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Pillow Talk: To spank or not to spank?

By on Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 9:12 pm.

Dear Katherine, How long should you wait before you spank your girlfriend during sex? Sincerely, Anxious Dear Anxious, I wish relationships were that predictable and straightforward. If they were, I could answer your question with a mere few words — something like “after two months, get the whip out.” But alas, it doesn’t work that way. And […]

The generation that is less likely to be married

By on Thursday, Oct. 16 at 11:57 am.

Read up on Milennials and you’ll learn a few things: We’re lazy, over-confident and coddled, according to TIME. We’re going to have a hard time finding work out of college. We’re tech obsessed, TV obsessed. We are the first generation to have the majority of its members support same-sex marriage and the most racially diverse. […]

Pillow Talk: Getting over the fear of communication

By on Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 10:04 pm.

Dear Katherine, My significant other and I aren’t very confrontational. When there’s something that bothers either of us, things are mostly disregarded. How do I increase the communication between us? Sincerely, Scared to Confront   Dear Scared, We can probably learn a lot from each other. That’s because while you have trouble opening your mouth, I have […]

Fetishization of women of color impacts media and society

By on Sunday, Aug. 10 at 3:10 pm.

There’s a thin line between having a preference and fetishizing in the dating world — women of color know this all too well. Fetishization is the process where certain physical traits of women of color become objectified and hyper-sexualized to fit the dominant stereotypes. Some stereotypes include being submissive, sexually inhibited and sexually available. Women […]

A different form of racism on college campuses: Micro-aggressions

By on Monday, Jul. 28 at 3:20 pm.

An annoyed student walks away after being called “sexy” solely based on the fact that she is multi-ethnic. An Asian-American student rolls his eyes after being asked about his ethnic origin for the umpteenth time. A black student groans after being told, “You’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl.” These comments reflect a form of racism: […]

Marrone: What the UC Santa Barbara shootings tell us about the consequences of misogyny, and why we should care

By on Sunday, May. 25 at 10:29 pm.

On Friday night, six people were killed near the University of California at Santa Barbara in a drive-by shooting. The gunman’s reasons for doing so are no mystery: He wrote a manifesto and posted videos online hours and days before the shooting detailing the rage he felt. He wanted sex and attention from “hot, blonde girls” who didn’t want […]

‘America the Beautiful 3′ highlights problems with early exposure to a sex-saturated society

By on Friday, May. 23 at 12:59 pm.

“America the Beautiful,” a documentary series directed by Darryl Roberts, forces us desensitized members of society to pull back for a minute and examine the severe problems with the culture of beauty that we’ve established today. The third installment of the series, called “Sexualization of our Youth,” was screened at the UO May 22, an event that […]

The 14th OUT/LOUD festival gave queer feminist art a crossover platform

By on Sunday, May. 18 at 12:28 pm.

“When you’re a lesbian, you’re gonna be hearing a lot of acoustic guitars,” predicted comedian Belinda Carroll during her set at the OUT/LOUD Queer and Trans Women’s Music Festival at WOW Hall this Saturday.  It’s a familiar stereotype to music fans and cultural snobs, both within and outside LGBTQQIA circles.  But that particular instrument of […]

36th annual Take Back the Night brings awareness to the fight against sexual violence

By on Friday, Apr. 25 at 12:47 pm.

Thanks to the collaboration between the ASUO Women’s Center and Lane County’s Sexual Assault Support Services, last night was the 36th annual Take Back The Night event. Take Back the Night is an international project and non-profit organization with the ultimate goal to end all forms of rape and sexual violence. A typical Take Back […]

Think consent is sexy? Head to the EMU Ampitheater and make the pledge to commit to practicing safe, consensual sex

By on Monday, Apr. 21 at 8:51 pm.

Consent is sexy. That is one of the lessons that organizers hope students take away from the events going on during UO’s Sexual Violence Prevention Week, which began April 18 and lasts until April 25. The week lands during the month of April, which is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and allows students to come together […]

A calendar of events for Sexual Assault Week

By on Sunday, Apr. 20 at 5:03 pm.

Throughout the country, April is recognized as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. At the University of Oregon, we recognize the week of April 18-25 as Sexual Assault Prevention week. Free events will be offered to students throughout the week — here’s a complete list. April 21-23, The Consent Pledge and Healthy Relationship Photo Project: The event […]

The relationship between same-sex marriage equality and the GOP just got a little better

By on Monday, Mar. 31 at 10:22 am.

As children, we are often taught to follow the lead of our elders. However, sometimes that doesn’t happen. Sometimes the younger generation figures something out before the adults and makes history. Such is the case for the millennial youth of the Republican Party. Although same-sex marriage and conservatives have had a tumultuous past, some youth […]

The UO is one of the most queer-friendly campuses in the country with an abundance of resources

By on Monday, Mar. 31 at 10:24 am.

It’s Sunday, June 28, 1969. The Stonewall Riots occurred after a popular New York gay bar was raided. The patrons of the bar — sick of homophobic oppression —  fought back that night against the New York City police. Across the country a group of University of Oregon students was making a statement by forming a group […]

UO students find ways to communicate with a secret crush through @UOCrush

By on Monday, Mar. 31 at 10:25 am.

Let’s be frank. These days if you want to hook up, there are numerous apps available to help you find a conquest. Click, click then bang. Pun intended. As of late, communication with romantic interests is done almost always through technology. But what if the person you have been secretly crushing on never comes across […]