeward From the Battle, and we’ve […]

Review: Plain White T’s, Daughtry and Goo Goo Dolls rock the Cuthbert

By on Saturday, Jul. 19 at 9:15 pm.

Last night, The Plain White T’s, Daughtry and the Goo Goo Dolls played the Cuthbert Amphitheatre, filling a Eugene summer night with rock music. The Plain White T’s was the quintessential opening band. Confined to far downstage as a result of all of Daughtry’s and Goo Goo Doll’s equipment, Plain White T’s were spread horizontally […]

Here it goes again: OK Go to play Portland’s Hawthorne Theater

By on Thursday, Jul. 17 at 5:28 pm.

This Sunday, July 20, OK Go, the mid-2000s pop rock band that made DIY music videos cool, will play the Hawthorne Theater in Portland. On October 14, the band will release Hungry Ghosts, their first album since 2010. The album’s catchy single “The Writing’s On The Wall,” has already gained over 9 million views on Youtube, thanks […]

Max’s Tavern named “best bar in the world” by Bar and Restaurant Magazine

By on Wednesday, Jul. 16 at 7:24 pm.

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening admitted in 2012 that Springfield, Oregon is the “true home” of the Simpsons. This week, Max’s Tavern in Eugene has been named the “best bar in the world” by Bar and Restaurant Magazine, partially due to its correlation with Moe’s Tavern from The Simpsons. Max’s is located at 550 E. 13th in the Thompson-Roach Building, which […]

9-piece old-school funk Turkuaz to play Cozmic Pizza party

By on Tuesday, Jul. 15 at 8:34 am.

While Jurassic 5 takes “four MCs and makes them sound like one,” nine-piece Brooklyn-based funk band Turkuaz highlights the unique and varied talents of an entire group of Berklee-schooled musicians. Turkuaz, pronounced Tur-kwaz, recorded their first album in 2011. Roommates Dave Brandwein, who is a composer, producer, guitarist and vocalist. Along with Taylor Shell, who […]

Cell phone use causes disengagement in the classroom

By on Monday, Jul. 14 at 3:15 pm.

It is not unusual for lecture classes to be filled with students checking their text messages, playing games, responding to emails and updating their Facebook statuses all with the touch of their fingertips. Lynn Fujiwara, an ethnic studies and women and gender studies professor at University of Oregon, is all too familiar with this phenomenon. […]

Check out Seattle Utilikilts at the Oregon Country Fair

By on Sunday, Jul. 13 at 11:55 am.

In a mission to challenge the status quo, one Seattle man dared to set out to liberate men from their slacks. He does this with his handy-dandy — (wait for it) Utilikilts. Steven Villegas founded the Utilikilt in Spring 2000 after leaving his union gig painting ferries and submarines. He said that creating the fashionable […]

Photos: Jurassic 5 brings a party to the Cuthbert Amphitheater

By on Friday, Jul. 11 at 9:42 am.

In celebration of the 20 year anniversary of their Word of Mouth tour, hip-hop group Jurassic 5 brings a party to the Cuthbert Amphitheater in Eugene, Oregon with special guests Supernatural, and Dilated Peoples. Dilated Peoples tours in support of their new album “Directors of Photography” which will be released on August 12, 2014 through […]

Slightly Stoopid, Stephen Marley and G.Love hit the Cuthbert Amphitheater

By on Thursday, Jul. 10 at 12:29 pm.

Reggae filled the air at the Cuthbert Amphitheater on Wednesday as the Summer Sessions Tour 2014 kicked off with G.Love. G.Love paved the way for Stephen Marley and Slightly Stoopid to later steal the stage. The crowd and artists had their spirits high as they all experienced the tour’s first night in action. G.Love kicked off the night with […]

Jurassic 5 to bring cool to the Cuthbert Amphitheatre

By on Sunday, Jul. 6 at 11:44 am.

On Thursday July 10, Jurassic 5 will take the Cuthbert Amphitheatre stage. The alternative hip hop group formed in 1993, the same year as the release of the paleontological Spielberg blockbuster that shares half the group’s name. The band, who is famous for “Taking four MC’s and make them sound like one,” (although they now […]

Inexpensive biking and running clubs to keep you active this summer in Eugene

By on Sunday, Jul. 6 at 7:54 pm.

For those looking to get in shape this summer without spending their life savings on a gym membership, Eugene has much to offer. Putting aside the fact that we are surrounded by miles of luscious green trails offering hundreds of hikes, there are even more free and inexpensive ways to get in shape. For runners […]

Eugene’s oldest resale boutique, The Clothes Horse, continues to thrive

By on Saturday, Jul. 5 at 7:30 pm.

The first thing you hear when you step into The Clothes Horse is subtle French music playing. Your eyes will see racks of clothes neatly separated by categories: shirts, dresses, jeans, skirts and pajamas. Behind the counter is the boutique’s owner, Ann Hathaway, a woman with short white hair and chunky, dangling earrings. She chats […]