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The struggles and progress of UO’s independent governing board

By on Tuesday, Oct. 1 at 11:42 am.

  During his almost three years as president for the University of Oregon, one of Richard Lariviere’s goals was to establish an independent governing board for the UO, making the campus more self-sufficient and less reliant on the Oregon University System. Lariviere’s goal was cut short, along with his tenure, once the State Board of […]

House approves SB 270 and UO’s independent governing board is one signature away from becoming law

By on Saturday, Jul. 6 at 7:39 pm.

Senate Bill 270 passed through the Oregon State House of Representatives by a vote of 44-15 today. The bill would give the University of Oregon, Portland State and Oregon State universities the immediate ability to set up independent governing boards that would grant the universities the ability to hire and fire their presidents, set tuition […]

$5 million funding for Autzen Stadium improvements by Phil Knight approved by OUS

By on Tuesday, Jan. 22 at 6:53 pm.

The Oregon Board of Higher Education has approved plans for Phil Knight — Nike chairman/co-founder and Oregon benefactor — to give yet even more money to the University of Oregon, but this time it is in the form of $5 million to improve accessibility at Autzen Stadium. With the Board’s approval on Friday, Jan. 18, […]

Gov. John Kitzhaber’s revolutionary thinking in the funding of Oregon’s higher education

By on Monday, Jan. 14 at 10:46 am.

College is getting more expensive in the State of Oregon. Over the last five years at the University of Oregon, in-state tuition has increased from $5,526 to $7,277 per year (PDF), about a 32 percent increase. Out-of-state tuition has gone up about twice as fast. In 2011, then-UO President Richard Lariviere tried to change the dynamic by […]

Statutory faculty convenes, decides new direction for University

By on Friday, Dec. 2 at 9:41 am.

University statutory faculty convened an emergency meeting yesterday afternoon in McArthur Court to hold an open dialogue with Chancellor George Pernsteiner and board member Lynda Ciuffetti) from the Oregon University System, and to pass motions in accordance with the removal of President Richard Lariviere by OUS this past Monday.