Screamo, folk, noise music and others featured at upcoming Boreal shows

By on Tuesday, Oct. 28 at 9:44 pm.

The Boreal may be Eugene’s number one spot for all-ages shows featuring local bands right now, but as of late, they’ve set their sights on more ambitious prospects. On Nov. 11, the Whiteaker venue will host United Nations, a post-hardcore supergroup featuring members of esteemed bands such as Thursday and Converge.  It’s United Nations’ only […]

Album Review: A superfan and first-time listener discuss and review Taylor Swift’s “1989″

By on Wednesday, Oct. 29 at 12:57 pm.

What happens when a Taylor Swift devotee and a first-time listener sit down and talk about the new Taylor Swift album? Superfan Mike Mendoza and self-declared T-Swift denier Craig Wright do just that in honor of 1989, Swift’s newest release. Following the conversation is each writer’s review. Craig Wright: Clearly, I’m not a Taylor Swift […]

Q&A: Oregon band announcer Scott Barkhurst discusses his 17 years on the job

By on Sunday, Oct. 26 at 8:48 pm.

Scott Barkhurst spends his Saturdays with the Oregon Marching Band. Rather than take the field, Barkhurst works up in the press box as the band announcer introducing the pregame and halftime shows. This is his 17th year on the job. So, what exactly is your role as band announcer? I have the simplest job in […]

Album Review: Ben Howard’s impassioned record “I Forgot Where We Were”

By on Monday, Oct. 27 at 1:18 pm.

English singer-songwriter Ben Howard hones in on his mellow folk sound with his second studio album I Forgot Where We Were, a ten-track release. Following the release of his debut album Every Kingdom, Howard’s sophomore album is merely the beginning to this 27-year-old’s career. Nonetheless, it produces an undoubtedly impassioned effect. With a newly self-assured […]

An ambient playlist for long walks in the rain

By on Monday, Oct. 27 at 7:52 pm.

It’s rainy season and if you find yourself standing outside in a torrential downpour, that’s because October is one of Eugene’s rainier months of the year. Well, it’s one of the nine. Here’s a soundtrack for those long strolls in the rain: Julianna Barwick – “Pyrrhic.” Most of Barwick’s music conjures daytime fairyland imagery, but her recent album Nepenthe‘s element is rain.  […]

UO Oktoberfest bounced back from setbacks with a fine set of DJs

By on Sunday, Oct. 26 at 10:57 am.

The University of Oregon’s ban on amplified music before 6 p.m. sheared four hours, three bands and a cake catapult contest off the UO Campus Oktoberfest’s docket. But this didn’t stop a small throng of revelers to journey out to the South Lawn on a foggy night to enjoy the festival’s selection of DJs, all […]

UO Campus Oktoberfest: a new experience from the team behind Block Party

By on Saturday, Oct. 25 at 1:10 pm.

UPDATE: The bands are no longer performing at Oktoberfest.  The event now begins at 6 p.m.  The lineup now consists of, in order, with times: Chris Long (6-7 p.m.), Kittytrap (7:10-8:10 p.m.), Ricardo Acosta (8:20-9:20 p.m.), Good Vibes (9:30-10:40 p.m.), Sokko & Lyons (10:50 p.m.-12 a.m.)  The afterparty is still occurring. Last year’s Campus Block […]

Review: Aliens and heartbreak influence Foxygen’s new album “…And Star Power”

By on Sunday, Oct. 19 at 8:50 pm.

Somewhere in an alternate universe where the ’60s never ended and the “coconut wind” gently breezes by, Foxygen is contemplating the complexities of love and heartbreak with a space age sound fit for a ride in a UFO cruising at the speed of light. The result of this trip is …And Star Power, the latest […]

Team chemistry and training helps Oregon color guard perform before 60,000 fans

By on Monday, Oct. 20 at 4:59 pm.

The first time Marissa Chizum held a flag was just hours before her first performance on the football field with the University of Oregon’s color guard. Like many of the members of UO’s 25-person team, Chizum had zero experience before she joined. “It was a lot of patience and repetition before the actual pregame,” Chizum […]

Review: Crowd-surfing, moshing and avoiding homework at The Growlers concert

By on Wednesday, Oct. 15 at 12:42 pm.

“Have you seen the Growlers before?” “I wanted to at Sasquatch, but I was too fucked up.” This is the conversation I witnessed at least twice last night before The Growlers show at WOW Hall, which was packed with Sasquatch attendees, college radio DJs, post-Bid day sorority girls and dozens of other 18-22 year-olds. I […]

Tove Lo, Queen of the Clouds and my Spotify

By on Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 2:46 pm.

Tove Lo recently released her first major album, titled Queen of the Clouds, on September 30. She is currently best known for the track Habits (Stay High), which is also included on her new album. Tove Lo is still breaking into the American scene, as she originally hails from Stockholm, Sweden (like her famous friend, DJ Alesso). […]

Flying Lotus constructs another remarkable album with “You’re Dead!”

By on Saturday, Oct. 11 at 3:16 pm.

Flying Lotus, the Los Angeles-based music producer and experimental musician, recently released his fifth album, You’re Dead! in which he captures a fairly holistic image of his past with a greater jazz emphasis. This jazz element is what makes all the difference and is present within some of the more evocative tracks. This record is far from sloppy and […]

Q&A: The Growlers’ Brooks Nielsen on tossing quarters into a ‘Chinese Fountain’

By on Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 1:37 pm.

With gruesome make-up, women’s wigs and costumes fit for a Halloween bash, a quick YouTube search of The Growlers will demonstrate the mad theatrics that the musical group often brings to a live show. Known for its restless work ethic after releasing four LPs and five EPs in the last six years, the genre-bending musical group from […]

Prince doubles the funk with twin album release

By on Monday, Oct. 6 at 5:05 pm.

Prince has always been a strange and mysterious being, so it should be no surprise that he is, once again, doing things a little differently. Instead of a single album release, ART OFFICIAL AGE – Prince’s solo LP – and PLECTRUMELECTRUM – featuring his all-female backing group 3rdeyegirl – were both released on the same day, Sept. 30. […]

Aphex Twin reenergizes electronic music after 13 years

By on Sunday, Oct. 12 at 2:09 pm.

“To be honest, I thought, ‘Who’s even interested anymore?’” _Richard D. James, in an interview with Rolling Stone That one of the most influential electronic musicians of all time could have been that unaware of his legacy during his years in absentia seems absurd. But after listening to Syro, James’ first album as Aphex Twin since […]

These are the albums you should listen to this fall

By on Sunday, Sep. 28 at 8:48 pm.

Without seasonal festivities, extreme weather conditions or parties begging to be soundtracked by the latest Top 40 bangers, autumn is mostly a quiet, transitional period. In assembling the fall album selection, the Emerald has chosen eight great records suitable for studying, relaxing or walking in the woods. Four selections are classics you may be familiar with, […]